Newsletter for the Spanish Community | Translations and Newsletter for the Spanish Community | Round 19

Project Name

Newsletter for the Spanish Community

Project Category


Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

With this new proposal, we are planning to continue on our previous translation work, now adding more articles published on the official blog ( and now adding the Spanish translations for the subtitles (already transcribed by the Greek Community) of some very interesting and informative audios from the podcast “The Voices of the Data Economy” (‎Voices of the Data Economy on Apple Podcasts). All this translated content will then be published in the newsletter and on the different social media platforms we have created especially for the Spanish community. Completion of this entire work preserving the highest translation quality should take no more than 2 months from the time of funding.

A total of 16 articles which represent around 26,479 words (+ images that will also be translated, those that need translation) and the subtitles of 5 audios which represent around 25,757 words, for a total of 52,236 words to be translated (not counting the images), at $0.11 per word, gives a total of $5,746. This sum will also include maintenance of the newsletter and social media platforms since it focuses mostly on translations.

Grant Deliverables

16 blog posts to be translated

5 transcribed subtitles to be translated

Project Description

Over 572 million people speak Spanish worldwide, of which 477 million people are native speakers, according to a new report from the Spanish government’s Cervantes Institute, and add to that the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in general, is having a major impact in those countries (e.g. Venezuela, El Salvador, …). However, the Spanish-speaking community inside Ocean Protocol is still relatively small. With this high-quality content of articles and audio (subtitles) translated into Spanish, I believe Ocean Protocol will have much better chances of penetrating and spreading through this huge community.

Final Product

The final product of this proposal would be the completion of the translation of all this content as well as the promotion of this content through the newly created social media channels.

With the translation of this content, there should be enough material to inform, delight, and engage new people in the Ocean Protocol. There will be content for virtually every type of audience, from technical to non-technical, and to inform them on every aspect of Ocean Protocol and what’s going on around it.

Value Add Criteria

Viability is certain, all high-quality translations of the articles and subtitles will be delivered as we previously did. These translations set a starting point for Community active-ness since this content will be (and can be by anyone else) promoted to spread the word and engage new members, which also leads to Adding value to the overall community since new members represent new developers, new ambassadors, new data providers and consumers, new fruitful contributions.

Core Team

Miguel Medina


Donald Iljazi

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

The proposal does not belong to the current category “Build/Improve” but to the “Outreach” category. Waiting to see if an admin can help me update the category or else, I will submit with a new one with the right category.

I have fixed the project category so it’s now outreach.

I have also generated a ticket so we can fix the front end, and enable people to change their project category.


Hi bro nice day, i just read the articles that you want to translate and some of them are already tranlated, you can read in the Medium of Ocean Protocol en Español, we put all the articles in spanish together.

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Hello, Jesus, and thank you for the observation. Proposal edited accordingly (two blog posts removed).

Edit: Both articles already translated here were removed from the proposal; however, the quality of some of those translations posted there must be improved according to RAE

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