round 3 proposal


We want to give data scientists and Ocean Protocol investors a tool to make informed decisions about data sets. Our thesis is that a data set’s market is a proxy for its quality. Through providing high-res insights into the Ocean Marketplace, we can measure and improve the market’s overall health and performance.

What We Worked On In February

We’ve been a winner of OceanDAO’s Round 2. To safely work with Round 2’s funds (10k OCEAN), we converted them to USDC upon arrival (7832 USDC). In February 2021, we used this money to fund the work. As transparency is essential to us, we’ve maintained a detailed developer log of all the project’s changes. An overview:

Why We Need Your Vote

Please give your vote to on March 1, 2021. We’re planning to use the provided funds as follows:

  • We’ll again convert them to USDC upon arrival to minimize our exposure risk to OCEAN and maximize our length of operation.
  • We want to finish adding a graph to the website that shows the index’ historical performance
  • We want to continue nurturing the project
  • We want to introduce an ERC20 token to allow direct investing in the index’s data sets.

Return on Investment

I’ve done a detailed ROI calculation in my last proposal. It continues to apply.


It’s me, Tim Daubenschütz, for now.

I’m a freelancer. You can find more information about me on my blog. I’ve been working in the cryptocurrency space for a while, e.g., with the peeps at Ocean Protocol back when they were called BigchainDB. I’ve also worked with LeapDAO on scaling Plasma.


Please vote for in round 3 of the OceanDAO Grants vote.


I’m aware that the provided wallet currently doesn’t contain the required 500 OCEAN. I’ve filed an issue on the OceanDAO repository to clarify. I’ll insert the 500 OCEAN if necessary.

Edit: Wallet now contains 500 OCEAN.