[Proposal] The Data Whale alga. Development Sprint: Phase 2

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:bookmark_tabs: Proposal Summary

In Phase 1 of its development, alga. will provide an accessible mobile application built based on the Ocean Marketplace, integrating pricing history, data-token index, a staking wallet and other functions, such as a home-screen or watch-list. The application will be free to use and available on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

In Phase 2 of the alga. development, we are looking to integrate the following functions: mobile data-token swaps, buys, mobile staking and premium access to users that have consumed access to our datasets before and provide them with a fully customizable analysis tool highlighting important information about the data-economy.

The Data Whale alga. application Phase 2 development will cover the following aspects

⌧ Developing an application built based on the Ocean Marketplace, including mobile swaps, data-token swaps and transfers.

⌧ Unleash data analysis tools for Directory, Data Sentiment & Bridging.Tech’s Ocean Market Charts for its users on a customizable application interface.

:thought_balloon: Project Overview

You may read more on the current project status, Phase 1 features on our Medium article linked here.

The Phase 1 development with basic functions is targeted to be completed by beginning of Q2/2021.

Phase 2 is targeted to be a continuous development with regular updates reaching as far as Q4/2021.

:speech_balloon: What problem is your development solving?

We believe that accessibility is the key for adoption. Therefore, we are looking to integrate mobile data-token swaps and other functions, in order to ensure that users may have a seamless experience when navigating the data economy.

Furthermore, the data economy can be overwhelming for new network participants. Our premium section aims to provide understandable analysis tools for those users (both veterans & new joiners) and provide them with a competitive edge to understand the data economy better. Our data partner Bridging.Tech’s Ocean Market research and our own dataset “Directory” and “Data Sentiment” will be summarized in a fully customizable analysis tool.

:calling: What is the final product?

The final product is developed with the help of Dr. Ali Masood, a PhD project lead & data scientist who is working with a team of React Native and full-stack developers. The Phase 1 application will be deployed with beta features on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by Q2/2021, whereas our Phase 2 application is a continuous development with an estimated completion of Q4/2021.

:desktop_computer: An overview of the technology stack?

The team will continue working with the following technology stack.

Dr. Ali Masood’s expertise in data science and deep learning will provide the basic framework for the application’s premium section. All data collected by Data Whale and Bridging Tech will be processed in a customizable dashboard on the application that allows users to get a better understanding of the data economy.

Throughout Phase 2, our development efforts will heavily rely on Ethereum Web3js. As we are aiming to develop a mobile marketplace featuring swaps, data buys and other trading functions, we are also integrating according to the following guidelines outlined on Github, which allows the application to charge 0.1% fees, providing a potential revenue stream for Data Whale.

:whale: Lead Data Sourcer: Data “Rango” Whale

Relevant Credentials


  • Commercial leadership background with a proven track-record of change-thinking, generating profitable win-win solutions, business development and client acquisition.
  • Award-winning regional achiever
  • Creator of Data Whale Curation & Management
  • Ocean Ambassador (since 2018) in stealth mode

Additional Information

As an Ocean Ambassador, Rango received several discretionary grants from the Ocean Protocol founding team for his work on early research projects in 2018 and the utility of the Directory dataset, which assisted to create the Ocean Market purgatory.

:sparkler: Development Lead: Muhammad Ali Masood (PhD)


External development lead, PhD data-scientist, leading a team of React Native and full-stack developers under the guidance of his partner Syed Zain Hasan. We are proud to work such a talented and skilled team, who will play an integral role in our collaboration moving forward.**


M. Ali Masood (PhD) has almost 10 years of extensive experience in development and teaching. He is a lecturer at the Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology in Pakistan and has worked as a team lead for the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he collaborated with INTERPOL to develop on-premises solutions to identify criminals. Dr. Masood is the project manager and CEO of Zaytrics Pvt. Ltd., where he develops innovative solutions for various industries together with his team. Dr. Masood and his team recently received a substantial local funding capitalizing on his previous experience to develop a robust crime-solving protocol.

His expertise, among other areas, covers data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Relevant Credentials


Academic Work

Research Gate: Sentiment Classification Publication

Research Gate: MFS-LDA Social Media Tags Recommendation Model

ScienceDirect: Machine Learning Rebel Identification on Twitter

:bar_chart: Data Partner: Bridging.Tech Datasets


Background / Experience & Relevant Credentials

Please refer to Bridging.Tech’s official channels and their dataset WONPEL-82 for more information.



Thank you for your support and we are committed to deliver and develop this project FOR the community :ocean: :blue_heart:

All other information, including alga.'s proposed ROI or other topics may be referenced in our here. Data Whale will continue to provide a transparent and community-focused development sprint. Please follow our official channels for constant updates!


Great to see phase 2 rolling out!

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Many thanks Kai! I hope we can also collaborate at a later stage!

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Once things are set in motion I believe there will be a lot of opportunities for a collaboration in this fast growing ecosystem (and I truly love your product and spirit). All the best, Kai

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[Deliverable Checklist]

[X] The ALGA. application (beta) went live on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore

  1. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/alga/id1563145038#?platform=iphone
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saadyousaf1997.Algas

[X] We are on track and aim to complete ALGAs Phase 2. However, we underestimated the challenges and budget requirements when starting our research & development to finalize this task.

  1. We faced a delay when trying to find a solution to integrate OCEAN.js, WalletConnect or MetaMask to our existing App’s React Native Code. ALGAs current code-base is not compatible and there are major changes required.
  2. After failing with our current developers, we aimed to solve this collaboratively by actively looking for support in the community, OCEAN developer channels and initiatives such as the Crowdcast Workshop (https://www.crowdcast.io/e/moonbuilders-ws/5).
  3. To reach our goal, we have decided to hand over our code in August to a professional blockchain developer with vast experience in React Native. The proposed changes to our code, estimated timeline and technicals will be outlined in a detailed document that can be viewed below. The document is a work in progress and will be updated accordingly: https://bit.ly/3yPZQRc

We are looking to mark this Proposal as completed, in order to be able to potentially apply for funding in future OceanDAO rounds.

Please comment with any feedback below and we trust that this submission maintains our good reputation within the OceanDAO community.