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The Web3 Ocean Podcast

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New Outreach

Proposal Description

Audio - I am an early adopter of podcasts on the lightning network. I also have experience as one of the top creators of the world on Maven. I have researched on the audioverse ecosystem for more than 3 years. I’ll use the Audioverse medium to shape the Web3 Ocean Podcast with Ocean Protocol. My mentees have launched their own Web3 podcasts, where cross promotion is possible for Ocean.

Tasks done pre-funding: I had got an approval for the proposal from QuestBook and had submitted the 1st milestone (500$) as well on the 19th of April.

Blockchain - I have taken few of the Ocean Protocol community calls to understand the future roadmap. I understand the future of Data economy and the SaaS linkages that Bruce Pon has mentioned. As a DAO fellow from the On Deck ecosystem, I have already started having deep-dive conversations with Blockchain stakeholders.

Community - I participated in the India Ocean Community meet-up and shared the learnings at our Web3 Community(Koramangala.NFT). Besides that, I have been part of many Web3 and podcasting communities. When this podcast scales, we will have a stronger digital community across the globe. I have also spoken with the Plumia team to have the distribution accelerated of this podcast.

Data - I have worked with DATA teams around the world in my consulting engagements, starting from APAC, then UK (I used to work for National Grid, ThamesWater and Shell London) and then eventually started one of the top SaaS podcasts in the world. I am strongly embedded in the SaaS ecosystem.

99.99% of podcasts will fail after their 1st season. The success of a podcast primarily lies on 3 factors:

  1. The Host (Currently I have 16.1K Twitter followers and I created the ABCD Storyboard)
  2. The Story (Candid conversations via storytelling is an art)
  3. The Distribution (Network access in the podcasting ecosystem)

Grant Deliverables

Deliverable 1 - 500$ - Research on the Podcast narrative, launch of the podcast trailer, Media assets across platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and others. (Completed)

Deliverable 2 - 1000$ - Hiring Sound Engineers to do the Editing, Music processing and Publishing. Consistency in audio-editing and masking is a key factor for the quality of the show.

Deliverable 3 - 2000$ Aim to launch the episode of Bruce Pon before the Davos Summit 2022. Record the Season 1 with Quality guests who have a global presence.

Deliverable 4 - 1500$ - Podcast Marketing and Distribution via 7P framework.

Project Description

The Web3 Ocean Podcast will be at the intersection of: Audio, Blockchain, Community and Data. (ABCD)

[Trailer already launched: Spotify]

  1. Audio - There are 4 million podcasts in the world. Having researched on the Audioverse for the last 3 years, I have cracked the secret sauce for an effective long-lasting podcast. I’d love to host the Web3 Ocean podcast and have guests from the Ocean protocol community as well.
  2. Blockchain - I completed the DAO fellowship at On Deck. (We had founders from Coordinape in our programming) As I understand this space, I know the gaps in the narrative as well. I want to have a strong business case for Ocean Protocol with the Data economy via the episodes.
  3. Community - I have been trained by the best community leaders (David Spinks) in the world via the On Deck ecosystem and currently manage podcasting communities in the US/APAC. I love the community architecture frameworks and would like to have the Web3 community leaders on the podcast.
  4. Data - Data is the old oil. Algorithm is the new oil. Coming from global consulting and SaaS background, I understand the data ecosystem and want to shape the narrative forward. As an Ocean ambassador, I sense the synergies between the SaaS data stack and Ocean Protocol.

Final Product

  1. Launch the Episode of Bruce Pon before the Davos Summit 2022
  2. A Podcast that will include Ocean protocol ambassadors/community members and Web3 leaders.
  3. The narrative will be very well researched in the Web3 space, thought provoking and futuristic.
  4. We will design & mint Ocean NFTs for episodes as well for distribution.
  5. The newsletters will go via a Web2 stack, which will onboard the next set of Ocean ambassadors in the community.

Timeline -

April 2022 - Background Research work done. Trailer of the podcast is live on Spotify & Google Podcasts

May 2022 - Community for the Web3 Ocean podcast created. 100+ Web3 Founders & Venture Capitalists have been onboarded.

