WeDataNation | App Version #2 - Dashboard "Web3" function | Round 20

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Build & Integrate

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Proposal Description

With this grant we will cover the costs for the development of the following parts of the first Version of our

  • Dashboard-View: Connection-Function for Web3 Wallet via wallet connect (directly to our backend) with monetization function & status display mode
  • Dashboard-View: Web3 Status percentage Bar in the top view with function to determine the process
  • User-Tutorial: Guiding users inside the dashboard view through the process of connecting their wallet, uploading their data, starting monetization and being aware of the “up-to-date” status

Grant Deliverables

Dashboard View

  • Connection Function for Web3 wallet via wallet connect (directly to our backend)
  • “Blind” monetization function similar to the one for “static data” (connection to backend is established, but further process which enable the monetization via OCEAN Market`s C-t-d will be implemented in the future)
  • Status display mode “Web3” on the top
  • Web3 Status percentage Bar in the top view with function to determine the process
  • User tutorial for wallet connection, data upload, monetization mode and “up-to-date” status

Project Description

WeDataNation is a project to create a counterweight to today’s big-tech dominated data aggregation economy, to finally put the power over data into the hands of its rightful owners.

The core developement started in February 2022 as part of the Blockchain Founders Group Accelerator Programme; By participating, we were able to win over some of the most renowned German professors and visionaries in the field of blockchain as advisors by conviction for our project.

Furthermore, there is a cooperation with DataUnion and mPowered, two companies that have been actively working in the ocean protocol community for many years.

WeDataNation adds value to Ocean Protocol’s vision of unlocking a decentralized Web 3.0 Data Economy through the following contributions :

Development :

  • Easy to use app for individuals to get insights on their data from various sources (social media, e-commerce, gaming, streaming, wallet), decide on its usage, validate datasets and earn passive income through the monetization mode
  • Webportal to create and validate algorithms and earn passive income for the provision

Outreach :

  • Actively promoting Ocean Protocol in articles and postings for the broad masses and to potential investor and person of interests through pitches, interviews or other forms of networking (Ocean Protocol is always presented as the underlying technology on which WeDataNation designs all of it`s targeted services

Final Product

The final product will be a system which contains data of private individuals, who are willing to grant permission to this data via Ocean Protocol’s compute-to-data in exchange for a financial compensation.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean Protocol:

We will add a significant data-consume volume to the network through finding a lot of lead-customers whose only way to analyze the data we provide is to purchase access rights via the ocean protocol

Viability very likely through four aspects:

  • Partnership and support of DataUnion
  • Broad connected ecosystem inside the financial & startup branch, through 8 years of background from our CEO.
  • Worldwide networking through Blockchain-Founders-Group
  • Actively seeking investors to secure further support, collaborations or accelerator programmes.

Community active-ness:

Our CEO Henry Concilio and COO Raphael Hagemann as part of the WeDataNation core team actively take part in upcoming Ocean DAO events to support the community and establish more connections inside of this great project. Both are part of the ambassador program and do tasks of the activity farming. Our new team member Bhalisa Sodo is also a well known member of the community and social media manager for the Ocean Protocol Ambassador`s Twitter account. Through Investor-days we are actively seeking new potential projects for Ocean market and successfully established already three connections to projects which are planning an Ocean Protocol integration ( ONBOARD, Integrity.Earth {Hypha / Seed] & Simple Crypto).

Adding value to the overall community:

By establishing an easy way for private individuals to join a pool for selling their data the overall awareness of Ocean Protocol will rise. In addition the need for algorithmic programmers will rise, as this task becomes a significant factor to connect collected data to potential buyers via insights created from the data.

