[Proposal Round14] Ocean Protocol Turkey

Name of Project:

Ocean Protocol Turkey Community

Proposal in one sentence:

Establishing a local sub-entity by hosting Ocean Protocol.

Description of the Project and what problem is it solving?

At Crypto Turkey, we are excited by the prospects of Ocean Protocol and have been working hard to engage and explain its use cases and importance to the Turkish crypto community for a long time. As part of the 11th and 12th Round of OceanDAO, our team received a grant to promote and create awareness around the project.

A key objective for Ocean Protocol is to become an essential component of the growing data economy globally. For the project to be successful, the goals need to be made clear to people from all geographies (including Turkey), including investors, users, and developers.

Turkey is a large country with a population of 83 million and is currently very active in the crypto market. In addition to the general user percentage, it ranks high as a country in both coinmarketcap traffic and the traffic of major crypto exchanges.

To take the project as far as possible, we plan to combine the potential of Ocean Protocol with the potential of the Turkish community. We plan to do this by presenting the details of the ecosystem to a general audience through all kinds of social media platforms, with both original and creative content.

We will demonstrate our progress to the Ocean Protocol community every months, including our targets and next steps.

Grant Deliverables:

• We will translate 10 articles to be published on Ocean Turkey Medium

• We will provide various incentives to enable people to stake Ocean tokens.

• We will create a reward winning Q&A campaign for Ocean Protocol, enabling investors to get to know Ocean better.

• Creative content to explain the usage of Ocean Market, staking and compute-to-data features to users

• Content that emphasizes why you should prefer Ocean Protocol based on the importance of data and the data economy

• Explanation of OceanDAO to the Turkish community and a broad analysis of DAO so far, to establish a system that develops and grows steadily, especially in its subjects.

The below articles are in the process of being translated by profesional translators:











Which category best describes your Project?

Outreach / community / spread awareness

Are you applying for an Earmark?


What’s the final product?

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Using social media tools effectively to promote Ocean Protocol to the wider community and to persuade developers, investors and organizations to get involved in the project. This project, which will continue to exist as long as the community exists, will continue to add value to the Ocean ecosystem with its ever-expanding audience and added value.

**Question on “value add” criteria: which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria? **

Although Turkey ranks one of the first in the world in terms of crypto users activity, the rate of knowledge about good projects is shallow. The biggest reason for this is that the rate of knowing foreign languages in Turkey is meagre, and people have difficulty accessing information about projects. We will enable them to join Ocean as investors and users by explaining how quality projects like Ocean work and how big they are in their language…

Funding Requested


Proposal Wallet Adress


#Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Yes

Round 11 - Requested $3,000 and got funded

What we did in round 11 Link

Round 11 - Requested $500 and got funded

What we did in round 12 Link

#Team Website:

#Twitter Handle : https://twitter.com/TRoceanprotocol

#Project lead Contact Email: kadirh36@gmail.com

#Country of Residence: Japan

## Part 2 - Team

## Core Team:

Kadir Hasanoğlu

Role: Project Manager
e-mail: kadirh36@gmail.com

  • Translator
  • Content Creator
  • 3D Designer

Osman Okan Yontar

Role: Graphic Designer, Content Creator
e-mail: osmanokanyontar@gmail.com

  • Graphic Designer
  • Content Creator at Kripto Türkiye

Hüseyin Çolak

Role: Translator, Transcriber
e-mail: hcolak1996@gmail.com

  • Translator at Kripto Türkiye and Solrazr
  • A lawyer working on Data Regulations

Mert Atıcı

Role: Translator, Transcriber
e-mail: mertatc1903@hotmail.com

  • Translator
  • Three years of experience in the crypto industry
  • Telegram Group Admin at Kripto Türkiye


Bülent Baş

Mehmet Erkoçan

  • Background/Experience:
  • Five years of experience in the crypto industry
  • HTML/CSS coder
  • Java Scripts
  • Solidity

### What is the project roadmap?

We aim to achieve a 20% growth rate across our Twitter, Youtube and Medium channels for each month in the next months. For Telegram, our monthly growth target is 15%. We aim to be a constantly growing project that adds value to the ecosystem. In addition to all social media activities, contacting other OceanDAO teams is among our goals for the this year. We want projects working for the Ocean ecosystem to combine to create the greatest value. In particular, we want to translate Ocean Academy, which is a great project, into Turkish and bring it to the community. We have also requested help from key influencers in the Turkish Crypto community to prepare content to be featured across our social media accounts throughout the year. Finally, as a key objective, we want to introduce OceanDAO and ensure that users across Turkey enter the Ocean ecosystem and become an integral part of OceanDAO with their original ideas as developers and investors.

Our aim is for users to add value to the system by being active followers of the system and not sorely through monetary means. We do not doubt that we will achieve this goal with a stable growing structure. More concrete details on all the issues above will be provided in the upcoming proposals.

What is the team’s future plans and intentions?

•-First of all, we focus on sustainable growth. We will achieve this with original articles and creative content.

• People are not just an investor in Ocean Protocol. As Ocean data market users, we want to enable them to participate and buy and sell data in English and their native language.

• We want to translate qualified projects that received grants from Ocean Dao into Turkish.

• We will try to get more participants to participate in the OceanDao grant program to develop their projects and benefit the Ocean ecosystem.

Why vote for us?

Turkey is one of the important parts of this ecosystem, both with its population and its participant population in the crypto universe. Ocean Protocol is a unique platform for the data of individuals and institutions in Turkey. We are committed to making Ocean known and popularized in Turkey, and you can see our passion for what the ecosystem promises in our content. We want to spread this passion as wide as possible, and we think that we will be able to achieve this with our dedicated work ethic and our ever growing ambitions and goals.

Hi @cryptoturkey, thank you for submitting your porposal! I have registered it for Round 14, and it has been Accepted.

All the best!


Hello @cryptoturkey

Welcome to the Ocean DAO community. We commend your returning approach to the DAO voting rounds. We wish you the best in the community voting process & to guide your team on some general pointers on how you can take this forward, I’ve posted a reference article on how a community project can be driven.


If you have any specific feedback, feel free to drop a feedback on the Project Guiding Discord channel.


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