Ocean Protocol Newsletter for the Spanish Community

Ocean Protocol Newsletter for the Spanish Community

Here I propose the creation of a newsletter for the Spanish-speaking community to work as a mirror of the official Ocean Protocol blog but with the most relevant and non-perishable articles translated into Spanish, and the creation of profiles in different social media platforms to promote this material.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Knowing the size of the Spanish-speaking community in the crypto world and how active it is, the Spanish-speaking community of Ocean Protocol is worryingly inactive.

With this initiative, I plan to create a reference point for the Spanish-speaking community to be informed of the latest and most relevant things happening in Ocean Protocol while also attracting new members by the diffusion of this material on social media.

Grant Deliverables: 23 articles to be translated into Spanish

Completed Deliverables: articles translated into Spanish

Which category best describes your project?

Outreach / community / spread awareness

What is the final product?

Translation of several relevant Ocean Protocol blog posts into Spanish, a newsletter where the Spanish-speaking community can refer to (and subscribe to) when looking for information about the latest updates and most important events published on the official Ocean Protocol blog, and a set of social media accounts to broadcast the translated blog posts that will continuously grow, engaging more and more people to the project, and create interaction between the existing community.

Which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

We are starting from scratch, with an inactive community and almost no material in Spanish to work with. So, in terms of viability, we guarantee that high-quality translations will be delivered in time, to ensure that I or anybody else who needs this material for whatever purposes they may have (promotion, education, etc) can make use of it without issues and as soon as possible. The main goal is to reactivate and grow the Spanish speaking community in Ocean Protocol through the diffusion of these translated blog posts, so we consider we will have a positive and ever-growing community active-ness in comparison with previous months, which will add value to the Ocean ecosystem as a whole, attracting new people, new talent, new data.


Core Team

Miguel Medina


Donald Iljazi


Funding Requested: $3000

  • Which consists of the translation of 23 blog posts, 26 000 words (not counting words in images which I also plan to translate) at $0.11 per word plus the different social media platforms management and the newsletter management and hosting.

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x9870e45C165932076B218CeE83AA8cEa19064335

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant? No

Country of Residence: Venezuela

Social media platforms

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

December 2021

  • Creation of the newsletter/blog to serve as a platform for the community to find all relevant and latest content translated into Spanish in one place

  • Creation of several social media channels that will be used to promote this material with the finality to engage and interact with the current Spanish speaking community and reach new people

  • High focus on the translation of several relevant and non-perishable blog posts from the official Ocean Protocol blog to have some material in Spanish to work with

If this grant is approved and I succeed in achieving all this mentioned, another grant will be created for Round 13 with the following goals.

January 2022

  • Continuous translation of relevant blog posts and documentation from the official blog/website. Creation (in case they do not exist) and translation (in case they do in English) of several relevant Podcasts and Youtube video subtitles.

  • Intensification of the efforts to reach new people in social media through the promotion of the content translated, creation of an Instagram page.

Any prior work completed thus far? No

What are the team’s future plans and intentions? Is there maintenance? Possible extensions to the work?

I will keep adding translated content to the newsletter and posting it through different social media platforms. In this month I will highly focus on translating relevant content in order to have material to promote, also create a channel for the Spanish community on some social media platforms to begin reactivating the currently inactive Ocean Protocol Spanish Community and begin reaching new people who will now have places in their language to stay informed, updated and in touch with the community.

Thanks for reading, it would be great to have your feedback.

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Hola @michaelizer !

Thank you for your submission to R12!

We have registered your proposal and everything looks good.

As this is your first proposal, I would perhaps recommend saying hi to everyone in the DAO, sharing a little bit in the #project-guiding Discord channel, having your proposal reviewed, and receive support.

Finally, there is another submission to grow the Spanish community who are aiming to do something similar.

I would propose both teams chat with each other, and identify how they may collaborate/align in order to increase the number of participants contributing towards these initiatives, or that both groups leverage each other and strengthen network effects.

Much gusto! All the best in R12!

Hello there, thank you very much for reaching out and I’m on my way, sorry for that, I don’t know why I didn’t think about that. I already introduced myself in #introductions almost a month ago but have never spoken another word since then.

About chatting with the creator of the other proposal (@Jesus), that’s the first thing I did when I was still planning the proposal and saw he created his, I sent him a message on Telegram proposing to work together as it seemed like he was more oriented to social media while I’m more oriented in the translation of the blog posts, but he didn’t answer.

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Hi @michaelizer,

Thanks for your proposal, engaging with the community, and communicating with other projects to increase contributions.

@Jesus, it would be awesome to see more collaboration here wherever possible. Especially if each team is playing to their super powers so we’re leveraging each other rather than duplicating work.

Thanks again for the submissions and good luck in R12!

Hola, soy el administrador de el Twitter en español al igual que el Telegram (ya que soy ambassador de Ocean Protocol), podemos ponernos en contacto para poder hablar de el proyecto. mi telegram es @jesusGibran

Hi @Jesus, to that telegram you mentioned I sent you a proposal on November 29th that you still haven’t answered :sweat_smile: in a couple of hours I’ll send you another similar one to know your opinion and start talking from there, best regards.

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Hi there,

For transparency, starting R12, all proposals will have to be funded within 2 weeks of winning a grant.

The funding deadline is December 27th 23:59 GMT.

You can read our wiki and how to submit a funding request to learn more.

Thank you, @idiom-bytes.

Edit: After talking to @Jesus, @OceanProtocolES will be the Twitter account for the Spanish community, and we already coordinated to translate different posts so no post will be translated twice.

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Hi @michaelizer,

I have updated your entries in Airtable however, your submission for “Newlestter for Spanish Community” R14 was being rejected because we did not have a Deliverable Checklist from your project.

Please reply to your post with a clear list of deliverables completed so I can update your records.


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Greetings @idiom-bytes and @AlexN, and my apologies for not following those rules, I updated the proposal instead of posting a comment here.

[Deliverable Checklist]

23 blogposts translated

Creation of a newsletter and social media for the Spanish community

Please let me know if I did everything correctly this time and thank you.

Edit: on “Project Deliverables - Roadmap”, what we thought was going to be done in January 2022 (second proposal) is what is being proposed for this Round 14, just in case there was any doubt there.

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Thank you for submitting your Deliverable Checklist @michaelizer, Airtable is updated and your Proposal is set to Complete.

All the best!

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