Core Team

Henry Griesbach

  • Role: CEO
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Background/Experience:
  • Technical Trading Support at germans biggest retail equity market maker
  • Financial markets expert
  • External Advisor for the “financial Tinder” - Vickii

Raphael Hagemann

  • Role: Business Operations
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Background/Experience:
  • AI Student @ International University of Applied Sciences
  • Project & Systems Management and Regulatory Compliance at germans biggest retail equity market maker
  • Bachelor of Arts @ Banking & Finance

Martin Till

  • Role: Go-To-Market & B2B Strategy
  • LinkedIn:
  • Background/Experience:
  • Sales Professional - Go-to-market Salesphere (mVISE AG)
  • Business Development Manager (ETL Group)
  • Account Manager (Sage Software Group)

Paul Durau

  • Role: Social Media Growth Strategy
  • LinkedIn:
  • Background/Experience:
  • Marketing Enthusiast
  • Instagram & YouTube Consultant
  • Content Manager & Creator
  • Growth Hacker

Bhalisa Sodo

Elias Mendel


Robin Lehmann

  • Role: Technical Advisor and early stage supporter
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Background/Experience:
  • CEO, CTO and Co-Founder of DataUnion Foundation
  • Ocean Protocol Ambassador

Louis Schulze

Nathan Vandy

Max Zheng

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address


@nosedive2moon I thought I would reach out and let you know that I reviewed your proposal and am happy to see the continued work on the frontend/backend/web3 systems, to bring it together and drive it closer to having all the functional requirements in place.

I just wanted to foreshadow that it looks like it all makes sense, however I’m just sharing an update for the sake of transparency.

I look forward to the work that WDN is contributing between DU, and mPowered (@Robin and @mPowered ) in helping to continue broaden the development of data unions, and the infrastructure required to support it.

My only comment here is that efforts are being done to move the whole ecosystem forward, should not carry any form of ‘double dipping’ across teams.

Good - WDN team is integrating & launches DU + using mPowered infra/services
Bad - Engineering costs are delivered by DU or mPowered, or costs for these services are significant and being fully subsidized by Ocean grants.

For this reason, I would appreciate a bit more of a breakdown of how funding will be utilized. This does not have to be complicated => Bullet Point + Percentage + 1 line description is plenty.

Thank you for all of your contributions, and I am genuinely excited to see how WDN continues to develop/grow.

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I think there is some confusion here in terms of mPowered involvement with WDN, mPowered is not working with WDN and has never worked with them. We have talked to them but we have not done any work with them.

In addition, mPowered, even though we are a for profit company, has never used OCEANDAO to do work that has directly benefited mPowered. We have only done open-source first class citizen projects and are probably the only team in the ecosystem that does this. All of the projects that we have done has always been open-sourced or in Core-Tech which is designed to help grow the ecosystem.



@mPowered thanks for the clarification, no foul on my end, I was trying to understand how they are affiliated.

@nosedive2moon, I’m reviewing your proposal, and here is what I’m thinking/reflecting on:

  1. All of your Grant Deliverables are technical in nature. Based on what you said, is 100% of this being delivered by DU? If so, I’d like to objectively know what the rest of the team is delivering as a result of the grant.
  2. What’s the reward/ownership structure of everyone in WDN? Has the initial DU investment/token distribution plan been released? (please see 2) How much of WDN is owned by this team? Is the service provider a majority owner in any way?
  3. Is the app being released open source? Is there a plan to make it white label?
  4. Is the code/framework for DU being released open source? Is there documentation or resources so others can implement on their own? (@nosedive2moon @Robin)
  5. If most of the technical/product work is being done by DU, then are they providing an outline? When is the app scheduled for release?
  6. Because this is an ambitious project and aiming to do all sorts of things DU/monetization/adoption, I have more questions. Is it going to be shipped before 100k funding? Is there any other funding going on? How will WDN fund itself and develop the project after 100k? When will engineers going to join this team and have ownership of it?

1. Deliverables by the rest of the team:
CEO - Henry Concilio: Coordination with DU (technical process), coordination of the team (intern process), coordination of the legal process (atm: shareholder agreement, IP Sale & Transfer, Managing Director Service Agreement, Rules of Procedure for the Mangement, other Declarations), lead-customer-generation (1-2 LOIs/week are anticipated), (atm: 10-15 calls/week), preparing and doing pitch sessions (1-2 per week), establishing partnerships (2-3 calls/week), talking to POI for our advisor board (2-3 calls/week), a lot of other daily decision that has to be made (CI, logo, homepage, social media,…)

CSO - Martin Till: lead-customer-acquisition (establishing high quality contacts with companies from his already existing network. Because of more time intensive first talk, atm: ~5-6 calls/week), establishing partnerships (2-3 calls/week)

