[Proposal] OCEAN dashboard

Project Overview

Name of project: Ocean Dashboard

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x97072299584503B7F9ae9A48CbcD30C0Ae2274A2

One sentence explanation: Dapp to track all OCEAN token movements (daily, weekly, monthly) in various wallets (Binance, Bancor, Uniswap, Sushiswap, OPF wallet)

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[x] Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Project Overview

We saw this RFP thread, while looking for ideas to contribute and build something for Ocean community and found this idea there. With this project we aim to provide a monitoring platform to Ocean community (and team) to keep watch and track OCEAN balances in all major wallets (whale wallets) holding OCEAN. Such a dashboard dapp will help community to keep track of movements of OCEAN token for a given timeframe.

Problem solved

There are about 419,026,836 OCEAN tokens that are circulating in the market (source - coingecko). Currently its difficult to keep track of major movements of this supply. Such an insight would not only help Ocean community with their OCEAN token allocation but also probably help core team to keep an eye on token flow. This dapp could answer some questions like - How much Ocean tokens were locked by enabling liquidity mining program on Balancer (for e.g.) and How does it affect supply? Such questions can be answered and tracked for different time frames (daily, weekly, monthly)

ROI calculation

The value proposition of this dapp is to provide an insight to everyone on past and current movements of OCEAN token so that OCEAN holders can manage and hedge their OCEAN exposure accordingly. Core team can use this insight to calculate ROI for any past initiative (e.g. liquidity mining) and plan future initiatives accordingly. This makes up for a very solid ROI. Unfortunately, its difficult to quantify this. But imagine if the team were to be able to save significant Ocean token by learning that similar initiative in the past didn’t help with intended effects in Ocean supply/demand. This one example could itself justify bang for buck in funding this dapp. There can be other examples of high ROI.

Project Deliverable

Dashboard dapp built using react.js, node.js, web3.js, Binance api, Uniswap smartcontract api, Sushiswap smartcontract api, Etherscan api and Bancor smartcontract api

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Alpha version - April 2021
Beta version - May 2021

Team members

Dhaval Kalavadiya
Full stack developer and Data Scientist
Expert in Node.js, Solidity, React.js

Aakash Doshi
Web designer, UX expert