[Davide Crapis] OceanDAO Grants Analytics Framework

Name of Project:

OceanDAO Grants Analytics Framework

Proposal in one sentence:

Build a framework to get up to date insights on the OceanDAO grant rounds across a set of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Our goal is to design an analytics framework for OceanDAO to provide governance data and insights that will

  1. Help the Parameters & Roadmap WG evaluating progress and planning OceanDAO improvemets
  2. Give up to date visibility and insight on the core metrics of every round to the Ocean community
  3. Make it easy to add new data and KPIs as the DAO expands its range of activities
  4. Enable future research initiatives to get easy access to quality data

Currently, basic data on the OceanDAO activities and in particular its grant funding rounds is collected by a script and dumped in Google Spreadsheets. Basic insights in the form of aggregate stats are calculated but there is a lack of a data schema that has been documented here. The current spreadsheet has been used to track the funding rounds by some team members but lacks the visibility and ease of interaction that make it a valuable tool for the Ocean Community.

Moreover, the recent data collection process for the Token Engineering research initiative on rewards system has highlighted difficulties with putting together a comprehensive set of historical data and the need of substantial data processing before the data can be used for analysis by the researcher/data scientist (example).

Grant Deliverables:

  • OceanDAO grants analytics framework specification
    • Map all data sources, APIs, scripts
    • Specify new governance data ETL and schema
    • Define KPI metrics and their calculation logic

Which category best describes your project?

Improvements to OceanDAO

What is the final product?

The final product is the framework specification document and a plan for implementation. In particular, we will improve upon the current system by adding

  • ETL to process governance data from multiple sources
  • New governance data schema to make it easy to compute KPIs and new metrics
  • Standard set of KPI metrics and their calculation logic, which is well documented, ready for analysis, and can be easily expanded

Question on “value add” criteria: which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

Once implemented this will make it easy to track OceanDAO progress and generate insights that enable the WGs, the community, and external researchers to find and propose improvements. These will result in a more effective OceanDAO grant process wich will make it easier for good projects to propose and get funded (increase # of proposed and # of funded projects).

This is an improvement on the current state of tooling for OceanDAO which has high viability – I have built similar systems before and I am 100% confident that we can deliver a high quality outcome.

I’ve been active in the community helping specifically in the area of OceanDAO and voting, this is my first grant and will get me started on delivering the first major contribution. Similar analytics projects could be also done for the Ocean Marketplace in the future. In general, I’m interested in building and improving the data infrastructure layer for Ocean DAO and Marketplace and put together a small team of expert data engineers/scientists that can contribute in this important area as the DAO and marketplace activities expand.

Funding Requested: $2800

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? N

Team Members

Davide Crapis

  • Data scientist with 10 years of experience building market health, analytics, and optimization software; led marketplace team at Lyft Inc. across science and engineering; working on bringing and expanding these technologies in Web3
  • Active member of OceanDAO (focusing on Parameters & Roadmap), Token Engineering Academy (focusing on reward and voting systems in the Governauts initiative)
  • Developing other Web3 projects in the areas of liquidity pool analysis and voting system analysis
  • Ph.D. in Operations Research (Columbia University) and M.Sc. in Economics (Bocconi University); my applied research on online markets and US patents for systems I built have 100+ citations (Google Scholar)
  • LinkedIn, GitHub

Project Category - Improvements to OceanDAO commitment:

We commit to collaborating closely with OceanDAO core team. In fact, we have been collaborating in the draft of the proposal phase as well.

We commit to making publicly available any improved DAO tooling.


We have already started mapping data sources and current infrastructure as well as data exploration/discovery using historical voting data. The goal is to complete the framework definition, data schema design, and implementation plan.

We believe that making this type of analytics tooling easily usable will improve decision speed and quality within the Ocean ecosystem. We plan to implement the framework leveraging DAOBot and other available tools. In the future, a similar framework could be extended to the Ocean Marketplace and become part of the core Ocean Marketplace toolkit.

We plan to continue to maintain and improve anything we build, including documentation that will make it easier to understand current framework and add new metrics.

Additional Information

I consulted with @Idiom from Ocean Core Team during the development of this proposal. He provided valuable context which significantly improved the proposal and the plan to improve DAO tooling.

I’ve been consulting with @octopus, researcher from TE Academy, who has assembled the historical dataset on OceanDAO grants that I’m using for data exploration/discovery. He believes this project will be valuable to OceanDAO.

OceanDAO members Scott Milat (Ocean Missions) and Robin Lehmann (Data Union) provided support and early feedback.


Awesome proposal Davide! Will definitely be supporting this proposal and look forward to (hopefully) seeing it all come together over the coming months :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the feedback Scott. Yes, as I mentioned based on my experience and the initial planning work that I’ve conducted this is a high viability project and I expect a rather quick turnaround.

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Thank you for submitting your proposal @davidecrapis.eth!

There are indeed many details that took places in the first 11 rounds of Ocean, and the work that octopus has done so far has been great. I look forward to having this data better organized for the sake of prosperity and analysis.

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Thanks for the feedback and the support!

Yes, we want to provide a standard framework for metrics and KPIs, with the goal of making future analyses more agile and also make it easy to add new metrics – so we can keep an up-to-date view as we evolve OceanDAO operations going forward.

Good luck Davide - it’s a great proposal. You’ve got our vote!

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Hi there,

For transparency, starting R12, all proposals will have to be funded within 2 weeks of winning a grant.

The funding deadline is December 27th 23:59 GMT.

You can read our wiki and how to submit a funding request to learn more.

Hi Davide, great proposal, congratulations for winning the grant at Ocean DAO! :clap:

The first results of Davide and his crew at the Rewards Systems Research Initiative are now available here - first proof of value for data analytics at OceanDAO!
Make sure to check it out :+1:


The full spec for this proposal is available at the document below:

And all supporting analysis notebooks are available in the same public github repo.

In particular we have completed all deliverables that correspond to respective sections in the document:

  • Map all data sources, APIs, scripts (Section 2)
  • Specify new governance data ETL and schema (Section 3)
  • Define KPI metrics and their calculation logic (Section 1)

Hi @davidecrapis.eth, thanks for the update. I have registered your Grant Deliverables into Airtable and your project is now marked as Completed.

You can verify it here:

All the best!