VideoWiki | Bringing DATA NFTS as Airdrops through VideoWiki | Round 16

Project Name


Project Description

A streaming/casting system based on Videowiki using OCEAN for ticketing

Final Product

not set

Proposal One Liner

We propose to add DATA NFTs as allowed airdrops on the CAST solution on VideoWiki.

Proposal Description

To integrate and allow DATA NFTs to be dropped to an event (trainings, workshops, sessions and Townhalls) audience during the CAST.

This is a micro project under VideoWiki, which uses a customized Ocean marketplace to provide educators, researchers (content providers).

As a broader project; VideoWiki is an Open Collaboratory Content Editing Platform that enables rapid Creation, Modification, Protection, and Monetization of Immersive Content.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Enable airdrops of DATA NFTs through VideoWiki Cast solution
  2. Conduct one event to verify and validate the project

Value Add Criteria

![](upload://n9BQwQOP6oZUFXc9tJiLxqUWMKd.png)As explained in the data flow diagram above, more streams being added to ramp up the data to marketplace will increase in more data assets on the marketplace. Since our audience and outreach is towards educators and content creators they also bring data buyers to the ecosystem.

Each subsequent stream viz:

1. Content Creation (Editor)

2. Class records (Class Teleconf)

3. Live Casts / Cast Records, with events like private/ticketed (TEDx) and Public (Open streaming as on YouTube)

4. Creative Stock Media


... brings more users to the ecosystem in a web3 application that is well developed and user friendly.


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