Wat | Benefiting from Ocean support to improve Web3 data management | Round 21

Project Name


Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Proposal Description

Fully bootstrapped, we distributed the Wat API keys to more than 20 projects, from trader.xyz to Reservoir,

We are insanely proud of what we have done so far, without any funding.

Try it by yourself by searching for “Doodles” on Reservoir without Wat, and then Reservoir with Wat.

The result is absolutely fantastic.

Dedicating a large chunk of our most valuable asset --time-- in the last months, we are in an alarming situation where we can’t maintain product development and ensure activity growth without funding.

Servers, operation platforms, and ML training is very expensive.

We believe in a future where we empower the Ocean protocol with our model, and support data builders in their journey.

This is feasible and will require support with this 8,000$ grant.

ALL the funding will be used for model training, API scalability, and hosting expenses. We know we ship an even much better product with this funding, and will be absolutely grateful for the Ocean community support.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Maintain the API during the next 4 months
  2. Offer free API key for all (proved) Ocean community members
  3. Deployment of a complementary other machine learning model

Project Description

  • Wat is a powerful search engine for NFTs

  • We ambition to connect humans to web3

  • We compute thousands of NFT endpoints and make them accessible via natural language

  • We are building an infrastructure powering NFT-related user’s experiences

  • Our API offers the best search engine for NFT developers

Problem: NFT search is a mess

  • 1. Current search solutions are a shame
  • 2. Builders don’t know how to make a good search engine…
  • 3. … and they don’t even have the resources to build one

Solution: Wat API

  • 1. We make search 10x better
  • 2. We do it for them
  • 3. and aggregate data to be the best

Final Product


  • A consumer-facing application to search, discover and get recommendations
  • The app allows you to purchase NFT thanks to partner API. We try to offer the greatest experience from search to buy


  • An API for developers to supercharge their search bar in a minute
  • Can be integrated in 3min into a wallet, marketplace, social app

Value Add Criteria

  • We offer free API keys for Ocean community members
  • We leverage Ocean products and offer feedback to the builders
  • We commit to organizing an AMA and tutorial session to share more about our AI model

Core Team

Andrei Eden


Product @ Leading DeFi protocol

Background in Economics and Finance



PhD in ML

Ex-Google, Apple, and more


Front lead

Front end at Vercel


Back-end Lead

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

Hey everyone, wish the Ocean community is doing good

Thanks for everyone reaching out to share their support in dm :envelope_with_arrow:
It goes a long way for us!

Wat is a 3-months old project carried by AI and Data passionate.
We look forward to building the more outstanding API for all builders to improve how they connect humans to on-chain endpoints.

Please consider giving us your vote.
It goes a long way for us

Andrei – co founder of Wat