PGWG Rewards | Summon the best Project Guides in DAO Land! | Round 19

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PGWG Rewards

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Build & Integrate

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We are your OceanDAO project guides :woman_superhero::superhero::man_superhero:!

We are here to help:

Every applicant, with every proposal and every project.

Although every proposal is reviewed, we, as a core team, wanted to ensure an additional social layer, both for the quality of proposals but also for our applying humans to feel welcome in OceanDAO and have “a human to talk to”, which is important, also and especially in #Web3.

Hence, the PGWG was organized to find a great bunch of data economy savvy guides to help onboard new projects inside OceanDAO, in addition to engaging with existing projects in the ecosystem so we can maintain a human relationship with every participant (and ensure a certain level of proposal quality, compare: project description).

To ensure a certain level of compensation for the time and energy that our guides spend doing this, we apply for another micro-treasury budget, that will be fairly distribute each month through a Coordinape circle amongst the group.

We are composed of core contributors, WG members, the Ambassadors, Core-Tech, and DAO Eng groups, and have helped review dozens of proposals just like this one, to engage with the DAO, attend Town Halls, understand Data Unions, and connect with the rest of the ecosystem!

We are not gatekeepers.

We do not downvote our projects.

We provide feedback and support wherever needed.

Grant Deliverables

  • 5 Coordinape Epochs budgets with max value of $1000/round.
  • 5 PGWG Guides operating at our white-belt ranking.
  • Proposal review template improvements to make voting easier.
  • Defined activities for Yellow Belts, to help deliver more advanced outcomes like re-engaging with previous projects who might have churned.

Project Description

The main goal of the Project Guiding Working group is to warmly welcome and guide new and returning OceanDAO grant applicants in their journey through OceanDAO.

We aim to add value by understanding projects, discussing deliverables, assessing them, helping and finding ways to leverage the network with candid feedback.

By asking questions in Ocean Port/Discourse upfront for example, to eventually clarify on certain elements of the proposal, we aim to improve every application (if we feel it adds value), just like improving all of our voting experience by asking the right questions so that you don’t have to - when voting.

We believe a decentralized social layer, or a great team of human guides, reviewing and guiding projects, will lead to greater success in the Ocean Ecosystem.

The PGWG is here to help promote a “feeling of safety” for participants.

Final Product

A SubDAO responsible for following a set of processes and workflows to provide support for new projects and help them succeed in receiving a grant.

You can find the PGWG User Guide here. It provides a high-level overview of our activities in a waterfall-like structure.

You can also find our roadmap at the very end of the User Guide.

We have also published youtube videos to help you familiarize yourself with the Journey.

  1. Introduction
  2. Journeys

For a bite-sized introduction to every topic, please use Prakash’s videos for an overview.

Continued R&D on DAO Tooling, WGs, Funding & Operational Tooling.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean - The PGWG helps onboard participants into the grants program and the overall Ocean Ecosystem. By facilitating the navigation of WGs, introducing to other projects, and concepts like Data Unions, we hope to improve usage beyond the token.

Viability - The PGWG has proven itself to be a scalable approach to steward participants into the grants program, introduce them to the Ocean Ecosystem, and help them navigate the ongoing evolution inside OceanDAO.

Community Active-Ness - The PGWG is composed for very active community participants who consist of core OPF contributors, in addition to Ocean Ambassadors, and a variety of active projects. We also position ourselves right besides the Grants program and facilitating the social UX for these participants that are joining us through a very special funnel (new ecosystem contributors).

Community Value - Besides helping new participants onboard into the grants program and OceanDAO, we also facilitate the voting process by reviewing proposal quality, increasing community engagement, and providing easy-to-read reviews.

Core Team

Dr. Prakash

Role: Founder of Ocean India Community, Ocean Protocol Ambassador

Scott Milat

Role: Founder of Ocean Missions

Wally of Ocean

Role: Product & Communications at Ocean Protocol

Christian Casazza

Role: Co-Founder of Athena Protocol

Sam Henderson

Role: Co-Founder of The Data Shift


Role: Ocean Protocol Ambassador, e.a.



Role: Developer @ Ocean

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

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We are huge fans of this project and the team behind it. Just make sure the teams continue to Check yo self before a proposal is submitted.

You have our support!


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