[Proposal Round 11] 🌊🟣 Ocean Pearl: The Ocean Ecosystem Project Tracker

:oyster::purple_circle: Ocean Pearl: Ocean Ecosystem Project Tracker

Key Project Data

Name of project

Ocean Pearl


Proposal Wallet Address


The proposal in one sentence

We will redefine the current way proposals are submitted by creating a user-friendly process directly on Ocean Pearl.

Project Category

⌧ OceanDao

Country of Residence:


Funding Amount


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant?: Yes (Rounds 5,7,9)


Project Overview


Currently the number of proposals for the monthly oceanDAO fundings is constantly increasing and it is almost impossible to track the progress of all (funded) projects. This is the reason why Ocean Pearl was created.

Ocean Pearl is the first product that was initiated by the Ocean Tech Ship. The Ocean Tech Ship focuses on identifying problems that block the growth of the Ocean ecosystem. Ocean Pearl has become independent, but will continue working with the tech ship.

Additionally we are working closely together with the oceanDAO to align our goals to improve the general experience for everyone since the early adopters of Ocean Pearl will be the OceanDAO community.

The Ocean Pearl members have a strong background in web development and are dedicated to building the project for the long run.

After the current MVP release we are especially working on enhancing the user experience and improving data quality. We want to establish Ocean Pearl as the key tool for exploring the Ocean Protocol ecosystem.

Problem & Opportunity

While the Ocean ecosystem is growing, it is difficult to keep track of all the developments, announcements, events, and conversations. This is especially evident when you look at a subset of the Ocean ecosystem: oceanDAO.

It is almost impossible to keep track of all proposals, deliverables, progress, and impact on the ecosystem. Users who want to vote also need to touch several platforms to inform themselves (Github, port, vote). As a project owner, you have to write a new proposal based on a text template which is not ideal as formatting differences make it very difficult for automated software to extract the relevant information from a proposal.


  • Get a (quick) overview of the projects in the Ocean ecosystem via an easy to use web app
  • A community-initiated project as a foundation for a decentralized OceanDAO
  • Improve transparency of (funded) projects
  • Create guidelines for (future) OceanDAO proposals for better comparability between projects/proposals
  • Give more people with a non-tech background the opportunity to overview current developments.
  • Build the foundation for a place to get a high-level overview of the health and diversity of the Ocean ecosystem
  • Standardized, clean data through an API for third parties
  • Keep up with new proposals in the OceanDAO
  • Check if OceanDAO projects delivered what they promised
  • Track the progress of funded projects
  • A quick way to find exciting projects (to contribute to)
  • Aggregate Ocean Protocol content into one platform

Our Mission

  • Track projects to make sure the funds are used in the best possible way

    • Reward projects that are legit and delivering on their promises
    • Identify malicious actors
    • Identify weaknesses and strengths in the funding strategy of OceanDAO
  • Track projects in the whole Ocean Ecosystem

    • to give them a platform to present updates and announcements
    • to provide users insights into what is out there and what is just marketing hype
  • Support the Ocean Protocol ecosystem

    • by providing an overview and insights based on data from the community
  • Further, the outreach of Ocean Protocol

    • for new users who want to get a first impression
    • for news pages who want to keep track of the development in the Ocean Protocol ecosystem
    • for active users who do not want to participate in time-consuming community meetings but still would like to use their tokens to vote e.g. or participate and support projects
    • businesses who want to use Ocean Protocol
  • Promoting best practices throughout the Ocean Community how an OceanDAO project can succeed

    • completely open-source
    • all processes are transparent and our groups are accessible
    • responsible management of the funding

Project details

Ocean Pearl aims to aggregate all Ocean Protocol content and resources onto one platform, which will listed on oceanpearl.io

  • oceanDAO (current main focus)

    • Collect all projects on oceanDAO
    • Display all projects from oceanDAO on a web app
    • Aggregate fundings from individual projects from oceanDAO
    • Show current proposals from new oceanDAO projects
    • Detail Page for oceanDAO projects
    • Landing Page with relevant numbers from oceanDAO
    • Leaderboard - see whether a proposal will be funded or not at the current voting state


Previous Round (Round 9 Proposal)

What we’ve delivered last proposal:

Milestone 3: :bar_chart:Voting Leaderboard & :star2:UX improvements :white_check_mark:

[Deliverable Checklist]

  • [x] Leaderboard [Leaderborad HERE]

    • [x] see whether a proposal will be funded or not at the current voting state (considering earmarked proposals)
    • [x] overview over the entire voting process
  • [x] Filter for Projects page [Filter HERE]

    • [x] implement filter functionality for projects page
    • [x] update current categories
  • [x] Project-Profile (aka Project-Detail) improvements [example HERE]

    • [x] image-gallery to display multiple images per project
    • [x] display social links to other external pages
  • [x] Project Management Page [Screenshot HERE]

    • [x] upload multiple images to display on your project-profile
    • [x] add social links for your project
    • [x] adjust project category
  • [x] SEO optimization

    • [x] optimize how pearl is found over different search engines
    • [x] optimize meta tags and shareability
  • [x] Proposals Page [Round 10 example HERE]

    • [x] switch round metrics on round selection
    • [x] store filter options inside URL to improve shareability
  • [x] Reliability [Uptime status page HERE]

    • [x] add auto-backup for the Database
    • [x] endpoint monitoring with Notification on downtime
  • [x] Onboard projects and collect feedback [exceeded our targets - details in R11 proposal]

    • [x] get in touch with community to update project profiles
    • [x] start marketing to get more engagement

Round 11 Deliverables:

Initially these were planned as one big 50k USD proposal but as the rules changed we had to split up our deliverables into multiple proposals. This proposal is the first one of a three part series to streamline the user experience regarding proposing to the OceanDAO.


