The Web3 Ocean Podcast | The Web3 Ocean Podcast (Audioverse) | Round 18

Project Name

The Web3 Ocean Podcast

Project Category


Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

Phase 2 - I wish to continue The Web3 Ocean Podcast and shape the Audioverse going forward. This will also help the current Ocean ONDA V4 release.

Audio - The Web3 Ocean podcast is currently live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, and Fountain. The value-capture from the audio(recorded) conversations is a long-term play. In Phase 2, I will take the podcast to a few more Social-Audio platforms.

Blockchain - I have embedded myself in the OceanDAO to engage with all the community members and to understand the future roadmap after the Ocean ONDA V4 release. I have started engaging with select community members to explore high-potential/ long-term high-value projects. These project owners will find a space in the Web3 Ocean Podcast.

Community - We have shaped a community(Twitter/discord) at the Republic of Ocean. We are strengthening the community architecture by conducting a Domain Drop after the V4 ONDA release. The long-term objective is to strengthen the nodes of the community so that the network becomes stronger. Network effects capture the true value in Web3.0. We will partner with the right projects and teams to create NFTs.

Data - I have created a channel between my SaaS podcast and The Web3 Ocean Podcast. My Hypothesis

is that there will be multiple use-cases that will come up this year, which will have direct relevance to the Ocean Protocol and vice-versa. I will also do deep-dive research on this space.

99.99% of podcasts will fail after their 1st season. The success of a podcast primarily lies on 3 factors:

  1. The Host (Currently I have 16K Twitter followers and I created the ABCD Storyboard)
  2. The Story (Candid conversations via storytelling is an art)
  3. The Distribution (Network access in the podcasting ecosystem)

Grant Deliverables

Deliverable 1 - Release 12 high-impact episodes as part of R18. As the host, I’ll take the feedback from community members to shape the narrative following the story arc. ($3000)

Deliverable 2 - Produce 6 Deep-dive thought leadership articles based on the discussions in the podcast. Release it on Mirror. This will strengthen the brand of the Web3 Ocean Podcast. ($1500)

Deliverable 3 - Forge Partnerships with 4 Web3 Projects and entities that will have significance for the listeners. Share the benefit with the early supporters so that they love the Web3 Ocean Podcast beyond the content. ($1000)

Deliverable 4 - Build a community around the listeners and the theme of the podcast. Token-specific discussions can be held at Clubhouse. Engage with the community members on Twitter and in the newsletter. ($1000)

Deliverable 5 - Podcast Marketing and Distribution via 7P framework. I’ll be a guest on a few Data/Web3 podcasts to talk about the Ocean Protocol & the Web3 Ocean Podcast. ($1500)

Deliverable 6 - Bring in Guests from Ocean Protocol and conduct 2 educational virtual Hackathons/Mixers for listeners and community members.Distribute tokens/gifts/swags etc. Few future Ocean ambassadors can be

hand-picked from these virtual hackathons. There is a possibility of finding community members who connect with each other and then shape projects to pitch for Ocean Shipyard. ($2000)

Project Description

The Web3 Ocean Podcast will be at the intersection of: Audio, Blockchain, Community and Data. (ABCD)

[Trailer already launched: Spotify]

  1. Audio - There are 4 million podcasts in the world. Having researched on the Audioverse for the last 3 years, I have cracked the secret sauce for an effective long-lasting podcast. I’d love to host the Web3 Ocean podcast and have guests from the Ocean protocol community as well.
  2. Blockchain - I completed the DAO fellowship at On Deck. (We had founders from Coordinape in our programming) As I understand this space, I know the gaps in the narrative as well. I want to have a strong business case for Ocean Protocol with the Data economy via the episodes.
  3. Community - I have been trained by the best community leaders (David Spinks) in the world via the On Deck ecosystem and currently manage podcasting communities in the US/APAC. I love the community architecture frameworks and would like to have the Web3 community leaders on the podcast.
  4. Data - Data is the old oil. Algorithm is the new oil. Coming from global consulting and SaaS background, I understand the data ecosystem and want to shape the narrative forward. As an Ocean ambassador, I sense the synergies between the SaaS data stack and Ocean Protocol.

