The Data Shift (TDS) | Unlock the New Data Economy | Round 22

Project Name

The Data Shift (TDS)

Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

Following conversations with the Ocean Shipyard team, where we received positive feedback on The Data Decoder, we collectively decided that offering Insights & Analytics is the best value-add at the moment, and continuing work on the Decoder offers the best adoption strategy.

The Data Decoder, which can be seen here along with some architecture diagrams for future development, needs some work!

The Shipyard message was to:

  1. Convert data storage to a ProfileNFT.
  2. Continue with more Data Sources & Insights.

What we know needs work:

  1. Adjusted UI for responsiveness.
  2. Adjusted UX and UI for usability.
  3. Adjusted APIs to match new Instagram output.

Therefore, this grant would cover the abovementioned changes.

However, it doesn’t end there.

The Data Shift has proven its ability to market a concept, attract an audience, and create some noise within the Web3 Data Space, and we want to share our knowledge with the Ocean community.

We have spent the last few months compiling a comprehensive marketing document that we believe holds the keys to success in the New Data Economy, it covers everything from strategy to execution, and was prepared in hope of one day bringing the plan to life.

We’re, therefore, asking for funds to execute this plan, and kickstart what we believe could be the beginning of something big.

So, why vote for us?

Upon a successful grant, we have decided to share this document with the community, and push for a positive sum game.

Grant Deliverables


  • API adjustments to match Meta’s latest IG data output.
  • Data storage adjustment to adhere with Ocean ProfileNFTs.
  • Inclusion of more Insights from the data.


  • Execution of the marketing strategy.


  • Sharing of our Marketing strategy with the Ocean Community upon successful grant.

Project Description

Data is a powerful resource that is highly valuable. The current data economy exceeds $400 billion and has been designed to leave users out of the equation whilst maximizing profit for Big Tech. We aim to commercialize data through education and a suite of tools that allow users to access the monetary and non-monetary benefits of their own personal data.

At the core we are a relatable brand, designed to reach far and wide, building a community of people who believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the data economy of today. We envision a future where the dataset an individual holds on themselves is the most accurate, and used for a multitude of reasons.

Final Product

A platform that allows users to easily create a mobile-friendly data wallet for themselves. Users are then able to fill these data wallets with a data profile, populated from a multitude of data sources, and represented using a DataNFT.

Users are able to earn, as the data is then contributed to a wider data union, which is shared to promote ethical AI and machine learning. The sharing of this data is controlled by a DAO, to ensure the contributor has a choice in the use of the data.

Finally, users are able to connect to dApps with this data wallet, and a base layer of this data is shared with the dApp to promote a futuristic data-sharing mechanism, designed for optimisation.

Value Add Criteria

  1. Our build directly leverages the Ocean Protocol tech stack. 
  2. Our community has aligned incentives with the Ocean community. 
  3. Our marketing ideas will be shared with the Ocean community upon a successful grant.

Core Team

Sam Henderson

Dave Rom

  • Business Strategy
  • B.Bus.Sc Finance and Accounting (Hons)
  • Experience
  • Risk Management
  • Sales
  • Venture Capital

Connor Phillips

  • Creative & Entrepreneur
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Experience
  • Co-founder at Plushi - a zero-waste vegan sushi restaurant and sustainability brand
  • Co-founder at Peeled Orange, a boutique marketing agency

Paz Shina

Dino Bossi

  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • Full-stack developer
  • Experience
  • 5 years of experience as a full-stack developer
  • Founded and acted as CTO on a start-up

Luca Barbas

  • B.Eng Electrical
  • Full-stack developer
  • Experience
  • 3 years of experience as a full-stack developer


Robin Lehmann

  • CEO and CTO at DataUnion

Richard Blythman

  • Data Science and AI Lead at AlgoveraAI

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

I enjoyed the demo video. Thanks for sharing!