Under Water Tribe (UWT) | Under Water Tribe (UWT) | Round 23

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Under Water Tribe (UWT)

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Build & Integrate

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New Entrants

Proposal Description

The World Wide Web would not have been what it is today without the browser, an interface that allowed the everyday user to access it, and see the value offered.

Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey simultaneously launched The AT Protocol and Bluesky. The AT Protocol, much like Ocean Protocol, serves as a foundational layer to own and exchange data upon. Bluesky, commonly referred to as “Decentralised Twitter”, serves as the hook - a social layer that enables everyday users to access and interact with. Much like the Web had the browser, AT Protocol has Bluesky.

This begs the question, what is Ocean’s social layer going to be?

We have formed the Under Water Tribe with a mission to build this missing social layer. We aim to unite the Ocean Builders to design and develop a product that acts as the hook. A product designed for the masses, that fills a niche, and adds value to everyday businesses and consumers.

After weeks of back and forth between the core team, we have a product vision that we believe has the potential to fill this missing gap. Luckily, much of the solution has already been built.

The Ocean Community is rich with projects that offer technical integrations, data science solutions, and back-end connections. Our solution leverages a lot of the existing pre-built technology and aims to use what’s there. Use What’s There (UWT) - that’s how we got our name, the Under Water Tribe (UWT).

The Under Water Tribe aims to act as a collective between existing Ocean Ecosystem members to collectively engage, ideate and design solutions to enhance the adoption of Ocean Protocol. After approaching some of the community members, we have received positive feedback from interested participants eager to get involved.

As mentioned above, the initial product vision has been defined, with a user journey, architecture diagram, value proposition and adoption strategy. We aim to use the funds from this grant to design our system. This proposal will result in a fully working prototype of the initial product.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Functional Discord with active community members.
  2. Documentation of the UWT Vision, product & strategy.
  3. Fully working prototype of the product.

Project Description

  • The World Wide Web was only successful due to the browser - something everyday people could come on to, interact with, and see the value offered.

  • Currently, Ocean Protocol is missing its browser - a social layer that enabled everyday interaction from your average Joe.

  • The Under Water Tribe is a collective of Ocean builders with the goal of building the social interface for Ocean Protocol.

  • Most Ocean projects are working on data science, backend integrations, and other technical developments that only work with one thing: users.

  • We aim to unite the deep divers of the Ocean, leveraging what’s already there, and adding a social interface for the masses.

Final Product

  • A collective of Ocean Builders that meet regularly to ideate, design and develop solutions that help bridge the gap between users & Ocean protocol.

  • A product that acts as Ocean’s social interface.

Value Add Criteria

Value Add

  • Uniting Ocean builders to offer their ideas and solutions to a single solution that can bring users. 

Ocean Ecosystem

  • Offering projects within the ecosystem a space to share ideas and solutions with the goal of leveraging existing technology within the ecosystem.

Usage of Ocean

  • The solution plans to directly use the Ocean Protocol.

Community Engagement/Value

  • We are a collective that aims to engage with people in the community and create a space that enables collaboration.

Core Team

Liquid Surfer

Role: Product & Strategy


  • Product Lead at DIDx
  • Founder of The Data Shift
  • Product Manger at Eden Protocol
  • Product Lead at TouchFoundry
  • Founder of Fluid Websites


Role: Product & Ecosystem


  • UX & Ecosystem Proposition at Ocean
  • Senior Product Manager at Telekom


Mad Max

Founder at Preeva

Software Developer


Founder at datalatte

Data Science

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