  1. Simplified project/proposal-creation with standardised proposal structure (projects spend less time writing proposals and more time building)
  2. Make Proposals easily scannable (Proposal Page always structured in the same way)
  3. publish Proposals in a machine readable format (public access via api)
  4. Show deliverables as list and add functionality to add proof of delivery

This proposal’s deliverables (proposal 1/3):

Milestone 4: :star2: Design & Structure (project and proposal creation)

  1. Crafting a concept for creating projects and proposals directly on Ocean Pearl

    1. enable projects to create new profiles on Ocean Pearl
    2. planning of a form assisted way to submit proposals
    3. find a suitable way to make proposal data public and machine-readable
  2. Creation of CI based figma designs for the newly planned pages

  3. UX improvement - Notification system
    Improve the display of status messages that a user receives when surfing on pearl. This includes the display of information, status or error messages.

  4. UX improvement - Pagination
    The number of proposals and projects continues to increase, to further optimize the performance of pearl we want to introduce pagination to our Projects and DAO Proposals pages

  5. UX improvement - DAO Voting Leaderboard round selector
    Introducing the possibility to switch between previous and the current voting round to the results of previous votings

KPI Targets

PREVIOUS TARGETS (By end of October 2021)

  • Total unique visitors to Ocean Pearl: 1400 :white_check_mark:

    • Target exceeded :chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:: 1800+ and growing (733 in the last 30 days)
  • At least 10 Projects with updated project-profile :white_check_mark:

    • Target exceeded :chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:: 13+ Projects are actively updating their project-profiles on oceanpearl.io

NEW TARGETS (By end of Year 2021)

  • Total unique visitors to Ocean Pearl: 2800
  • At least 25+ Projects with updated project-profile

Expected short term ROI

  • The community has an easy to use interface to explore proposals and projects for educated voting, thus more people will vote

    • Increased use of the utility token OCEAN - TVL (Primary Fundamental Metrics)
    • Growing demand for OCEAN token (Secondary Fundamental Metrics)
  • Total Value Locked (holdings for voting): 3M

  • Rise of Total Value Locked with Oceanpearl: 1M

  • Likelihood of success: 75%

  • Bang: 1M * 75% = 750k OCEAN

  • Bucks = 10k $OCEAN = 7.5k OCEAN

  • ROI = 750’000 / 7’500 = 100

  • We expect in the long run a significantly higher ROI due to Ocean Pearl. A rise of 10x is very likely.


  • Significant growth of community engagement in voting for proposals

  • Considerable growth of project quality

    • enhanced transparency of projects
    • improved cooperation between running projects and free developers/contributors


  • create project-profiles on Ocean Pearl

  • projects will propose directly on Ocean Pearl

  • post status updates for your proposal on Ocean Pearl

  • Ocean Protocol Calendar (most important events, product releases, community events, etc.)

  • One Place to Find it All

    • List of links to important projects in the ecosystem
  • Ocean Token Tracker Board (collaboration with other projects)

  • News Plattform

    • Newsfeed
  • Newsletter

  • Integration of other projects

  • Community sentiment: Were the deliverables met?

  • Tutorials on how to vote on oceanDAO (text and video)

  • Show which projects get a lot of attention (views/upvotes/…?)(community favorites)


Meet the Pearls

Project Lead - Sebastian Abromeit. Full Stack Developer, Hamburg, Germany (LinkedIn) (Discord: abrom8#8580)

Head of Design - Moritz Murauer. Designer & Front-end Developer, Munich, Germany (LinkedIn) (Discord: MoritzMurauer | OceanPearl#9225)

Dominik Nolte. Full Stack Developer, Hamburg, Germany (LinkedIn) (Discord: Maka#7957)

Marcel Haßlinger. Full Stack Developer, Frankfurt, Germany (LinkedIn) (Discord: marhali#6965)

Brian BΓΆhm. Full Stack Developer, Hamburg, Germany (LinkedIn) (Discord: Zuckerwattederivat#2657)


Albert Peci. Full Stack Web3 Developer, Berlin, Germany (LinkedIn) (Twitter)


Github: https://github.com/ocean-tech-ship

Discord: https://discord.gg/PP4S5Fg5Xx

Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/7dtPoxdTarwvlPXOPPg4UO/Ocean-Pearl?node-id=1114%3A30

Current State of https://oceanpearl.io:



Wow impressive proposal and amazing progress! I can’t wait to use the DAO leaderboard!


You have our votes, the Ocean Pearl initiative is important for growth and adoption. Great work team.

mPowered Team


The Ocean Pearl Team has my support. You are awesome and deserve the full community support. Incredible job guys!

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