[rugpullindex.com-R11] Improving Data Trading Safety

[rugpullindex.com] Improving Data Trading Safety

Fact Sheet

:globe_with_meridians: Website: rugpullindex.com
:round_pushpin: Address: etherscan.io/address/0x005241438cAF3eaCb05bB6543151f7AF894C5B58
:e-mail: Email: tim (at) daubenschuetz (dot) de
:de: Residence of project lead: Germany
:building_construction::mega: Category: build/outreach
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Metric: Network revenue
:speech_balloon: Chat: discord.com/invite/hBQVJY9Me6
:1234: Stats: plausible.io/rugpullindex.com
:mega: Pitch: "Rug Pull Index helps Ocean Protocol users to invest in data safely."
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Growth: Yes!
:trophy: Achievements: We’ve been busy shipping :ship:
:birthday: Age: On November 13, 2021 we’ll be 1 year old!


Executive Summary

The founding goal of rugpullindex.com was to reduce the risk of data token investors/stakers getting rugpulled.

As the data economy grows, we expect the number of new risks and their impact to grow also.

We want to continue helping data token stakers, investors, and consumers identify the best data assets within the Web3 data economy.

By continuing to expand our analytics offerings, we believe we can help to promote a healthier ecosystem.

Growth and Outreach

We’re able to show continuous growth over the last 11 months. To see more details, visit our public web analytics at: plausible.io/rugpullindex.com

Unique visitors are growing

Outbound clicks are growing

The number of daily active users is growing (We used the median as we had to account for traffic spikes (e.g., HN front page))

Our SEO is getting better too:

Sources: plausible.io (& evaluation) & Google Search Console

Additionally, we’ve written quite a few blog posts as part of our content marketing strategy:

(Blog posts on timdaub.github.io aren’t funded by the RPI budget. We’ve added them here as they contribute to our overall story.)


In a nutshell, we’ve been busy building an online company. Since our last application to the OceanDAO in Round 10, these are our achievements:

Funding Amount

Our current financial situation looks as follows: We have 12,801.76 USDC left in our account and debt of 30,567.12 USDC. Meaning, we’re missing 17,765.36 USDC.

For reference, see our Cash basis accounting statement including liabilities from 2021-11-03.

Unfortunately, we’ve been affected by the recent CREAM.finance hack where we lost 3000 OCEAN.

Our context is that since R10, we’re a voluntarily retroactively-funded OceanDAO project, meaning all the work described in our deliverables has been done and is now due to be paid (similar to an invoice).

Hence, we’re asking for the following amount:

position USD
Accumulated debt based on accounting statement from 2021-10-28 17,765.36
Average historical funding error† -725.48
TOTAL Debt 17,039.88

† We’re trying to statistically reduce the difference between “USD amount requested” and “USD amount received” caused by the volatility of OCEAN/USD. Check our methodology and this proposal’s appendix.

With this proposal to the oceanDAO, we’d like to request a total of 17,039.88 USD to settle our debt with all project collaborators and to continue our operation in November 2021.


We’ve been granted more than 100k OCEAN throughout eight rounds where we’ve received a total of 13.8 million “YES” and 2.1 million “NO” votes [source].

Throughout the last year, we’ve continuously improved our ROI calculation:

  • In R2 we’ve derived our potential market cap through comparison (e.g. S&P500 & DeFi Pulse Index).
  • In R6, we created a model from our initial calculations.
  • Last round, we reformed our ROI calculation to rely more on data than speculation. We set up an imaginary competing product called “SalesIndex” and benchmarked us against it. We achieved an ROI of 6.14 times.

Along with round 11’s proposal, we’ve decided to highlight another important aspect of our product’s value creation chain: The number of visitors that we sent to the Ocean Protocol Marketplace.

In our most recent blog post, titled “Heureka!” we did a deep dive into both websites and concluded that RPI’s and OP’s website visitors correlate weakly/moderately by +0.4.

It’s not the usual “ROI > 1” calculation but an important step towards a long-term evaluation of our service and fully rationalizing our ROI calculations.

In future rounds, we’re planning to correlate visitor numbers with on-chain transactions to close the circle.

But for today’s proposal, R10’s ROI calculation and this round’s correlation exercise ought to be meaningful enough to receive further funding.


Please Vote For Us Because…

  • we’ve been shipping and iterating from day zero.
  • we deliver reliable market insights 24/7 and have made data trading safer since November 2020!
  • we give you transparent insights into our proceedings by writing blog posts, by shipping regularly, and opening up our accounting.
  • we’re actively engaging in Ocean Protocol Core development.
  • with your vote, you’re helping us make a living and bootstrap a real crypto startup :sparkling_heart:


We’re trying to statistically reduce the difference between “USD amount requested” and “USD amount received” (caused by the volatility of OCEAN/USD). Check our methodology to learn more.

Round USD requested OCEAN received receive date USD swapped swap date USD delta USD error
R6 9360 13000 2021-06-08 7546.43 2021-06-09 -1813.57 -1813.57
R7 10080 22400 2021-07-21 8390.49 2021-07-22 -1689.51 -1751.54
R8 10276.61 19391.00 2021-08-16 15742.78 2021-08-17 5466.17 654.36
R10 16536.65 21933 2021-10-15 17475.51 2021-10-18 938.86 725.48

@AlexN (for DAOBot) and everyone else

The reasons for these changes are the following:

  • We’ve come to realize that we’ve been hacked for 3k OCEAN through the CREAM.finance hack
  • We’ve updated the liabilities section of our balance sheet from 2021-10-25 to today 2021-11-03
  • We’ve accounted for the increased price premium in OCEAN/USD
  • We’ve had running costs that came with the next month.
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You have our votes, still one of the best projects in this space with a strong history of delivering results.

mPowered Team


Thanks for your incredible work and being someone who does not shy away from discussions to make the community stronger. Don’t stop for any reason and thank you Tim!

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Quick update:

We finally managed to increase our crawl frequency from daily to hourly: https://rugpullindex.com/blog#November72021

It seems like no big deal, but for the last 2 months, it was countless pieces of code I had to shuffle around to make this work well. IMO, it’s one of those nice infrastructure breakthroughs that can enable so many more features! :slight_smile:

We can theorecially now go even higher, but I want to increase frequency gradually and check if the database and server capacities hold up too.

Anyways, makes me happy we finally managed to ship this!

@AlexN @idiom-bytes

We’d like to set our project’s standing to “completed”. We had framed the proposal as an invoice. I guess I’ll just suggest adding the following to the “Deliverables Checklist”: