Round 15 - FitCoral: Data Staking Mechanism for Fitness Data Logged on Mobile Apps Phase 2

Name of Project: MyCoralApp [ ]

Proposal in one sentence:

Advanced architecture development for data-staking mechanism [Phase1]

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

A one-stop solution for fitness, wellbeing and community involvement on a platform that is devoid of the inconvenience offered by traditional web2 solutions.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Developing the first POC architecture from the achieved deliverables from our previous grant request in Round13
  • Test the incentivization process in terms of unit testing mechanism
  • A Data Union- DAO structure to ensure the mechanism of incentivization for users in exchange for data.

Which category best describes your project?

  • Build applications/Integration to Ocean

What is the final product?

Product module that safeguards user-controlled data on the native mobile application for staking of data-pockets for incentivization mechanisms.

For this Grant-purpose: We deliver the version1 POC

Funding Requested: 6000 USD In Ocean

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x8eA8dFEb113D287d771feD0dF5b8efAE67D8Be5A

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant?

Yes [Link to our previous grant proposal & Completed deliverables in the comments]

Team Website (if applicable):
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Discord Handle (if applicable): @buba #0403

Project lead email:

Country of Residence: USA

Core Team members:

Bunmi Babajide - DevOps

Background/Experience: Founder at CoralApp

Adetayo Gisarin - Developer

Founder at TAGDEV, software, GCP consultant, and mobile app developer - Adetayo Gisarin


DataUnion Foundation

Dr. Prakash Kamaraj

Part 3 - Proposal details:

3.1 Details of the proposal:

A Proposal that outlines the following

  • POC Architecture that continues the developmental milestones completed in our previous grant proposal
  • Testing the incentivization process with test-data
  • A Data Union/DAO structure to ensure the effective mechanism of incentivization.

3.2 App & Project software will be live at

Project software: Not completely open-source, a specific framework might be available that helps with Mobile app integrations

3.7 Project software outlines - Frameworks

Current iteration of data-staking flow:

Potential Data Staked:

  • Mood
  • Water intake
  • Weight
  • Calories and food type
  • Steps
  • Challenge participation details
  • Vitamin/medication intake
  • Future state - heart rate
  • Future state - Blood Oxygen

Setting the base for User-data Incentivization:

Architecture detailing for incentivization:

  1. MyCoralApp data flow - from the MyCoralApp to the DataUnion dataset

  1. MyCoralApp dataset to data user flow

  1. MyCoralApp incentive flow - consumption & value

3.9 Project Roadmap

We are on a progressive timeline where we would be able to come up with an effective fitness data architecture that will be powered by Data-Union and Ocean Protocol architecture for data-staking.

3.10 Additional Information

Project Gitbook:

Thank you for submitting your proposal to R15 @Coral. It has now been regitered and accepted.

Interesting proposal and something that will become really important in V4, just got a quick question though:

Have you decided how you will encrypt data from you mobile app to your back-end? I’m just curious because mPowered has a Patent Pending Application in the US about a Quantum Proof encryption method specifically designed for low-bandwidth devices and even though I’ve done a lot of research in this field, I always want to know what others are doing and how you are tackling this problem.

Good luck in this round


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Yes, we have to an extend pending our prove out in this round. But we believe that key less is the right approach for any wallet. We want to secure the wallets using that: LFKI will provide timeless encryption without you building new infrastructures. All entities requiring authentication will no longer need to move, store, reuse and manage keys.

Each device will have the ability to do autonomous encryption. Any other device they traverse will also have similar capability. For example mobile devices will encrypt data and store ciphertext.

Authentication will be done with LokDon ECSMID. It will also provide encryption capabilities on backend before data is finally laid on the DB

Coral Team,

Thanks for the response, really appreciate it, and the explanation. As I said, I was just curious in your implementation methods.

You have our support btw and we wish you the best on this round. i think this type of project fits well into V4 and Ocean’s overall mission.