Multilingual version of Ocean Marketplace

Name of Project: Create a Multilingual version of the Ocean Marketplace for other teams to use as a template and support the growth of the ecosystem.

Proposal in one sentence: To create a multilingual Ocean Marketplace/Developer un marché virtuel multilingue pour Ocean Protocol

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:
Only 5% of the world speak English natively and we would like to help other development/project teams offer the Marketplace in more than one language. By allowing the marketplace to have multiple languages we can make it more accessible to non-native English speakers. Since there has been already 1 approved DAO in round 9 to translate reference materials/articles to Greek (“Create an Ocean Protocol Newsletter/Blog for the Greek Community”) and there is another DAO in round 10 (“Nigeria Community Building”) to translate the reference materials/articles in 3 native languages (Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa). While these previous DAOs (round 9 & round 10) are great initiatives, what is missing is the fact that the main marketplace is still in one language and non-native English speakers will still have problems using the marketplace if they can’t speak/understand English. In addition, to these recent DAOs, Ocean has the following unofficial, international-language Telegram communities:
:netherlands: Ocean Protocol Dutch:
:ru: Ocean Protocol Russian:
:ru: Ocean Protocol Russian:
:es: Ocean Protocol Spanish:
:fr: Ocean Protocol French:
:cn: Ocean Protocol Mandarin:
:vietnam: Ocean Protocol Vietnamese:
:jp: Ocean Protocol Japanese:
:pakistan: Ocean Protocol Urdu:
:indonesia: Ocean Protocol Indonesian:
:de: Ocean Protocol Germany:
:iran: Ocean Protocol Persia:
:it: Ocean Protocol Italy:
:tr: Ocean Protocol Turkey: @OceanProtocolTR
:india: Ocean Protocol India: @Ocean_unofficial_In

and providing the Ocean Marketplace other languages that can compliment these communities. Given that there are about 16,000 telegram users combined in these telegram channels it is important to provide the Data Marketplace in more than one language.

All of the code will be open-source free to use for other community builders. Implementing this multilingual approach would require just a JSON-based file to be changed and it would be very easy for a non-technical individual to implement a language of their choice.

Grant Deliverables
Grant Deliverable 1: A PR for the market adding new multilingual functionality and add the multilingual functionality (via a drop-down menu) to the current UI. We will provide a JSON-based translation function for every single English word found in the current Ocean Marketplace (V3).
Grant Deliverable 2: Provide end-user documentation
Grant Deliverable 3: We will include a French (Canadian) JSON configuration file for the marketplace as a sample so that the community can learn from how we’ve implemented our multilingual approach using the French language. We are using French because it is an official language in Canada.

Which category best describes your project?
Build / improve core Ocean software

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?
Other. Explain…
Increased accessibility, by providing a multilingual approach will increase the adoption to the Ocean marketplace. In addition, since we are providing an open source module, we can allow non-developers to easily add another language easily and extend adoption and exposure to the Data Marketplace not just translate reference materials.

What is the final product?:
An open-source module where other teams can use and add other languages. We will provide all documentation to a public GitHub repo and also be available for support via email.

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem?

Open up the market to 20X the users since only 5% of the world speak English natively. This website ( has statistics of how widely spoken English is in various regions and countries and even in Western European countries (France, Italy, and Spain) English is only spoken fluently in only 35-40% of the population (source -

ROI Calculation

For our ROI calculations, we looked at the number of users in the telegram channels. Assuming that the vast majority of data set / algorithm publishers are members of a English speaking telegram channel.

5922 :uk::canada::us:
12015 :uk::canada::us:
1018 :uk::canada::us:

18995 English telegram users

1079 :cn: Ocean Protocol Mandarin:
454 :es: Ocean Protocol Spanish:
700 :iran: Ocean Protocol Persia:
393 :netherlands: Ocean Protocol Dutch:
202 :fr: Ocean Protocol French:
196 :de: Ocean Protocol Germany:
97 :ru: Ocean Protocol Russian:
52 :vietnam: Ocean Protocol Vietnamese:
38 :jp: Ocean Protocol Japanese:
25 :pakistan: Ocean Protocol Urdu:
20 :india: Ocean Protocol India:
10 :indonesia: Ocean Protocol Indonesian:
9 :it: Ocean Protocol Italy:

3275 Non-English telegram users

From the bottom of the Ocean Market, we can see Total Value Locked (TVL) by English speaking users:
TVL = 3767515 USD

The current English market is one year old. After a year, non-English TVL would be:
3275/18995 * TVL = 650942 USD

expected ROI = bang / buck * (% chance of success)
= 650942 USD / 20000 USD * 0.95
= 31

Funding Requested: 20,000 USD

Proposal Wallet Address: 0xF49A4ba03f69eEf2366303e64Fc7b3a33d3f0043

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant?
Y - Ocean DAO 7 - Local Network Egress Traffic Improvements to the Kubernetes configuration for Compute-to-Data

Team Website:

Twitter Handle: @mpowered

Project lead Contact Email:

Country of Residence: Canada

Part 2 - Team
IMPORTANT: See Criterion (4). One Project/One proposal on communicating “Core Team” versus “Advisor”. You may be ineligible if not correctly updated.

Core Team
For each team member, give their name, role and background such as the following.

We are the team behind Transport Genie, an award winning IoT company that has created bespoke sensors from scratch that monitors local environmental conditions as livestock are in transit. We have pivoted to mPowered because we have seen the vast potential of Ocean Protocol and what they have been building.

Joel Sotomayor: Co-Founder of mPowered
A serial entrepreneur who has already exited 2 companies, owns multiple patents (in 10 countries), 2 trade-marks, and multiple innovation awards in Canada and Australia. When he isn’t writing code, he is often hanging out with his Uber smart GF or talking to Corrie. Like most developers, he likes predictable results, loves to study pattern-behaviours relationships, has lots of quirks and quarks, and enjoys music but has 2 left feet when he dances.

Corre Sloot: Co-Founder of mPowered
Senior Full-Stack developer and has been involved with Blockchain since 2009 (he was a Satoshi-Era miner). He has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Computer Science and Joel thinks he is one of the smartest guys that he has ever met. He also loves cURL

William Li: Junior Software Engineer (University of Waterloo Co-Op Student)
William is a 2nd year computer science student who has a full scholarship (University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship of Distinction). Besides being a junior programmer, he has represented Canada at various Global Chess competitions and won the 2019 Canadian National Champion at Canadian Chess Challenge and has been awarded the title of National Master by the Chess Federation of Canada. He is available for a chess match if you are interested!

Noah Redler: Has been recently hired to be the President of mPowered. Noah brings a wealth of knowledge in Investor relations and helping start-ups grow and scale. We are thrilled to have him onboard to guide us and provide us with his invaluable experience and leverage his business acumen to help us hyper-accelerate. He is also bilingual and will manage our Montreal Office.

The mPowered team have recently filed a US patent-pending application to improve IoT security that is resistant to Quantum Computing and which will revolutionize the IoT security industry. They are also creating a hardware based TRNG that will be offered to the crypto industry and act as an TRNG Oracle

Part 3 - Proposal Details
Project Deliverables

Grant Deliverable 1: A PR for the market adding new multilingual functionality and add the multilingual functionality (via a drop-down menu) to the current UI. We will provide a JSON-based translation function for every single English word found in the current Ocean Marketplace (V3).
Grant Deliverable 2: Provide end-user documentation
Grant Deliverable 3: We will include a French (Canadian) JSON configuration file for the marketplace as a sample so that the community can learn from how we’ve implemented our multilingual approach using the French language. We are using French because it is an official language in Canada.

If we are approved we will start working on this on Oct. 13, 2021 and we will finish no later than Dec. 3, 2021

Is your software open-source?
Yes, project can be found at:

This is project falls under the build / improve Ocean core software and we commit to working with Ocean core developers to merging the PR

Please include the team’s future plans and intentions.
Build, grow, create awareness and repeat

Any maintenance?
Yes, we will review when required

Foreseen or possible additions?
Depending on the responses that we get from the community, but we are open for any other discussions.

Please reach out to us at if you have any other questions.


Does you plan prioritise languages with access to data?


Firstly, thanks for the message!

great question, right now we are going to translate it in French because French is an official language in Canada and our headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec (where the majority of people speak French). We will also provide all of the documentation to build a marketplace and provide a JSON file which can be used for translation. Our proposal is designed for any language. All of you have to do is change a JSON file and the entire Data Marketplace (v3) will be translated to the language of your choice. In our JSON file, every single word in the Data Marketplace can be replaced with a translated text and then the Ocean Marketplace can be in any language. However, we do not provide translation services. We just provide the tools to do so. That community member can either do a PR and add it to the main Ocean Data Marketplace or they can create their own marketplace and but offer it in another language.

