[Proposal] The Data Whale alga. Application: Helping you Navigate the Data Economy!

alga. :leafy_green:

Stake Smartly!

:whale: Data Whale Curation & Management

:globe_with_meridians: Data Whale Ethereum Address

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Application Summary :man_technologist:

alga. is an accessible mobile data-token platform built based on the Ocean Marketplace, integrating pricing history, deep-learning data research, staking-indicators, community-curated ratings and data-driven pool analyses on a customizable application that is linked to the user’s Ethereum wallet.

Access. Navigate. Stake.

The Data Whale alga. application development will cover the following aspects

⌧ Building an application built based on the Ocean Marketplace

⌧ Supporting the outreach / community with a customizable mobile application to navigate the data economy.

⌧ Unleash data analysis tools for Directory, Data Sentiment & Bridging.Tech’s Ocean Market Charts for its users on a simple application interface

Project Overview :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

The proposed application aims to provide a mobile platform for all things “data economy”. It combines a customizable interface similar to Coingecko & Blockfolio, exclusively tracking data-tokens and providing pricing, liquidity and trading volume history to all data-pools on the Ocean Marketplace. The application also allows users to seamlessly connect their Ethereum address and update their staking wallet balance.

Furthermore, the application will integrate with existing Data Whale datasets in Phase 2 and provides data-users an exclusive access to a mobile dashboard, providing insights to the global data sentiment analysis, marketplace metadata, staking recommendations and much more.

Data Whale is also excited to announce the marketplace’s first data partnership! We are establishing a partnership with Bridging.Tech research and the dataset WONPEL-82 will also be integrated on a premium section of the application at a later stage.

Both the Data Whale and BridgeTech research section of the app will only be accessible for users that previously bought access to the datasets via the Ocean Marketplace, which adds a valuable use-case and possibility to increase sales for the respective sets.

What problem is your project solving? :question:

Our project aims to encourage adoption of the marketplace in a simple user-friendly interface on iOS and Android devices. Similar to Blockfolio and Coingecko, users may refer to the application to learn about many variables for each data-token on the Ocean Marketplace, helping them to “stake smartly”.

What is the final product? :boom:

The final product is developed with the help of Dr. Ali Masood, a PhD project lead & data scientist who is working with a team of React Native and full-stack developers. The application will be deployed with beta features on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store within a projected timeframe of 3.5 months.

How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem? :dizzy:

The application capitalizes on an easy user-interface, providing network participants a comprehensive platform to navigate the ‘Data Ocean’. It is user-friendly, accessible and customizable.

alga. aims to become an integral part of the economy, linking to existing datasets & research.

Project Deliverables - Mobile Application :iphone:

The Beta App will be live on iOS and Google Play Store within 3.5 months of a potential grant. We have already completed the full brief, followed by a full UI-design. The back-end will be integrated once completed.

alga. Roadmap :railway_track:

The alga. application will be developed in several phases outlined below, starting from the day when the grant is awarded.

Alpha Development Phase :page_facing_up:

Publish a Medium article, including initial design brief and functionality until 21st December.

UI Development Phase :camera_flash:

The full UI Design to be completed within 30 days and posted for community review and suggestions.

Back-end Development Phase :desktop_computer:

The back-end will be integrated to a workable beta product within 90 days, providing the index and price history feature of all data-token pools, as well as fixed price assets.

The staking wallet backend feature is also targeted to be integrated within 90 days, including a full automation with the user’s Ethereum wallet address.

Dataset Integration Phase :calling:

We are integrating the following datasets in our application.

Within 6 months of the day of grant, a dedicated premium section for our dataset users will be created, allowing access to a customizable Dashboard that summarizes important indicators to “stake smartly”. The research will be derived from the above datasets.

Future Integration Phase :crystal_ball:

Following the full integration of aforementioned features, we will provide additional functions to the application. Our ideas include, but are not limited to the below.

  • Data-token exchange functionality, including decentralized swaps, sending and receiving on the application.

  • Purchasing data-tokens and dataset access through the application.

  • Decentralized community voting functions with data-token rewards / bounties and integration with other data-partners.

  • Maintenance will take place on regular basis, the app will be developed continuously.

Project Details :bookmark_tabs:

Are there any mockups or designs to date?

The full UI design will be made available as soon as possible. However, please find some basic examples below.

Login Screen

Data Token Index

Data Token Staking Wallet

An overview of the technology stack? :shield:

Our team of developers will make the code available on our GitHub in the following phases: UI design, database coding & data gathering, backend development with major services, deployment and testing.

The team will deploy the following technology stack.

The application is made by the community FOR the community. We require your support to encourage adoption.

PLEASE VOTE FOR US to approve the grant, which will be pledged entirely for the development of alga.!

