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Name of Project:

OceanDAO Analytics Platform

Proposal in one sentence:

We are building the data infrastructure and platform to offer insight on the Ocean ecosystem. In this round we will focus on: (1) implementing KPI-calculations according to the OceanDAO analytics framework that we have developed, and (2) build a living dashboard to track the main metrics and KPIs of OceanDAO.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Living Dashboard

Our goal is to build a living dashboard for OceanDAO to provide governance data and insights that will:

  • Help Parameters & Roadmap WG evaluate progress and plan improvements to OceanDAO
  • Give up to date visibility and insight to the Ocean Community on the core metrics of past rounds
  • Powerfully showcase OceanDAO activity and funding to attract new members

Today, some basic summary data on OceanDAO activity is reported in Ocean Pearl, the Ocean ecosystem project tracker. While there has been great work in terms of discoverability and tracking of projects with Ocean Pearl, there is still lack of analytics tools that enable OceanDAO decision makers to get insight on key performance and activity . This is our focus: with our platform we want to go beyond simple metrics and data to analysis and decisions .

We also want to add curated visualizations to showcase the mass of funds and work that are being disbursed and produced over time by OceanDAO. Below is an example dashboard that we built with real historical OceanDAO data from previous rounds.

Last round view

Previous rounds view

The dashboard highlights high level KPIs from the past or selected rounds, not that these are not only simple metrics like “Amount Funded” but also KPIs that give a read on the health of the process, like fraction of “Projects Completed” and “Projects Returning” with new proposal.

There is also an historical view of previous rounds that allows to grasp the evolution over time and get insight. For example, the returning rate of projects has been steadily increasing and the completed rate has been consistently above 50% starting in Round 4.

Implement OceanDAO analytics framework

We will also implement the OceanDAO analytics framework which will:

  • Make it easy to add new data and KPIs as the DAO expands its range of activities
  • Enable future research initiatives to get easy access to quality data

This will be a backbone upon which the living dashboard and other applications will rely . In the future, we plan to extend this work to the Ocean Marketplace. Please see our specification document for more technical details on the framework.

Grant Deliverables:

In our previous proposal we mapped the OceanDAO data available, conducted research, defined KPIs, and specified the analytics framework. For this proposal our deliverables are:

  • Implement data analytics framework and KPI calculations
  • Build publicly available web app with dashboards and visualizations of key KPIs

Which category best describes your project?

Improvements to OceanDAO

What is the final product?

Ocean Insight is a new project on the Ocean ecosystem with the goal of building key data infrastructure, analytics, and insights that enable clear visibility on the performance of the two core pillars of the ecosystem: Ocean Marketplace and OceanDAO.

We are starting with OceanDAO analytics dashboard and framework. We will then move to extending our platform to Ocean Marketplace analytics, focusing on overall marketplace health, data token liquidity pools analysis, and new mechanism analysis with Ocean Marketplace v4 and beyond.

In the future, this type of data insights framework could be scaled to other Web3 ecosystem and the data and insights produced by our framework and algorithms can be made available as data or compute on ocean marketplace directly.

Question on “value add” criteria: which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

The living dashboard will make it easy to track OceanDAO progress and generate insights that enable the WGs, the community, and external researchers to find and propose improvements. These will result in a more effective OceanDAO grant process which will make it easier for good projects to propose and get funded ( increase # of proposed and # of funded projects ).

This is an improvement on the current state of tooling for OceanDAO which has high viability – Hamid and I have built similar systems before and we have successfully completed a R12 proposal in which we created the OceanDAO Analytics framework that we will implement.

Davide has been active in the Ocean community for many months, contributing to voting improvements, the Parameters & Roadmap WG, and advising other projects in the Ocean Ecosystem such as Ocean Missions. After the initial grant in December, Hamid who is an experienced scientist and engineer joined the team and the community. With additional funding we plan to expand our team and thus bring more builders into the Ocean ecosystem.

Funding Requested: $9,500

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Y - $2,800 in R12

Team Members

Davide Crapis

  • Data scientist with 10 years of experience building market health, analytics, and optimization software; led marketplace team at Lyft Inc. across science and engineering; working on bringing and expanding these technologies in Web3
  • Active member of OceanDAO (focusing on Parameters & Roadmap), Token Engineering Academy (focusing on reward and voting systems in the Governauts initiative)
  • Developing other Web3 projects in the areas of liquidity pool analysis and voting system analysis
  • Ph.D. in Operations Research (Columbia University) and M.Sc. in Economics (Bocconi University); my applied research on online markets and US patents for systems I built have 100+ citations (Google Scholar)
  • LinkedIn, GitHub

Hamid Bagheri

  • Ph.D. and M.Sc. in computer science at Iowa State University. Worked on building an infrastructure for analyzing genomics dataset and heuristic approach to detect and correct misclassified protein sequences at scale.
  • Built several machine models in genomics and precision agriculture.
  • Conducted research in programming languages and software engineering.
  • Founded company for financial data analysis and implemented sales and inventory systems and forecasting.
  • Developing web3 funding mechanism that bridges the gap between voting and funding processes for DAO grant programs.
  • Data Scientist and Blockchain Engineer. See LinkedIn, GitHub.

Project Category - Improvements to OceanDAO commitment:

We commit to collaborating closely with OceanDAO core team. In fact, we have been collaborating in the draft of the proposal phase as well.

We commit to making publicly available any improved DAO tooling.


We already completed a R12 proposal in which we laid the groundwork for this one.

We will initially focus on implementing the data analytics framework and KPI calculations. Then, we will build the web app and connect the data to charts and visualizations.


Hi @davidecrapis.eth, thank you for submitting your porposal! I have registered it for Round 14, and it has been Accepted.

All the best!

Hello @davidecrapis.eth,

Welcome again to the Ocean DAO voting experience. I’m a Project guide who has been assigned to help review your proposal.

Based on a few tenets of evaluation criteria of generating positive value, I support your proposal and giving you a positive vote in terms of the following criteria.

  • Usage of Ocean & Viability: Those are some impressive deliverables from R-12 & I like the way you have initiated the idea of Ocean Insights that act as a powerful analytics add-on. It certainly adds more value-add for the community to gather more information on the Ocean DAO mechanics given that we have so much going on. Personally I’d like to understand more how the model can withstand the constant changes that might come from Parameters WG & DAO Engineering WG. Care to shed more light on this perhaps on the PG-WG channel async?

  • Community activeness & contribution to the community: I appreciate your community activeness and your amazing experience with the Token engineering community. Given your intent to participate more on discussions in the Working groups of Ocean DAO, I’ve no doubt you will continue to do the same.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord

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Thanks @drprk! We are excited for the opportunity to continue contributing to the community.

To your question, the short answer is that the analytics platform will collect primarily data about outcomes, that tend to change less than inputs. It’s in our design to make it easy to modify KPIs and secondary metrics, and add new ones. This will help keeping track of a changing environment and will yield the insight so that we can move in the right direction.

Will share more in the PG-WG.

cc @hamid

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