Value Add Criteria

With a Strong Host who is well known in the Tech Podcasting ecosystem, the Web3 Ocean Podcast will be listened to in all geographies. I have lived and travelled to more than 25 countries, so I have a strong network of listeners from all these countries. The Logo of Ocean Protocol is on the Podcast, so everyone is well aware that this podcast is backed by Ocean Protocol. I'll have quality guests from the Ocean Ambassadors group and from the wider community to participate in the script/narrative. All the community members from Ocean protocol will love the podcast and benefit from it intellectually.


The project will accelerate the usage of Ocean in the coming months. DAOs with stronger audio-visual narratives are the foundations of the community Protocols. We need this before/during the OceanV4 release.

I am not a first-time podcaster and I am the host of one of the top SaaS podcasts in the world. The Chance is 100% because I teach podcasting on Maven:


The community will get value from these pointers:

•                            Quality podcast & Host before the OceanV4 Release - The Web3 Ocean Podcast

•          Marketing Assets for Ocean Protocol – Many of the future episodes can be directly used by Ocean Protocol in its educational content, branding and thought leadership.

•                            The Distribution access multiple geographies. [ As a Maven creator, I have access to the likes of Anthony Pompliano (The Pomp Show) ]

•                            Show notes and Media Assets will have call to action like joining the Ocean DAO, OCEAN Ambassador program and contributing to the OCEAN Protocol community.

•                            I'll start a Newsletter as well and host the podcast on a website. This will have a good Media presence and gravitate the SEO.

                  NFTs for Guests - Use cases to be discussed with the community members.


Core Team

Saswat Sahu - Host, 12+ years global consulting experience.

Top SaaS podcaster in the world. Saswat Sahu - On Deck Founding Fellow. MassChallenge Alumni. Host of

Dr. Abhishek Nayak - Data & Analytics Marketing Professor - Amsterdam Business School


Trevor Ward - DAO fellow, On Deck, Runs a Crypto Finance community in Utah.

Revanth - Growth Head, Flint.Money

Priyan Padhi - Crypto Evangelist (Based out of Brussels)

Others - On Deck experts, Maven Experts, Web3 Community Heads, DAO leads

I’ll be curating more advisors after the grant.

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

Hi there,

Thank you for applying for R-17!

I am a Sam and have assigned myself to help you.

Your proposal has been registered into the grants program, however, I am confused in one area:

Your Deliverable checklist is not well defined:

Are deliverables 1-4 all going to be completed this round? It appears you have already completed point (1), and the funding required for (2-4) exceeds the amount requested.

Or are you planning to roll them out over multiple proposals? You should only include deliverables you plan to complete within this proposal and funding.

If you do plan to complete all of the deliverables with this funding, then your proposal is good, but just wanted to double-check.

We have attempted to make your first grant easy to earn (you are registered in the New Entrant Earmark) I would also recommend one (or all) of the following to increase support:

  1. Saying hi to the community in #ocean-dao and sharing your proposal.
  2. Saying hi to members of the #project-guiding WG and sharing your proposal.
  3. Meet with the Guides assigned to you by the #project-guiding WG.
  4. Attend a Town Hall or Project-Guiding WG meeting to talk about your project and proposal.

All the best!

-Your PGWG Guide


Hello! Thanks very much for your proposal.

How would you frame your proposal in comparison to the “Voices of the Data Economy” podcast that has been running >2 years? Eg how’s it complementary. Voices of the Data Economy • A podcast on Anchor


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I’m loving your enthusiasm for the Ocean community and your passion for broadcasting!
Along with the above mentioned OG podcast, please also check out Ocean Mission’s ‘Campfire’ Ocean Missions Campfire Podcast - Ocean Missions. It might help further ideas on how yours can integrate/enhance what is out there.

Thanks so much.


Thanks Sam! Excited to speak with you next week.

Also, appreciate you highlighting the deliverable section.

  1. In this round, I will be completing 1 - 3 of the Grant Deliverable pointers. I have completed the Deliverable 1 already as I had researched around the Web3 ecosystem and Ocean protocol before applying for this grant. I had applied for the milestone grant on the QuestBook grant platform earlier: Address 0x543b556c1b16804d2a39f054f06df4cecf2f167e | PolygonScan

I’ll be scaling this project in an onion-peel model.
Season 1 is the introduction season that will set the context, theme, host and guest conversations, narration etc
Season 2 will build upon Season 1 after taking community feedback.
So On & So forth.