:whale: Lead Data Sourcer: Data “Rango” Whale :whale:

Relevant Credentials


  • Commercial leadership background with a proven track-record of change-thinking, generating profitable win-win solutions, business development and client acquisition.

  • Award-winning regional achiever

  • Creator of Data Whale Curation & Management

  • Ocean Ambassador (since 2018) in stealth mode

Additional Information

As an Ocean Ambassador, Rango received several discretionary grants from the Ocean Protocol founding team for his work on early research projects in 2018 and the utility of the Directory dataset, which assisted to create the Ocean Market purgatory.

:sparkler: Development Lead: Muhammad Ali Masood (PhD) :sparkler:


External development lead, PhD data-scientist, leading a team of React Native and full-stack developers under the guidance of his partner Syed Zain Hasan. We are proud to work such a talented and skilled team, who will play an integral role in our collaboration moving forward.**


M. Ali Masood (PhD) has almost 10 years of extensive experience in development and teaching. He is a lecturer at the Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology in Pakistan and has worked as a team lead for the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he collaborated with INTERPOL to develop on-premises solutions to identify criminals. Dr. Masood is the project manager and CEO of Zaytrics Pvt. Ltd., where he develops innovative solutions for various industries together with his team. Dr. Masood and his team recently received a substantial local funding capitalizing on his previous experience to develop a robust crime-solving protocol.

His expertise, among other areas, covers data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Relevant Credentials


Academic Work

Research Gate: Sentiment Classification Publication

Research Gate: MFS-LDA Social Media Tags Recommendation Model

ScienceDirect: Machine Learning Rebel Identification on Twitter

:bar_chart: Data Partner: Bridging.Tech Datasets :bar_chart:


Background / Experience & Relevant Credentials

Please refer to Bridging.Tech’s official channels and their dataset WONPEL-82 for more information.



Additional Information :ocean:

Data Whale Community FAQ

What will be the main benefit of developing this project?

The application aims to be considered as one of the main platform’s for the community to navigate the data economy. The functionality of the app will be customizable and focus purely on the crypto-currency niche of “data-tokens” and liquidity pools. Users benefit from a simple UI that helps to gain access to valuable information about datasets, data-tokens and liquidity pools. We want to develop a product that will help existing and new network participants to understand the Ocean Marketplace and future eco-system better.

How will this application add value to the existing datasets?

In the dataset integration development phase, we are aiming to link previous datasets purchased by the user’s Ethereum wallet on the application, encouraging dataset sales and adding a substantial value to our existing liquidity pools.

Therefore, our application will automatically reference to the Ethereum wallet transactions and identify whether the user bought access to the specified datasets. The application will then provide the user with access to a separate customizable Dashboard on the application that integrates all our past research of the Directory, Data Sentiment and Bridgetech’s charts in separate tabs (access is granted depending on which datasets the users bought access to).

What are you going to do with 10,000 Ocean Tokens?

The majority grant is pledged to our development team under the lead of Dr. Ali Masood and will cover development costs. Transactions for each stage of the project development will be vested according to completion and the code will be made available on our GitHub for review. We invite external developers and users to audit the code in regular intervals to ensure that the development is on track and the grants to our development team are justified.

:whale: VOTE NOW & SUPPORT :whale:


I see deep-learning mention in the introduction but nowhere else. Could you clarify?

There is no wallet linked in the proposal - this makes it invalid at the moment. Also remember to have the 5000 $OCEAN in there which is also a requirement.

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At DataUnion.app we are also planning to create a mobile application based on React Native.
Maybe we could collaborate on parts of it?
We also need an Ethereum wallet inside the app.

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That is a wonderful grant proposal and project! :+1: I am very much impressed by the timeline and I am crossing fingers for you as well. Thanks for bringing a ton of value to the market through your analysis and other contributions.


Hi Robin,

Thanks for your comments.

The proposed deep learning research is linked to the Data Whale Data Sentiment & NLP Analysis that will be integrated to the application in the dataset integration phase. We will build a premium section on the application allowing respective Ethereum addresses that bought access to our Data Sentiment analysis to access a fully customisable mobile dashboard and stake smartly!

Also, please note our Ethereum Address has been linked in the first section of the proposal (2nd link) and currently holds over 13,000 OCEAN.

Many thanks for your comment and clarification!


Hi Kai, many thanks! It would be interesting to implement your proposal on our app at a later stage - similar to a forum where the community is incentivised to submit and discuss ideas. Let’s speak about it later.

Best regards

Thanks Robin, we’ll surely see how we can collaborate at a later stage!

Take care :slight_smile:

Awesome project! You guys rock it!

Only 1 question from my end: what functionalities of the app will be free of charge for users, and does this grant change the list of free funcationalities ? OK, yes that’s 2 questions :sweat_smile:

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Hi Laurent, thanks for the feedback.

The grant will be entirely pledged towards developing the application.

