Ocean Dashboard - Historical Liquidity tracking

Project Overview

Name of project: Ocean Dashboard - Historical Liquidity tracking

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x97072299584503B7F9ae9A48CbcD30C0Ae2274A2

Project Website - https://oceandashboard.com (Launching soon)

Official account - https://twitter.com/DashboardOcean

One sentence explanation: We would like to extend the current functionality of Ocean Dashboard with more detailed picture by adding historic tracking of liquidity in visual form (Charts) for each of the listed exchanges.

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[x] Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Problem solved

Our current dashboard is a single-page dapp (as shown in the attached screenshot) that provides important metrics and overview of $OCEAN liquidity across various exchanges in 3 different time frames - 1hour, 1 day and 1 week. What we have found out after talking to few community members and traders that such information though being good enough to track the current trend of OCEAN token, is not necessary enough to convince medium term investors to take any investment decisions based on the insights provided by these metrics.

This motivated us to extend our current offering by planning to provide historical tracking of liquidity for each of the supported exchange wallets. So now, our dapp will not only be a single page dapp but will have multiple pages for various exchanges providing more finer view into the past for $OCEAN liquidity. Hopefully, such details will provide better insights to investors as well as traders.

Project Deliverable

Dashboard dapp (https://oceandashboard.com) functionality will be extended to add more focused detailed view for each exchange to track historical liquidity details.

Team members

Dhaval Kalavadiya
Full stack developer and Data Scientist
Expert in Node.js, Solidity, React.js

Aakash Doshi
Web designer, UX expert

@dhaval1414 Have you considered using Dune Analytics to build an OCEAN dashboard? I’ve never tried it myself, but it looks like it might help you iterate faster because it takes care of the UI and allows you to focus on query logic.


@dhaval1414 I really wanted to provide the same guidance as @DMats.

Dune Analytics is a fantastic tool to develop insights and Ocean currently has no presence on there.

More importantly, there are a lot of insights and core dashboards that would be good to “Proof of Concept” and get some initial feedback before spending too much time/resources on something more complex.

We’re also building some simple statistics/dashboards, and would like something more in-depth.

If you were to build something in Dune Analytics first, then it’s possible that we might want to collaborate with you, and link to this work if we can get good insights visualized.

Thank you!

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