Integration of OpenMined and Zero-Knowledge Proofs into Ocean Protocol

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    Integration of OpenMined and Zero-Knowledge Proofs into Ocean Protocol

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    Integration to Ocean Protocol

Executive Summary

OpenMined is an open-source community focused on building technology to facilitate the decentralized ownership of data and intelligence by providing a peer-to-peer network which allows anyone to train their AI models on user data, without the actual owner of data losing control over it.

It aims to provide data sets which are very similar to those owned by big companies and to compensate the actual owners of data. This may help reduce the monopoly of large companies like Google by reducing the barrier of entry for newer players who want access to large data sets and allows the financial gains to be equally distributed.

ZKPs (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) is also one of the most well-known privacy-preserving approaches. Zoracles has already leveraged ZKPs for confidential oracle data delivery and looks forward to leveraging OpenMined and its own technology to further enhance privacy guarantees to the Ocean Ecosystem.

What problem is the product solving?

It’s combining OpenMined and Zk-Snarks to build a complete privacy solution for Ocean Protocol by combining both technologies. Zoracles already has a proven methodology and great technical team in place to implement ZKPs for Ocean Protocol and look forward to expanding our capabilities in a collaboration.


Currently, Monero is circulating with $4.4B market cap and Ocean’s market cap is $950M.
We believe with proper data privacy we can achieve 70% of Monero’s market cap.
Thus, Ocean’s market cap will be around $3B in the future.

The Team


  • CEO & Founder of Zoracles
  • Github:
  • Website: Zoracles
  • Founding Team at Zoracles
  • Technical Lead at Zoracles
  • Prior work experience: Information retrieval at Big Tech


Zoracles-Ocean.pdf (1.9 MB)

Sections in your whitepaper seem to be a 100% copy paste from “LEE, Seunghwa, et al. vCNN: Verifiable Convolutional Neural Network. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. , 2020, 2020. Jg., S. 584.” and I wasn’t able to find any references in the whitepaper pdf that you uploaded. Here a copy of what I downloaded for posterity:

Zoracles-Ocean.pdf (1.9 MB)

Are you the authors of the above-quoted paper? Or why no references? Am I missing something?


I am the author of VCNN “LEE, Seunghwa, et al. vCNN: Verifiable Convolutional Neural Network. IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. , 2020, 2020. Jg., S. 584. ". I checked the Section 2. is exactly same with our paper without any reference. I am informing you that our paper is forbidden to use for commercial purposes without our consent.


Thanks for making the community directly aware of this and speaking out here!

Thank you Tim for keeping an eye out for this!

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Updating the Whitepaper to reference the correct sources is very important.

The code that will be created here is going to be Open Source as required by the OceanDAO rules here:

and the Ocean mission statement here:

So claiming that this is for commercial use is a bit far fetched from my point of view. If they do not open source their code under a permissive license then this would be justified.

But the reference has to be given.

You can have open source code that is used commercially. Whether a code is open source or not has nothing to with the fact that it may be used commercially or not.

Additionally, in your provided links @Robin, I can’t find the criterion that states that an OceanDAO grant receiver project must open source its code (I also remember reading it once). It doesn’t seem to be a criteria anymore.

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Hi, everyone.
Thanks for taking a look.
We are working on the updating whitepaper, right now.


Unfortunately, as the proposal deadline approaches, we are unable to verify the legitimacy of the author and the proposal is without proper open source citations. Therefore, this proposal will NOT be induced in OceanDAO Round Four.

@chaindev is welcome to make updates to their proposal for future OceanDAO Rounds (eg Round Five) if they can address the above concerns.

Thank you to the community for added integrity to OceanDAO.