- OceanDAO round 10

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project:


Proposal in one sentence:

We empower internet users to monetize their own data and provide data scientists with access to non-identifiable users’ data using an AI Feature Store at an affordable price.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

In the data-driven businesses, we see two types of pain points, those which affect data producers and those which affect data consumers.

Every day, internet firms harvest and monetize their users’ data. There is however no compensation for their digital labours. Since 2018, the general data protection regulation (GDPR) gives users (data producers) the right to access their personal data on each internet platform they use. Nethertheless, internet users (data producers) are often not aware how to take advantage of GDPR’s power, accessing and monetizing their data.

Meanwhile, to acquire and retain customers, as well as to grow their business, companies need to harness insights into their customers’ data. Data scientists (data consumers) are crucial in finding reliable data and building robust AI models to capture actionable insights. However, limited access to high-quality data often constrains model performance and data insights to meet business needs.

Our Datalatte DApp aims to relieve these two types of pain points. On one hand, Datalatte can enable internet users (data producers) to access and gather their data within a few clicks. On the other hand, Datalatte provides privacy-maintaining data features for data scientists (data consumers) to consume and build AI models. At the heart of our platform are the four core pillars: trust, intelligence, community support and usability…

Grant Deliverables:

Grant Deliverable 1:

  • NFT marketplace frontend
  • NFT generator backend

Grant Deliverable 2:

  • MVP architecture backend implementation

Grant Deliverable 3:

  • Development and conduction of unmoderated online surveys for a better understanding of product requirements and customer segments
  • Creation of educational content on our web3 series, short stories for non web3 natives and communicating the content through multi-channels (Medium, Twitter).

Which category best describes your project? Pick one.

Unleash data

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project? Pick one.

Data Consume Volume

What is the final product?

Figure 1. Illustration of Datalatte DApp platform.

The Datalatte is a DApp platform with two main stakeholders (Data Producers and Data Consumers), four core Datalatte functionalities (Audit Store, AI Feature Store, Data Advisor and Datalatte Catalog) and a Data Marketplace powered by Ocean Protocol.

Data Producers (Internet Users):
We provide a permission-less DApp for any internet user with full control over their data and funds. Users can first decide whether they would like to sell de-identified raw-data or data features (data grounded by Datalatte’s AI Feature Store). Based on users’ decisions, the Datalatte Audit Store will audit the data and estimate the data value based on data quality factors (including size, types, completeness, reliability, timeliness). The users can choose to get advice from the Data Advisor (an AI agent for maximizing data value) in increasing data value or proceed to Datalatte Marketplace to sell data.

Data Consumers (Data Scientist):
For data scientists, we provide a platform which enables access to de-identified raw-data or engineered data features (stored in Datalatte’s AI Feature Store), which are ready to be used as part of machine learning pipelines. By searching a Datalatte Catalog (a NoSQL database), a data scientist can select the data item (raw-data, engineered data features or feature engineering pipelines) and pay for the item at a reasonable price in the Datalatte Marketplace.

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem?

Metric: “$ Data Token Consuming Volume”.
Initial target audience to appeal: Netflix young users (As of 2021, 45% of Netflix users are within our target age of younger than 35 years old, giving approx 95 million users).
Moreover, there are more than 5 million monthly active users on Metamask, as potential early adopters of using web3 DApps. By bringing 0.1% of those users (5000 users) to upload their viewing history at a valuation of 0.1$ for each user’s data (affordable to a data scientist to consume), we bring 500$ of data to the data marketplace. Kaggle has 5 million registered users which appeal to a rich dataset pipeline. By bringing only 0.0008% of data scientists at Kaggle, a total transaction volume of 20K$ (buck) is generated, to provide a ROI of at least 1.
To be fair in our ROI calculation, given that our proposal in round 9 got funded, we have to bring 0.0016% of the data scientists at Kaggle to bring the total ROI for round 9 and round 10 to at least 1. We believe once our MVP is ready to launch and with careful understanding of our users with surveys and interviews, this target is achievable in Q4 2021.

Funding Requested: (Amount of USD your team is requesting - Round 10 Max @ $20,000)


Proposal Wallet Address: (must have minimum 500 OCEAN in wallet to be eligible. This wallet is where you will receive the grant amount if selected).