COO/DataScientist - Raphael Hagemann: managing social media activity, accounting, reporting of KPIs, supporting CEO with daily tasks, data processing of user-data in our database

Business Development - Elias Mendel: Scientific writing, supporting CEO & COO with daily tasks,

Data Scientist - Bhalisa Sodo: data processing of user-data in our database

Social media manager - Paul Durau (3Geeks-Agency): Operational work in social media (posting, commenting)

2. Reward structure of WDN:

CEO - Henry Concilio: No rewards / will receive part of equity after legal formation
CSO - Martin Till: No rewards / will receive equity after legal formation
COO/DataScientist - Raphael Hagemann: No rewards / will receive equity after legal formation
Business Development - Elias Mendel: monthly payment (not included in grants)
Data Scientist - Bhalisa Sodo: monthly payment (not included in grants)
Social media manager - Paul Durau (3Geeks-Agency): monthly payment (not included in grants)
DataUnion: monthly payment

Ownership structure of WDN:

Will be determined once the company is founded. We are anticipating a low percentage investment of DataUnion, to guarantee the further development and strengthen the long term partnership through equal interests. Additionally we will sell equity to external investors to get additional funds for development and outreach. The rest will be divided between the team & members of the newly established (“professional’’) advisory board (sideinfo: none of the four advisors mentioned in our proposal will be part of that advisory board. We target professional advisors and highly influential people from certain industries relevant to our business)

Has the initial DU investment/token distribution plan been released?

Models are currently being calculated and tests are being carried out on DU side in order to design a valid token use/reward structure. It is also anticipated on our part that a large part of the revenues will end up with the actual data owner and, in accordance with the distribution already anchored in the ocean token, small percentage shares will also end up with DU and WDN. We are open and grateful for input from the core team or experienced teams that have already built up expertise in this area. (Please refer in comments to “REWARD”)

3. Open source release of the app:
The app will not be released open source. There are plans to offer parts of it as white label solution. This needs to be verified in the future.

4. Open source release of the code/framework:

A general integration of system components into external systems is not intended.

WDN uses API interfaces to obtain data. A disclosure of code is not necessary for this. The implementation takes place easily between the respective IT departments of the external company and WDN.

The external retrieval of data supplied by WDN takes place exclusively via the Ocean market and therefore does not require any code to be disclosed.

5. Outline of app-release:

  • Beta-phase is planned within the next 3 months

6. Other questions:

  • Shipped before 100k funding is reached ?
  • Any other funding?
    Yes! External investors.
  • How will WDN develop after reaching 100k?

Funding from investors + revenue made with the app via ocean market (that’s the reason our core team put most effort in achieving LOIs with potential customers, willing to buy our product).

When will engineers join this team and have ownership?

Not 100% clarified yet. At the moment as there is no necessity for inhouse development beside some basic API functionality, we are planning to first let an experienced data-scientist join our team, as we see data-processing as our main IP. The technical implementation is done via DU and updates, additional features, etc. can also be done there, as forming a long term partnership is anticipated from our side. We are open and grateful for input from the core team or experienced teams that have already shipped a working product and expertise in this area. (Please refer in comments to “DEVELOPER”)

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Project submitted deliverables:

Project submitted deliverables:

Oceaners, we are pleased to submit a report on our deliverables on our R20 proposal:

- Grant Deliverable: Dashboard View is presented in this video of the current app version.

  • Connection Function for Web3 wallet via wallet connect (directly to our backend)

→ go to wallet → setup → connect wallet → connect your meta mask (00:45 min)

→ Sign a message (00:51 min)

  • “Blind” monetization function similar to the one for “static data” (connection to backend is established, but further process which enable the monetization via OCEAN Market`s C-t-d will be implemented in the future) - 01:00 min

  • Web3 Status percentage Bar in the top view with function to determine the process - 01:02 min

  • User tutorial for wallet connection, data upload, monetization mode and “up-to-date” status - 04:07 - 4:52 min

Unfortunately the pictures we implemented into our deliverables was not importet from Ocean Pearl.
I added them into the quote to make each feature more obvious:


Thank you for updating us on your progress, and submitting your deliverables. I have accepted this as completed.