  1. I will follow all the recommendations you have suggested.

Hi Trent - It was awesome to speak with you during the OP Town Hall. I have already mailed you for a guest recording session. Thanks for introducing me to Bruce Pon. I’ll coordinate with Monica from the Marketing & Communications team to speak with Bruce.

The goal of the Web3 Ocean Podcast is to have a powerful narrative at the intersection of:

  1. Audio
  2. Blockchain
  3. Data
  4. Community

Voices of the Data Economy (19 episodes) seems to be focussed more on the Data vertical, having more deeper conversations with the Data Scientist & AI community.

I’ll focus on the remaining 3 blocks in this manner:

  1. Community - From my recent DAO fellowship, I have learnt that Web3 community architecture is different than the Web2 (90% lurkers, 9% on the fence, 1% community evangelists) Metcalfe’s law. I am including community members in my narrative who have a strong worldview and are proponents of Ocean Protocol. To give you an example, I spoke with Scott and we are recording an episode together next week.

  2. Blockchain - I want to include every stakeholder from the Web3 ecosystem. Some of the stakeholders could be Web3 VCs, Founders, DAOs, Exchanges etc. The reason for this inclusion is because podcasts have a network effect.(Even your competitors will listen to your narrative for your worldview.) As an Ocean Token Holder, I’ll also do deep-dive research from all the feedback I’ll get from the stakeholders. As I come from a consulting background, I will have a holistic narrative. Many listeners will eventually trade/buy in Ocean Tokens.

  3. Audio - Pod Swaps, Guest Swaps, Pod campaigns are important elements here.

Having said this, a podcast is a digital asset and is just not a marketing or distribution channel. There are a hundred other media elements that could be annexed to the podcast.

Hi @blockchainlugano - Thank you for your guidance and support. I have spoken with Scott (Host of the Ocean Mission’s Campfire) and we are recording a podcast together next week. We will be experimenting with multiple audio-models. I have been podcasting since the last few years and I will help other podcasters to have the pod-architecture intact as well.

A story well said is always well received. We are all good stories, but we need storytellers to mix art, science and maths to appeal to all senses:)


Hi, thanks very much for clarifying. This makes lots of sense to me, thanks! Best,


Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to give more detals and I am super happy to hear about collaborating with Ocean Mission. Thanks for taking the time to respond and best of luck with the voting. :+1:

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Thank you @blockchainlugano & wish you a Happy weekend :hugs:

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Project submitted deliverables:

Note: I had received a partial micro-grant in Round-17

The Web3 Ocean Podcast is now launched on Web2.0 Podcasting platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Sticher. I am setting up the foundational architecture of the Web3 Ocean Podcast.

I have also launched this in Web3.0 Podcasting platforms - Fountain which has predominantly Web3 Blockchain native listeners. Many listeners heard about the Ocean protocol for the first time here and connected with me on Twitter. Now they would love to partner with the Web3 Ocean show with a 200K Sats giveaway for our listeners in the coming weeks.

  1. The Web3 Ocean Podcast trailer was launched earlier. The narrative was to shape the forward-looking themes in for the upcoming podcasts. The guests for the teaser were Sandy Peng and Jack Liu. ($500)
  2. Season 1 launched with the released episodes of Bruce Pon, Scott Milat, and Web3 Founders just before the V4 ONDA Release. Creative designers are also engaged for Season 1 for the design assets. Currently doing community engagement within the OceanDAO servers so that we can onboard quality Ocean Ambasaddars($1000)
  3. Hired the Audio Engineer for The Web3 Ocean Show. ($1000)
  4. Podcast Marketing & Distribution (Phase 1): ($500)

a) Twitter Posts and sharing the assets on all Telegram channels.

b) Two Sides of the Coin Club - Two Sides of the Coin - Clubhouse

c) Mirror launchpad set for blogs, newsletters, deep-dives, and thought leadership propositions

d) Educational events planned after the ONDA Launch

We have now received multiple requests from partners who would like to partner/collaborate with the Ocean Protocol team. Happy to share the connections with the DAO/Protocol members.


Hi, Thank you for submitting another update for your previous proposal! Your Grant Deliverables have been reviewed and look to be in good condition. We have also looked at your Project Standing, it looks to be in good condition and ready to apply for another grant. We would like to thank you for your positive contributions to the Ocean Ecosystem and I look forward to reviewing future proposals from your project. Thx & All the best! Your OceanDAO Team

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