Algovera: Integrating Ocean with Data Science Platforms

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project: Algovera

Proposal in one sentence: Continuing integrations of Ocean with data science apps and platforms, funding more data science grants and partnering for our first hackathon

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Currently, there is a lack of data scientists in the Ocean ecosystem and Web3 in general. Algovera is a data science DAO onboarding data scientists to Web3 and training them to use tools such as wallets, the Ocean marketplace, Compute-to-Data (C2D), and more. We run weekly data science hacking sessions, provide DAO infrastructure for collaborating on data science projects, run a grants program for funding data science teams, and create integrations of Ocean with popular data science libraries. This month, we want to further our integrations with HuggingFace, start developing decentralized storage solutions for data scientists, kickstart a hackathon program with projects that need data science in Web3 work, and more.

Grant Deliverables:

  • [ ] Build Web3 wallet app on HuggingFace Spaces and make it easier to use
  • [ ] Create separate marketplace app on HuggingFace Spaces for searching and buying data/algorithm tokens
  • [ ] Fork the Ocean marketplace and add Algovera branding
  • [ ] First results from token engineering simulations for distributing value generated by algorithms
  • [ ] Set up custom compute provider on Ocean
  • [ ] Design hackathon program for partnering with projects that need data science in Web3 work
  • [ ] Produce documentation and roadmap on decentralized storage for AI applications
  • [ ] Advertise another engineering role (e.g. for decentralized storage dev)
  • [ ] Discuss, vote and fund 4 more AI x Web3 projects as a community
  • [ ] Design and publish guidelines for becoming a contributor to Algovera
  • [ ] Set up Algovera newsletter
  • [✓] Set up docusaurus for Algovera Handbook (
  • [ ] Complete Introduction, Vision and Orientation section of the Handbook
  • [ ] Migrate blog posts from Medium
  • [ ] Continue running weekly data science DeFi hacking sessions
  • [ ] Publish algorithm for predicting borrowing cost of popular DeFi protocols on the Ocean marketplace
  • [ ] Complete blog post on generative art hacking series through Gitcoin bounty
  • [ ] Incorporate in Singapore

Which category best describes your project?

Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?

Data Consume Volume

What is the final product?:

More apps on HuggingFace Spaces that use the Ocean marketplace in the backend. We’re also working towards creating a similar data science app marketplace on top of Ocean. Eventually, this will double as a DAO framework for data science teams, allowing teams to perform all of the actions they need to do data science in Web3 (e.g. publish assets through a DAO).

Value Add:

  1. Usage of Ocean

Data scientists are natural data consumers. Creating further integrations with popular data science platforms and making it easier for data scientists to onboard to Web3 will help to increase consume volume of data and algorithm tokens. Funding more data science projects will result in more new projects and assets using Ocean.

Funding Requested: $27k USD

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x81e80B838e04644a93e4F3C701038889d3a1b95e

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Y

Team Website:

Twitter Handle: @richardblythman

Discord Handle: richardblythman |

Project lead Contact Email:

Country of Residence: Ireland

Part 2 - Team

Core Team

All three of us are working full time on this project.

Richard Blythman

Hithesh Shaji

Keaton Kirkpatrick

Part 3 - Proposal Details

Project Deliverables - Category:

IF: Build / improve applications or integration to Ocean, then:

Code will be made available at

If the project includes community engagement:

  • Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks?

We will continue to run weekly data science DeFi hacking sessions. These sessions are recorded, uploaded to our YouTube channel and publicised on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

  • Any prior work completed thus far?

Last round deliverables:

  • [✓] Upload CryptoPunks dataset to HuggingFace
  • [✓] Upload DCGAN generative art algorithm to HuggingFace
  • [✓] Create 1X app with backend that serves recently-published generative art algorithm from the Ocean marketplace (e.g. using Gradio)
  • [✓] Outreach with the HuggingFace community who also use Gradio
  • [✓] Publish blog post on creating web apps with Ocean marketplace in the backend
  • [✓] Run weekly hacking sessions for building a data science app
  • [✓] Continue running weekly data science DeFi hacking sessions
  • [✓] Publish Discourse forum for long form discussions and proposals
  • [✓] Implement SourceCred for tracking objective contributions (on GitHub, Discord and Discourse) to data science projects
  • [✓] Implement Coordinape for tracking subjective contributions to data science projects and use to pay one contributor
  • [✓] Set up Gitcoin bounties (for contributions like blog posts)
  • [✓] Publish community directory of active members
  • [✓] Set up data science grants program for Algovera community
  • [✓] Host at least one vote on grant proposals and fund at least one data science project
  • [✓] Update website and advertise engineering role

HuggingFace Spaces Apps, Model and Dataset: We published two apps on HuggingFace Spaces. The first acts as a simple algorithm wallet where you can enter your private key and an algorithm DID and it displays your public key, and balances of ETH, OCEAN and algorithm tokens. Here is our tweet about it that was retweeted by HuggingFace and commented on by the founder of Gradio. The second app runs a newly-published inference algorithm of a pre-trained generative art model using compute-to-data (our original algorithm was for training). We also published the pre-trained weights as a model on HF hub, although it doesn’t appear to be possible to serve the model from the Ocean marketplace. Finally, we published a CryptoPunks dataset on HF hub that serves the data from the Ocean marketplace.