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Yes

Team Website (if applicable):

Twitter Handle (if applicable): datalatteAI

Discord Handle (if applicable):

Project lead Contact Email:

Country of Residence: Germany

Part 2 - Team

Core Team:

Hossein Ghafarian Mabhout (Amir), PhD

Kai Schmid, MSc

  • Role: Co-founder, CMO
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • 2 years experience as a startup coach
    • Master’s degree in technology and product management
    • Experiences in UX-Design and Online Marketing

Toktam Ghafarian, PhD

Lukas Könen, MD

  • Role: Co-founder
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • 4 years medical doctor at Charite, Berlin in Dep. of Otolaryngology/Head- and Neck surgery
    • 2 years Machine learning in medicine
    • 5 years web3 experience

Extended team and advisors:

Mezli Vega Osorno, PhD

  • Role: Advisor (Visual)
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • 3 years working at Apple as creative in digital arts and user-friendly environment
    • La Maison Blanche #1 Award
    • Freelancer in different art projects

Juanjiangmeng Du, PhD

Karolina Baltulyte, MA

  • Role: Team (Content)
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • 3 years experience as social media strategist at Little Sun NGO
    • 6 years editing and film making experience as freelancer

Part 3 - Proposal Details (*Recommended)

Project Deliverables - Category

We summarize the details of our deliverables under Communication and Technical categories.


Bringing web3 technology into people’s everyday life is the vision for anyone in the web3 ecosystem. With the attraction that cryptocurrencies created in media, more and more people who were not necessarily familiar with web3 capabilities, are becoming aware of this new phenomena. However, since the first attraction created by cryptocurrencies was through creating wealth and value for web3 users, the general public who did not benefit equally in asset value appreciation, are skeptical of such technology. After conducting user interviews and bringing the idea behind web3 to more people, we realized that one of main challenges is to win the general public’s trust and understand users’ concern on data monetization .

Therefore, we decided to first develop and conduct unmoderated online surveys for a better understanding of product requirements and customer segments. These surveys will be rewarded with gift cards since non-native web3 users are not yet comfortable having their crypto custodian. In the meantime, Using our Medium channel, we continue to create content around new concepts born in web3 and in a simple and interactive way for people to read.

To make our content more visual and fun, we are working with a skilled Graphical Designer in Berlin, who is actively working on converting large blocks of content into engaging graphics. An additional part of the design is a company logo and an overarching design architecture that enables us to present a uniform design as an identifier for our brand across different platforms and attract more users.


NFT Marketplace

To better attract and connect with our early users, we adjusted our development strategy and are developing a data-driven NFT marketplace for our early users.

The back-end of our NFT marketplace architecture will be on Ocean-V4 update with the introduction of ERC-721. We aim to develop an MVP using Opensea for our test run.

MVP Architecture

Figure 2. An illustrative architecture to enable data flowing from users (data producers) to data scientists (data consumers)

An overview of the technology stack

  • AWS
    • Athena, DynamoDB, Data Lake
    • EC2, ECS, Lambda
    • SageMaker
    • S3 and HDFS
  • Data Science
    • Python, Pyspark
    • Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Transformers
    • Matplotlib, Dash, Plotly, Keras
    • APIs, Dashboards, Jupyter
  • Web Development
    • Next.js
    • D3.js
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Web3
    • IPFS

If the project includes community engagement:

  • We have 13 engaged members on our discord server. We plan to grow our community within discord and once publishing the landing page, starting our campaign on Twitter and publishing relevant content on our Medium and website’s blog.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

  • Prior work:

Our summarized prior work is in the update posted on our Round 9 proposal:

  • What is the project roadmap?

Q4 2021:

  • Communication
    • Start website and social media campaign
    • Create content (text & graphics) to introduce our vision
    • Attract potential users
    • Release business lightpaper
  • Technical
    • Release a MVP Web application for users to manually upload data to Datalatte
    • Set up an Ocean-Protocol powered data marketplace
    • Collect sample data from potential users
    • NFT market place
    • Develop an Data Audit store PoC on AWS

Q1 2022:

  • Media/Communication
    • Establish partnership with Ocean Protocol and launch Datalatte marketplace
    • Expand social media campaign with AMA’s
    • Release technical whitepaper
  • Technical
    • Release a MVP Web Dashboard for Data scientist to access Datalatte resources
    • Develop a Data Advisor model on AWS
    • Develop an AI Feature Store pipeline PoC on AWS
    • Design a Data Catalog on AWS

Q2 2022:

  • Media/Communication
    • Establish partnerships and collaboration in data alliances and other projects in the ecosystem
  • Technical
    • Design legal APIs to collect users’ accessible but not exposed data with users’ permissions
    • Enable users to select crypto/fiat currency and integration of DEX Swaps Plug-ins for ease of use for user to manage funds
    • Integrate data sources to improve Datalatte AI pipelines

Q3 2022:

  • Media/Communication
    • Grow community through social media campaigns and ambassador program
  • Technical
    • Develop multi-chain wallet-connect
    • Develop toward cloud-agnostic strategy to switch between cloud providers or to split workload between providers
    • Expanding data sources to five ecommerce and social media platforms
    • Release Datalatte mobile application in iOS and android app store
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We are thankful of the trust the community put into our first proposal to be able to deliver and grow! Look forward to your comments or questions for this round of proposal. :pray: :beers:

Hi there,

I’m reviewing various proposal and digging a little bit into their ROI calculations.

I can see that both you and Onshore Ocean, are targeting the Kaggle community to build traction and deliver ROI>1 results.

I can’t help but wonder the overlaps between these initiatives, and am wondering if the teams/efforts are being aligned so that we can apply the best leverage possible while approaching this rich community.

@MuddyDonut, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you on here, and would love to know a bit more if there are opportunities to be leveraged.

All the best in R10!

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Hi Idiom-bytes, its well appreciated that you see this possibilities between all this projects, targeting the same communities. :pray:

I think there are many things we can collaborate with Onshore Ocean as well when trying to understand data consumers. From collaborative and joint effort into bringing targeted ads, interviews and online surveys is sth both, Onshore Ocean and I think many other OceanDAO projects can benefit from.

At the end, for such solutions to become a real world adoption, there must be sb willing to buy that data.

@MuddyDonut I just saw your presentation this time around in the OceanDAO. Great work sofar and look forward to share more toward mutual value creation for both our projects. :beers:

Hey Data-Latte,

We just submitted our vote for this proposal. We believe on-boarding data consumers is an important aspect that you’re trying to solve. Looking forward to seeing your journey!

If you have time, go ahead and review our Proposal on the Port. Let us know whether you have any comments.

Data Whale

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Thanks Data Whale! Appreciate that you see value in our effort for understanding data users! For sure there is a lot to learn for us as well from solutions like yours which try to introduce data as an asset class into the DeFi! In this ecosystem, so many projects try to solve pieces of the puzzle in different directions and by sharing vision, we can create value for not only each other, but also for Ocean protocol!

The team’s previous grant was for shipping a data market. This has not happened. Therefore I cannot support this proposal.


The team received a grant of 22764 OCEAN in round 9. The proposal deliverables were:

  1. “User interviews and design of DApp”
  2. “Development of an AI Feature Store PoC and setting up of a Datalatte marketplace”
  3. “Creation of a real-world use case to underpin the fundamental features of Datalattee and communicating the content through multi-channels (Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn).”

In short: build a data marketplace (1->2), get a use case around it (3).

To build a data marketplace, the most straightforward way is to fork Ocean Market, change the styling and a few more things, and you’re good to go. You can get something basic in <1 day.

The datalatte github repo has a fork of Ocean market but there have been zero changes to it. No data marketplace has been shipped.


Thanks Trent for your straight forward feedback. For sure, it would have take less than a day to do it straight forward. Our technical team tried to do a copy first in Mac instead of cloud service and it took weeks to solve errors and not a stable solution at the end. Their effort was to more get to know the modules rather than shipping it.
However, it was our deliverable and should have ship it out at the end in good shape.

We take it as a constructive feedback and continue to deliver, what was remained from Round 9 and what is for Round 10, independent of the outcome of this round voting.

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Please deliver on your previous promises before coming back for more.

Would be great to me more specific on what previous promises you mean. Only promise which was not met, shipping our Data market place on Github. Our technical member who did that part, tried to develop it on her personal MAC to get to know the modules. However after weeks of error and communication with the Devs at Ocean (54 messages on Ocean discord #dev-support from Toktam Ghafarian#4059) which in-part helped to debug some of library modules for Mac users as well. Finally got persuaded to use the Cloud services. Since she has restriction to AWS (IP US sanction restrictions), we hired a core dev with experience in Blockchain development to take on this task. At the moment of writing, it is being done and will be on our Github together with the future deliverables we promised in Round 10.