We would like other communities to use this as a template and we have reached out to the Greek (round 9), Nigerian and Japan (round 10) DAOs. All of our work, just like our 1st DAO in round 7, has been open-sourced and free for anyone to use, with our hope that it helps expand the Ocean ecosystem.

The reason we applied for this DAO is because when the Greek DAO was approved, while it is a great project, it doesn’t add much value to using the Data Marketplace if they don’t understand English. So while it is important to provide translations of references and videos, you still need to understand English to use the Data Marketplace. And since that DAO created a precedent, the Nigerian and Japan focused community DAOs have been proposed and again we believe that you need more than just translated reference materials to grow the community, albeit that is a great start but ultimately we need more users and activity in the Data Marketplace.

Hope this helps.


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Always a pleasure to work with the team from mPowered - reliable, competent, and thorough.

This is an interesting proposal by the team, bringing the marketplace to folks who aren’t native English speakers is definitely a game changer, I like it. :+1:


Thank you for the email and support. Not sure if you can speak another language but if you can would like to grow the Ocean Ecosystem, you can reach out to us later and we can help out. If we get approved, we will be done in 7 weeks and you can either read our documentation and replace just the translated text in a simple JSON file or you can reach out to us and we can help. All of the code that we publish is open-source and free to use.

Ultimately, we just want to help grow the ecosystem and provide “tooling”. We have also reached out to others proposals in various DAO rounds (round 9 & 10) and try and help as many as we can.

If we get approved, we will reach out to you and see if you are interested in creating your own marketplace. We want to help hyper accelerate the Ocean Marketplace and show people the power of Web 3.



You can count on my support, this will add to UI/UX and this is important. Thanks mPowered! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kai!

It is also important to note that the importance of providing Privacy Policies and Terms of Use in multiple languages, i believe that this is a GDPR requirement so it would be prudent for the website content to be also available in other languages.

In Canada, we have to do this and we think creating this framework will be beneficial for other teams to use. I think this is especially important, in the EU, where there many other languages spoken. As a matter of fact, I believe that Ireland is the last English native speaking country of the EU so providing the Data Marketplace in multiple languages may become a requirement!


I like the aims of this proposal.

The team has received previous funding around code for Ocean Market, and have stated it to be “complete” (link).

To be truly useful to the ecosystem, this code needs to get merged into the core codebase. Otherwise it gathers dust in a corner. However the team did not even do a PR or attempt to iterate with the OPF core team to get it merged. I asked for this on Aug 17 (link), and there has been no response. It’s been 6 weeks. This work is now gathering dust. E.g. the video, linked from the README, has 1 view.

I cannot support new proposals by teams that don’t take efforts / follow through to make its work truly useful.

I am happy to support this multilingual proposal in future rounds if the team follows through on its past work.

[UPDATE: the team did indeed do the PR, but hadn’t yet reported it. See the next three posts in this thread. --Trent 20201010]

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Hi Trent,

I will follow up on this and get back to you. I thought this was already done by one of my team members.


Hi Trent,

Just did a deep dive on this with my team and I think there may have been a misunderstanding.

On August 17, 2021 you asked us to do a PR:

We then did the pull request on August 23, 2021, and it was merged on September 1, 2021:

and the documentation that we created is now live in the docs:

Let me know if there is anything else that we are are missing.



Hi Joel,

Thanks for the response. It’s great to know that you did indeed do a PR and merge it. I was not aware of this: in the grant post/thread, since from my request to do the PR, you had not replied to me or reported the PR done. Others would have found the same difficulty in identifying if the work was done. But, all cleared up now, thank you!

It would be very useful if you went back to the original forum post and do reply to my request, pointing to the completed work. It will help everyone see what was done.

Doing multilingual is a lot of effort to do well, and to maintain continually.

Doing it now would get in the way of Ocean v4 efforts, or, made largely obsolete with the release of v4 because the frontend will change a lot.

It makes more sense to focus on traction on the current cohort of 1B English speakers + others who use Google translate.

Then revisit this after v4 and more traction (eg from Data Farming).


I’ve updated the Round 7 Proposal and marked it as completed.

That was our first DAO proposal and my team usually only give updates to me and I’ve told them to give updates to the DAO forum as well once they complete the work. We now have a better process in place so this won’t happen again.


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OK, thanks for the information, we will revisit this after the launch of V4.

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