Discourse, Algovera Grants, Voting: We finalised the first round of Algovera Grants and announced it through a blog post. Our first round will have $5000 of grants on offer for projects that combine AI and Web3. As a test run, we asked our community to vote on whether to provide Algovera’s first Squad (a project DAO) for contributors to the generative art hacking series with $1000 funding to be used for further development. Here is the proposal on our recently-published Discourse. We are voting using POAPs that are being distributing to “Super Early Community” members. These are reserved for members that have (1) joined our Discord Server before July 2022, and (2) have created an entry in our new Community Directory.

Gitcoin bounties: We set up Gitcoin bounties and filled our first bounty for writing a blog post on our generative art hacking series to be delivered near the end of January.

SourceCred, Coordinape: We implemented SourceCred for GitHub, Discord and Discourse, and set up Coordinape to pay another contributor Jakub for his input.

Hacking sessions for ML algorithm development: We continued our hacking session for generative art (including app building) and data science on DeFi data series last week. You can check out the repos here and here. For the latter, we decided to try to build an algorithm for predicting borrowing cost of popular DeFi protocols. You can watch all of the recordings on our YouTube channel here.

Blog posts: We have written a blog post about about using the Ocean marketplace to serve datasets and apps on HuggingFace Spaces. We also wrote a new blog post to announce Algovera Grants. This adds to our collection of older blog posts including Web3 motion analysis algorithms and generative art algorithms on Ocean.

  • What is the project roadmap? That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone.

Jan 1: Open test vote for grants

Jan 4: Close test vote for grants

Jan 11: Finalise hackathon and design

Jan 14: Finalise custom compute provider setup

Jan 15: Finish incorporation in Singapore

Jan 16: Deadline for grant submissions

Jan 18: Finalise documentation and roadmap on decentralized storage for AI applications

Jan 21: Finalise Ocean marketplace fork

Jan 23: Open voting for rest of grants

Jan 26: Close voting for rest of grants

Jan 27: Publish algorithm for predicting borrowing cost of popular DeFi protocols on the Ocean marketplace

Jan 28: Finalise HF Spaces app

Jan 31: Publish blog on generative art hacking series through Gitcoin bounty

Feb 1: Publish blog on becoming a contributor to Algovera.

  • Please include the milestone: publish an article/tutorial explaining your project as part of the grant (eg medium, etc).

We will publish one blog post on the steps towards becoming a contributor to Algovera.

  • Please include the team’s future plans and intentions.
    • Any maintenance?
    • Foreseen or possible additions?

We hope to develop algorithms and apps in different domains including face anonymisation and motion analysis. We also hope to create a data science app marketplace (similar to the popular HuggingFace Spaces on top of Ocean. Eventually, we envision something like scaffold.eth for data science apps.

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Hi @richardblythman ,

Thank you for applying for R13!

Your proposal has been registered into the grant system and everything looks great!

I am a Project-Guiding Evaluator and someone will soon assign themselves to your project, read your proposal, and provide a review to help increase signal to this project if they find it to be constructive and valuable based on the Ocean Ecosystem values.

All the best!

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Algovera Team,

looks great, good luck in this round. You certainly have our support. I enjoy watching your Algovera YouTube Channel and catching up on what you are up to.



Hello @richardblythman,

Please notice that we are updating the funding process for R13 and there are important things for you to know. We will be deploying an update to the Ocean Website, where you will be able to claim your grant on your own time.
Funding the smart contract may take ~2 days after Voting Ends. There will still be a funding deadline of 2 weeks to claim your grant.
You will need a web3 wallet + Airtable to complete the process. Grant requests via will be deprecated.

You can find all instructions here:
You will have until January 10th to update your proposal with all required fields.

Please let us know if you experience any issues or bugs. You can also submit tickets to Github and ping us inside of ocean-dao-engineering for any help. Thank you!

Algovera is very close to my heart and what your team is working on is very important for the Ocean Protocol ecosystem. Keep on building!

You have my support!


Hello @richardblythman,

As part of the Project Guiding - Working Group [PG-WG], We would like to congratulate on your sustained interest in the OceanDAO and for winning the R13 grant.

We also encourage you to be part of our PG-WG Guiding group as an Attendee as well as being part of guiding the newcomers of PG-WG and OceanDAO. Say hello to us at #Project-Guiding and refer to the pinned messages to find more information regarding the WG.