Final Product

  1. Launch the Episode of Bruce Pon before the Davos Summit 2022
  2. A Podcast that will include Ocean protocol ambassadors/community members and Web3 leaders.
  3. The narrative will be very well researched in the Web3 space, thought provoking and futuristic.
  4. We will design & mint Ocean NFTs for episodes as well for distribution.
  5. The newsletters will go via a Web2 stack, which will onboard the next set of Ocean ambassadors in the community.

Timeline -

April 2022 - Background Research work done. Trailer of the podcast is live on Spotify & Google Podcasts

May 2022 - Community for the Web3 Ocean podcast created. 100+ Web3 Founders & Venture Capitalists have been onboarded.

Value Add Criteria

As the Ocean ONDA V4 launch is on the 8th of June, this project will accelerate the usage of Ocean in the coming months. DAOs with stronger audio-visual narratives are the foundations of the community Protocols. Sometimes the release of episodes will also give a spike to the Ocean token. As an Ocean ambassador, I am quite active in the community and will try to onboard a few more quality ambassadors in the coming months.


The community will get value from these pointers:

•  Quality podcast & Host to drive the narrative.

•  Marketing Assets for Ocean Protocol – Many of the future episodes can be directly used by Ocean Protocol in its educational content, branding, and thought leadership.

•  Some of the guests who come on the Web3 Ocean Podcast can be partners for Ocean Protocol

•  The distribution of podcasts has a strong network effect and it will help the Ocean ecosystem at large.                        

•   Show notes and Media Assets will have a call to action like joining the Ocean DAO, OCEAN Ambassador program, and contributing to the OCEAN Protocol community.

•   The podcast has a dedicated website and a community. This will have a good media presence and gravitate the SEO.

•   NFTs for Guests - Use cases to be discussed with the community members who will be part of the social layer of the Podcast.

Core Team

Saswat Sahu - Host, 12+ years global consulting experience.

Top SaaS podcaster in the world. Saswat Sahu - On Deck Founding Fellow. Host of SaaS it up Pod & The

Dr. Abhishek Nayak - Data & Analytics Marketing Professor - Amsterdam Business School


Trevor Ward - DAO fellow, On Deck, Runs a Crypto Finance community in Utah.

Revanth - Growth Head, Flint.Money

Priyan Padhi - Crypto Evangelist (Based out of Brussels)

Others - On Deck experts, Maven Experts, Web3 Community Heads, DAO leads

I’ll be curating more advisors after the grant.

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

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Thank you @saas for submitting your proposal for OceanDAO Round 18!

I am a Project-Guiding Member and have assigned myself to help you.

I have reviewed your proposal and would like to thank you for your participation inside of the Ocean Ecosystem!

It’s been very exciting to follow the work being done by Sassitup, and the incredible engagement that you’ve had with our community. The Saas It Up podcast has been running for a while, has gained a good amount of traction + structure, and I believe this a great way to bring more visibility and talent into the Ocean Ecosystem.

It’s clear to me that Sass It Up and all contributors are aligned with our evaluation criteria of generating positive value towards the Ocean Ecosystem and the W3SL.

  1. Usage of Ocean — Sass It Up podcast is looking to feature prominent Ocean Ecosystem projects, contributors, and the immediate web3 data-economy.
  2. Viability — Saswat has been running a successful podcast for a few years and will be bringing immediate experience WRT how a podcast should be run. Due to the team’s experience, I believe they will be able to leverage an extremely exciting network of partners, and with this I believe they carry a high probability of becoming a profitable/sustainable podcast.
  3. Community active-ness — Not only will the podcast feature the Ocean Ecosystem and the broad community, but Saswat has been incredibly active in our channels and working groups. Saswat will be joining the PGWG and overall they have been a very warm addition to OceanDAO.
  4. Adding value to the community — Sass It Up has been creating the ability for us to connect with leaders in the space, share deep insights on a wide range of topics, and bring greater exposure to OceanDAO and the Ocean Ecosystem. Not only do they bring educational value in the form of interviews and podcasts, but may also bring in new investors and contributors by providing greater exposure to each vector in web3 and the data economy.

Based on the reasons above, I am in support of the Saas it Up / Web3 Ocean Podcast and I look forward to continue providing support to your project.

You can expect to receive a positive vote from me during the upcoming voting period.

Thank you!

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