Proposal R5

Fact Sheet

Recording from Town Hall 20 (April 28, 2021)

If you’re too lazy to read, feel free to check out this video of me going through the proposal.

Executive Summary helps data scientists and investors to make better decisions when buying data online. Our thesis is that markets are proxies for assets’ qualities.

On-chain markets present a huge untapped source of market insight ready to be harvested. By measuring and highlighting the qualities of OCEAN’s data sets, we improve the market’s overall health and performance.

Our long-term goal is to build an ERC-20 token that allows investors to gain diversified exposure to OCEAN’s best data sets.

Here’s our proposal for OceanDAO Round 5:

Our Product


Track Record

Website Analytics (as of 2021-04-28):

Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021
Unique visitors 254 538 468 462
Pageviews 302 737 764 758
Duration 30s 31s 1m 3s 1m 17s
Outbound clicks to OP-related websites 0 0 0 17


  • Outbound clicks are tracked since 2021-04-26.
  • Our website analytics are public.

Our Plan For May

  • We want to improve the website’s user experience by, e.g., allowing different currency bases, comparing data sets, …
  • We want to integrate other marketplaces (e.g., Big Data Protocol) and L2 solutions (e.g., Polygon) upon impact on our index ranking.
  • We want to do SEO.
  • We want to maintain the project by, e.g., moving from Aquarius to the OP subgraph.
  • We want to continue working towards launching an ERC-20 token to allow investors to gain diversified exposure to the best data assets on Ocean Protocol.

Open Financials (& ROI)


Tim Daubenschütz

Background: My “About” page and CV

Please Vote For Us Because…

  • delivers reliable market insights almost 24/7.
    We give you transparent insights into our proceedings by writing blog posts, by shipping regularly, and by opening up our accounting.
  • our work informs the Ocean Core team’s product development cycle positively.
  • you’re helping me to make a living and bootstrap a real crypto startup.
  • we’ll extend our pledge to convert received OCEANs into USDC to increase our runway.
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Excellent work Tim! A clear value proposition to the Ocean community. Excited to see this project grow and develop.

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@seldamat I’m glad you like it! Thank you

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Hi @TimDaub,

I am replying to inform you that we have updated our process for Round 5.

Please submit your Proposal via the Web Form below to complete registration.

This should take less than 5 minutes.

Thank you!

Hi Tim.
We entered your application by hand.

Thank you.

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thanks, yes I was asleep

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Update on why I’m looking into rollups:

Few more updates:

[Deliverable Checklist]

@AlexN We’ve added a new currency pair (OCEAN/USD) and consider this task to be done.

  • [x] We want to improve the website’s user experience by, e.g., allowing different currency bases, comparing data sets,…