The datatoken index feature and staking wallet will be free for users to give back to the community!

Should the Ethereum address that was linked to the application have bought access to our datasets before, the user will then gain access to a separate premium dashboard providing additional features such as staking recommendation & pool ratings (Directory), global data sentiment (Data Sentiment) or BridgeTech’s charts (Ocean Market Charts). Of course, if the user purchased access to all three datasets with his Ethereum address, they will receive full access!

Hope it’s clear now :slight_smile:

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An app to check datapool stakings, nice. A must have for sure. But datatoken-ownership VIP functionality: thát is a game changer. This quote is exactly what makes this whole proposal exciting:

I will make sure that we get some valuable and insightful charts in there.


Can you further elaborate on who the external developers are? Are there any GitHub or LinkedIn accounts available here?

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Hi OceanByte,

Dr. Masood’s LinkedIn is referenced above. He has a team of developers who will work on the application and for community confidence, we will make the UI design and the majority code will be made available on our GitHub in stages, in order for it to be audited by the community.

Development payments are vested according to project completion.

Hope this answers your question and thanks for clarifying!


Very clear, thank you very much. I’m personally really excited by your project!

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I checked his LinkedIn profile but I was specifically interested in the team of developers. How many are they? And are there any links to their Github or LinkedIn profiles? I like the idea of the project and would like to learn more about the implementation phase :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest in the project, we really appreciate it!

The team consists of 10 developers with the following functions.
1x Project Lead (Dr. Masood)
1x UI / UIX Specialist
3x Blockchain Developers
3x Mobile Application Developers
1x AI and Data Science Specialist
1x DevOps Lead

The team is excited to work on the alga. application, since we are their first client that decided to open-source the development code and we also decided to provide full credit to their work. All of their work previously has been agreed under NDAs and the codes have been either developed in private repositories or have not been accredited to the team.

Our $OCEAN grant will be vested to our dev team in multiple stages and will only fully be released for each stage after a code review by the community and/or external developer.

We hope this nurtures your confidence in our project and we are looking forward to receiving your vote!

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ROI Calculation

(cc Trent McConaghy on https://github.com/oceanprotocol/oceandao/wiki/On-ROI)

Current Utility of Ocean Marketplace (Nov/2020)

  • Total Transactions: 58’500

  • No. of ‘active’ datasets: ~ 10 to 20

  • Consume / Transaction Ratio: 0.12
    (no. of total datasets consume / total transactions)

  • Total Value Locked (Pooled): 1’200’000 $OCEAN

Forecasted Utility of Marketplace (p.m./2021)

  • Total Transactions: 500’000

  • No. of ‘active’ datasets: ~100 to 300

  • Consume / Transaction Ratio: 2%

  • Total Value Locked (Pooled): 12’000’000 $OCEAN+

The alga. :leafy_green: Impact

  1. Onboarding new stakeholders through adding a simple data-market UI

  2. Educating and providing smart staking tools to stakeholders

  3. Making datasets “consumable” through integrating exclusive features for dataset users, showcasing data in a customizable, understandable way.

  4. Providing confidence to data-token stakeholders.

The Numbers


Our proposal assumes that 5% of additional “Total Value Locked” are accredited to the increased stakers’ confidence and adoption encouraged by the alga. application.
12’000’000 (TVL 2021) - 1’200’000 (TVL Nov/2020) * 5% = 540’000 $OCEAN

BANG = 540’000 $OCEAN


The total development spent to finalize all features on the application proposal will be 20’000 $OCEAN at current market prices.


We determine the chance of success to achieve the above figures at 60%, though we will give 100%+ to make it happen!

BANG/BUCK: 540’000 $OCEAN / 20’000 $OCEAN = 27

27 * 60% (CHANCE OF SUCCESS) = 16.2 :bangbang:

Therefore, we assume that our OceanDAO proposal will be a profitable addition to the ecosystem in the long-term. There are many more factors benefitting the eco-system, such as more dataset consumes or inherent network revenue, but we believe that the TVL is the most evident metric.

Many thanks to Bridging.Tech for helping us brainstorm on the most effective calculation!

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Another question from my side - this grant will give 10.000 $OCEAN tokens, so you are planning to apply for another round of grant in February to finish the app?

Hi Robin,

Valid question!

The grant of 10,000 OCEAN will allow us to build the application to a working product within 3.5 months and include the data token index, pricing charts, staking wallet and the link with the user’s Ethereum address.

The second phase of development will require additional funding, whereby we are aiming to integrate existing datasets into the application. Luckily, we’ve received a discretionary grant of 6’000 OCEAN already, so we should be on track to reach the 20K “buck”. Depending on which features we want to develop according to the roadmap of alga., we may apply for the second round too to secure additional funds, all of which will be re-invested.

Thanks !