Ocean Protocol Newsletter for the Spanish Community, Part 2

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project:

Ocean Protocol Newsletter for the Spanish Community

Proposal in one sentence:

Continuation on the translation of technical and non-technical, relevant articles from the official blog, and the promotion through the already created social media platforms of this and the already translated content.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Over 572 million people speak Spanish worldwide, of which 477 million people are native speakers, according to a new report from the Spanish government’s Cervantes Institute, and add to that the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in general, is having a major impact in those countries (e.g. Venezuela, El Salvador, …). However, the Spanish-speaking community inside Ocean Protocol is still relatively small. With this high-quality content of articles and audios (subtitles) translated into Spanish, I believe Ocean Protocol will have much better chances of penetrating and spreading through this huge community.

Grant Deliverables: a list of all the articles and audio subtitles I am proposing to translate

18 blog posts to be translated

5 subtitles to be translated

Which Project Category best describes your project?

  • Outreach / community / spread awareness

Are you applying for an Earmark?

  • General

What is the final product?

The final product of this proposal would be the completion of the translation of all this content as well as the promotion of this content through the newly created social media channels.

With the translation of this content, there should be enough material to inform, delight, and engage new people to Ocean Protocol. There will be content for virtually every type of audience, from technical to non-technical, and to inform them on every aspect of Ocean Protocol and what’s going on around it.

Which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

Viability is certain, all high-quality translations of the articles and subtitles will be delivered as before. These translations set a starting point for Community active-ness since this content will be (and can be by anyone else) promoted to spread the word and engage new members, which also leads to Adding value to the overall community since new members represent new developers, new ambassadors, new data providers and consumers, new unexpected contributions.

Funding Requested: $6,209

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x9870e45C165932076B218CeE83AA8cEa19064335

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant?

Yes, the first part of this proposal posted on Round 12 received a grant for $3000. Here’s the link.

Team Website:

Twitter Handle:

Telegram Handle:

Facebook Handle:

Project lead full name:
Miguel Medina

Project lead email:

Country of Residence:
Venezuela (project manager)

Part 2 - Team

2.1 Core Team

Miguel Medina

2.2 Advisors

Donald Iljazi

Part 3 - Proposal Details

3.1 Details

Details of the proposal:

A total of 18 articles which represent around 30,692 words (+ images that will also be translated, those that need translation) and the subtitles of 5 audios which represent around 25,757 words, for a total of 56,449 words to be translated (not counting the images), at $0.11 per word, gives a total of $6,209. This sum will also include maintenance of the newsletter and social media platforms since it focuses mostly on the translations.

3.3 If in Category “Outreach / community”:

20 translated blog posts will be published at https://www.oceanprotocol.es/ and shared on the different social media platforms created for the Spanish speaking community

5 video/audio subtitles will be translated and published at https://www.oceanprotocol.es/ and shared on the different social media platforms created for the Spanish speaking community

3.8 If the project includes community engagement:

Which channels will be used? For how long?

The different project channels are already active and will continue to be (most actives being Twitter and Telegram for now) for the duration of this proposal, and it will not be otherwise without previous formal notification to the community.

What is the project roadmap?

In Round 12 we proposed the following

  • [x] Creation of the newsletter/blog to serve as a platform for the community to find all relevant and latest content translated into Spanish in one place

  • [x] Creation of several social media channels that will be used to promote this material with the finality to engage and interact with the current Spanish speaking community and reach new people

  • [x] High focus on the translation of several relevant and non-perishable blog posts from the official Ocean Protocol blog to have some material in Spanish to work with

And shared these plans for 2022

January 2022

  • [ ] Continuous translation of relevant blog posts and documentation from the official blog/website. Creation (in case they do not exist) and translation (in case they do in English) of several relevant Podcasts and Youtube video subtitles.

  • [ ] Intensification of the efforts to reach new people in social media through the promotion of the content translated, creation of an Instagram page.

Plans we want to adhere to and also add

March-May 2022

  • [ ] Continuous translation of relevant blog posts from the official blog as they are being published; publication of those articles on the Spanish community newsletter and on the different social media platforms.
  • [ ] Focus on the outreach and engagement of new members (since now the biggest part of the work is not focused on translating content but broadcasting the now translated content)

What are the team’s future plans and intentions? Is there maintenance? Possible extensions to the work?

As before, we will keep adding translated content to the newsletter to then be broadcast on social networks. This proposal will focus mostly on delivering high-quality translations since the translations of these articles (and their images) and the subtitles take a lot of time. Maintenance of the newsletter and social media platforms as well.

We plan to use this translated material (as we already have on a minor scale) to serve as a base for a promotion campaign through all the Spanish-speaking communities we can reach; it will also serve those communities to reach other communities and so on. But to make the snowball starts rolling, we need material in Spanish to actually penetrate these communities of native Spanish speakers.

Thank you for reading to this point; please leave a comment here and/or contact me on Telegram or Discord, your feedback is greatly needed and appreciated!

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Hi @michaelizer, I have now registered your proposal for R14 however your wallet with 500 OCEAN is missing and therefore your proposal is being rejected.

Please update your proposal to include this so that your proposal may be accepted.

All the best!

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Thank you! proposal updated with the wallet address

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Hello @michaelizer

Welcome back to the Ocean DAO community. We commend your returning approach to the DAO voting rounds. We wish you the best in the community voting process & to guide your team on some general pointers on how you can take this forward, I’ve posted a reference article on how a community project can be driven.


If you have any specific feedback, feel free to drop a feedback on the Project Guiding Discord channel.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord

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