DataX | (DataX) AnyStake Smart Contracts Audit | Round 19

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After receiving grant in Round 15 (we withdrew our grant in R16),

  • AnyStake feature (Stake in DataPools with any token) is ready to roll out (launch announcement soon)
  • AnyTrade feature (Trade any token to Datatoken) is also developed but being tested intensively.
  • datax.js is now integrated with Multitoken Bridge (AnyStake) features. Latest updates can be found here.
  • Datapolis dapp has new features in alpha testing (launching soon in Beta). Updated test UI can be accessed here 1.

Multinetwork Multitoken Bridge for Trade/Stake has been developed and been tested extensively. We are now feeling confident after rigorously testing AnyStake (Staking feature of Multitoken Bridge) feature. And now feel to officially conduct external Smart Contract audits with reputable external audit firm.

This proposal is about getting smart contracts related to AnyStake feature audited externally. Following are the contracts that needs to got through this audit -







Grant Deliverables

We will use this grant to audit following contracts -







Project Description

DataX is building DeFi infrastructure on datasets coined as #DataFi to make them liquid assets and a dominant asset class.

Final Product

There are many components of DataX.

Currently, there are 2 main parts -

  1. DataX Protocol - A set of money lego smart contracts that provides financial utilities around Datatokens and DataNFTs. And set of libraries built on top of these money legos contracts for other dapps to build with.

  2. Datapolis City - Datapolis is a dapp built on DataX Protocol and implements all features provided by DataX.

Datapolis is a futuristic virtual city state that treats data as a reserve asset and implements the concept of Data Nation. Datapolis is a city where prime economic activities are based around datasets carried out in Data Districts. Visitors (read: users) can visit these districts to participate in those activities

Value Add Criteria

DataX aims to help to drive following metrics -

  1. Increase no. of daily active users on Ocean Protocol (via clear docs for TradeX)
  2. Increase TVL (via intuitive staking using StakeX)
  3. Vastly improve user experience for buying, selling, stacking and trading datasets (TradeX)
  4. Increase daily trading volume (TradeX)
  5. Generate revenue for Ocean community (by % cut that Ocean Protocol charges for consumes)

Core Team

  1. Manan Patel, CoFounder + Project Lead at DataX Protocol
  1. Keith Frazier, Lead Developer at DataX Protocol
  1. Alexey Orlov, Blockchain Lead at DataX Protocol
  1. Akanksha Trambadia, CoFounder + Project Manager at DataX Protocol

  2. Abhijeet Singh, Marketing & Community at DataX Protocol

  3. Rishabh Shukla, Backend Developer at DataX Protocol

  1. Druv Mlik, Senior Smart Contract Developer at DataX Protocol

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

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Thank you @dataX for submitting your proposal!

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big fans of this project and its core lead, you have our continued support!