First-class integration with Parameters to C2D in Ocean Market

Name of Project
First-class integration with Parameters to C2D in Ocean Market

Proposal in one sentence
Add parameters to an algorithm to Ocean Market

Description of the project and what problem is it solving
We have been approved by the Core-Tech working group to submit this proposal. Presently, the Ocean Market only support fixed parameters. However, AI/data science teams need the ability to add parameters to their algorithms using an easy front-end user interface experience. We will focus on adding this feature using a small collection of input parameters to algorithms.

C2D Parameters

Grant Deliverables

  1. PR to the market and possibly other repositories
  2. Update the appropriate documentation

Which Project Category best describes your project?
Earmark - Core-Tech Be able to pass parameters into C2D in Ocean Market (Round 14-

What is the final product?
First-class integration with Parameters to C2D in Ocean Market. All code will be open sourced for the community to use and leverage on their own Data Marketplace.

Very high since we have over 40 years of development experience between the team members of mPowered and we have previously delivered on time for our previous open-source proposals.

Community active-ness
While we do not do a lot of postings on social media channels, mostly because we are developers and not social media influencers, we have contributed greatly within the community. Our CTO Corrie is active on discord and has helped out many other people in terms of providing guidance and also identified bugs. We have also acted as paid consultants for teams within the Ocean Community and have customers using our platform outside of the Ocean Community. mPowered continues to grow at an exponential pace within Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Philippines, and soon to be in Mexico.

In terms of active GitHub contributions, we have the following instances where we have found bugs or made recommendations/enhancements:

Adding value to the overall community — how well does the outcome of the project add value to the Ocean community / ecosystem
We think that we will add a lot of value to the Ocean Community by developing this code. It has been discussed in the Core-Tech Working Group and ear-marked as a project that would provide a lot of benefit.

Funding Requested
20,000 USD

Proposal Wallet Address

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant? If yes, please specify what round(s) and how much was granted each round

Round 13: Improving Search Engine Discoverability for the current Ocean Data Marketplace


Round 7: Local Network Egress Traffic Improvements to the Kubernetes configuration for Compute-to-data


Our documentation has been fully integrated

Team Website

Twitter Handle

Project lead full name
Corrie Sloot

Project lead email

Country of Residence
(Presently the home of truck drivers hoping to drive change and start different types of conversations)

Part 2 - Team
We are the team behind Transport Genie, an award winning IoT company that has created bespoke sensors from scratch that monitors local environmental conditions as livestock are in transit. We have pivoted to mPowered because we have seen the vast potential of Ocean Protocol because of what they have been building.

Joel Sotomayor: Co-Founder of mPowered
A serial entrepreneur who has already exited 2 companies, owns multiple patents (in 10 countries), 2 trade-marks, and multiple innovation awards in Canada and Australia. When he isn’t writing code, he is often hanging out with his Uber smart GF or talking to Corrie. Like most developers, he likes predictable results, loves to study pattern-behaviours relationships, has lots of quirks and quarks, and enjoys music but has 2 left feet when he dances.

Corre Sloot: Co-Founder of mPowered
Senior Full-Stack developer and has been involved with Blockchain since 2009 (he was a Satoshi-Era miner). He has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Computer Science and Joel thinks he is one of the smartest guys that he has ever met. He also loves cURL.

Noah Redler, Vice President of mPowered
Noah is a season veteran and is a technology futurists. He is helping us become “investment ready” and is helping out with Business Development and Investor relations.

mPowered IP Portfolio
United States Patent and Trademark Office
System and Method for Secure Data Messaging using a quantum proof encryption method for IoT devices within low bandwidth spectrum.
Patent number: Pending (US 63/227,627)

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Data envelop™ is a trademark which we have registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to describe how we send data securely from devices.
Trademark number: 2025085.

Part 3 - Proposal Details
Details of the proposal:
Modify V4 of the market React code for several pages. When a user is publishing an algorithm, under advanced settings, they will have the ability to add a number of name-value pairs as well as pre-populated static options. Fields will be able to marked as required and some other requirements may be placed on them. These fields will become part of the metadata for this asset.

When a user views a C2D job, the fields are presented from the metadata. When the job is initiated, and requirements are not met, an error message is displayed, and the job is not allowed to proceed. If the requirements are met, the field names and values are passed for use in the job,


  1. PR to the market and possibly other repositories
  2. Update the appropriate documentation

Is the software open-source?

A Pull Request (PR) will be made to these Ocean components
Ocean Market and possibly other components

We commit to working with Ocean core developers to merging the PR, following software quality best practices.

Any prior work completed thus far? Details?
No prior work completed thus far. However, Corrie has been participating in the Core-Tech Working Group weekly meetings.


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Hi @mPowered, thank you for submitting your porposal! I have registered it for Round 14, and it has been Accepted.

All the best!

Hello @mPowered!

Welcome back to the Ocean DAO voting rounds & I also commend you from the Core-Tech WG perspective for getting earmarked, and also being the first proposal to get earmarked by the working group.

Aside from the aforementioned info, I would also like to provide further feedback for the benefit of the community understanding.

  • Usage of Ocean & Viability of the project:

As a Core-tech earmarked project, it certainly shows that your project aims to add higher level of traction value towards Ocean & thanks again for that. You also have the track record to complete projects successfully.

  • Community activeness & Contribution to the ecosystem:

As a Core-tech WG member, you have shown sufficient activeness as part of the Ocean DAO ecosystem. We also notice that you have provided valuable feedback to other projects in the ecosystem as well.

On behalf of PG-WG, we wish you the best for the upcoming DAO voting round and looking forward to hear feedback on our Discord channel.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord

^ Want a cool Sigil like this for yourself? Join the PG-WG Discord


Thank you for the note, we are excited to hopefully get this proposal passed and work on our deliverables. We understand the importance of the work and look forward to delivering something that the entire Ocean Community can benefit from.

As we mention in a post supporting the Ocean Ambassador’s proposal, we were very lucky to have met many great individuals/teams in our journey with Ocean. That is why we have only decided to work on only Open Source proposals. We want to give something back to the community.

OP has open a lot of doors for us, our latest US Patent patent pending application was primarily inspired from what we were learning from the Ocean Core Tech and the importance of Truly Random Number Generation and the need for quantum proof encryption. So we need to give back and hopefully inspire future builders.


On behalf of the mPowered team, we would like to say thank you for the support that we got. We are humbled by this and have started to work on completing our deliverables. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and we will provide progress updates using this thread.



Project submitted deliverables:

[ X ]

A branch was created but is not yet ready to be integrated to the code base due to the fact that V4 is not production ready. In order to submit a new Round 16 Core Tech proposal, this Round 14 proposal can be marked as completed and we will keep the funds in the treasury until we have completed all of the deliverables. We have discussed this with Roberto and he has suggested that we can continue to submit a Round 16 proposal as we wait on the V4 release.

[ ] PR to the market and possibly other repositories

[ ] Update the appropriate documentation

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Hi @mPowered,

thank you for submitting an update for your previous proposal!

Your Grant Deliverables have been reviewed and look to be in good condition. I have also looked at your Project Standing, it looks to be in good condition and ready to apply for another grant.

I would like to thank you for your positive contributions to the Ocean Ecosystem and I look forward to reviewing future proposals from your project.

All the best!