The Data Shift (TDS) | Data Decoder | Round 16

Project Name

The Data Shift (TDS)

Project Description

Data is a powerful resource that is highly valuable. The current data economy exceeds $400 billion and has been designed to leave users out of the equation whilst maximizing profit for Big Tech. We aim to commercialize data through education and a suite of tools that allow users to access the monetary and non-monetary benefits of their own personal data.

At the core we are a relatable brand, designed to reach far and wide, building a community of people who believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the data economy of today. We envision a future where the dataset an individual holds on themselves is the most accurate, and used for a multitude of reasons.

Final Product

A platform that allows users to easily create a mobile-friendly data wallet for themselves. Users are then able to fill these data wallets with a data profile, populated from a multitude of data sources, and represented using a DataNFT.

Users are able to earn, as the data is then contributed to a wider data union, which is shared to promote ethical AI and machine learning. The sharing of this data is controlled by a DAO, to ensure the contributor has a choice in the use of the data.

Finally, users are able to connect to dApps with this data wallet, and a base layer of this data is shared with the dApp to promote a futuristic data-sharing mechanism, designed for optimisation.

Core Team

Sam Henderson

Dave Rom

  • Business Strategy
  • B.Bus.Sc Finance and Accounting (Hons)
  • Experience
  • Risk Management
  • Sales
  • Venture Capital

Connor Phillips

  • Creative & Entrepreneur
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Experience
  • Co-founder at Plushi - a zero-waste vegan sushi restaurant and sustainability brand
  • Co-founder at Peeled Orange, a boutique marketing agency

Paz Shina


Robin Lehmann

  • CEO and CTO at DataUnion

Richard Blythman

  • Data Science and AI Lead at AlgoveraAI

Proposal One Liner

An Instagram data decoder that visually shows users what data Instagram stores, why it is valuable, and how users can begin benefiting from this value.

Proposal Description

We believe that the first step to capturing a wider audience and bringing them on this journey with us is through education. Education into what data is, what it looks like, and the role it currently plays in one’s life. The Data Decoder primarily serves this education pillar.

Users begin by downloading their Instagram data and dropping the file into the decoder.

User Journey (V1)

  • Land on the homepage.
  • Option to view a tutorial on how to download this data
  • Drag data file into the Decoder
  • Decoder stores file location to a string (no upload)
  • Basic verification that the file is not corrupt.
  • The user is taken to the homepage of the dashboard
  • Can read how Instagram collect data which makes up their data silo.
  • The user is then able to click between 4 dashboard views that explain the world of data.

The 4 Dashboard Views (V1)

  1. Digital Identities: Showing the Digital Identity that Instagram has formed about each user from their user data (Note: Our Digital identity refers to the collective data that Instagram holds on each of its users).
  2. Activity: Displaying just how much Instagram knows about what you do and when you do it online.
  3. Online Environment: Exploring what content users surround themselves with when spending time on Instagram.
  4. Data Value: Showing users the current value of their data, how many times it has been shared and the potential value of a more personalised and verified data set.

A snapshot of the proposed application

Product Insights (V1)

  • User comfort with the handling and requesting of their personal data
  • User interest in better discovering what their data looks like
  • User interest in potentially earning from this dataset.

Grant Deliverables

Development of the Data Decoder (V1)

  • An onboarding process that explains how the user is able to download their data from Instagram.
  • A PWA that converts Instagram’s datasets into meaningful metrics.
  • An onboarding experience to help non-tech users understand the world of data.

Value Add Criteria

  • Usage of Ocean: The V2 Data Decoder will end with the option to post cleaned and verified Instagram user data to the ocean marketplace, leading to a direct increase in the availability of data on Ocean.

  • Viability of Success: The success of this build can be measured by the number of users who run the Data Decoder and choose to monetise their data. We believe the success of this depends on 3 key skill sets which we have in-house.
  1. A great product: The Data Shift began in 2020. We took our time learning the ins and outs of the data space and have no doubt that we can create a product that quickly and effectively does the same for our users. 
  2. Effective marketing: Our team includes a strong marketing component. We aim to leverage this in order to reach as many potential users as possible. Some key marketing tactics that we will be using will include a big, effective and well run social media presence (Incl. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and others), consumer-generated content (stemming from the Data Decoder) and web3 community building.
  3. Funky 3D Design: Our team includes a strong design component. Our lead designer is a 3D animator and graphic designer. We believe this will help us stand out on platforms like Instagram where other data companies tend to have dull feeds consisting of too much information and unrelatable content for non-data minded people. 

  • Adding value to the Ocean community: Our primary focus initially is to achieve widespread awareness around the power of data. We are a project which is relatable to web2 and web3 users and this maximizes our potential community of people who would like to see a change in the current data economy. By developing a simple ‘Data Decoder’ to help all internet users understand what data is, we believe users of the decoder will be more likely to start using data for their own benefit. On a basic level, our product aims to get more people excited about data. The more people that are excited about data, the more potential participants there will be in the Ocean ecosystem. 

Funding Requested


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Thanks so much, Malte! Will do :slight_smile:

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Project submitted deliverables:

A key element to our proposals, both past and future, is matching our technical & community developments. Fundamental to our mission is creating a platform that derives high value from a large set of users. Therefore, focusing on the product and our reach is core to our strategy.

Completed R-16:


  • Completed UI designs of The Data Decoder
  • Completed Full development of The Data Decoder (V1)
  • A link to the working product can be provided upon request.


  • Aggressive marketing efforts
  • Community building
  • Education and awareness

Some key highlights are taken from our 28 day summary on our Twitter Analytics page (as of 30/04/22)

  • 122K Tweet Impressions
  • 138 Tweets
  • 137K Profile visits
  • 6561 Mentions
  • 4800 Total Followers
  • 3848 New Followers

Discord stats:

  • 1600 members
  • +800 increase since the start of the month


Would it be possible to provide the link here?

Hey there Christian - sure :slight_smile: