The Alternate Future Summit

Key Project Data

  • Name of project: Alternate Future Summit
  • Team Website:
  • Proposal Wallet Address: 0x48E13Ab513A0d26f921707ad4F38989e2C587f25
  • Current country of residence: Portugal
  • Contact Email:
  • Category that best describes the project:
    Outreach / community / spread awareness
  • Fundamental Metric that best describes the project:
    Network Revenue
  • Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)?: Yes, in round 6
  • The proposal in one sentence: Alternate Future Summit is an initiative that will include a hackathon to ‘Solve Global Challenges’ and ‘Define the Future’.
  • Funding Requested: $17,600

Project Overview

Description of the project
Alternate Future Summit is an initiative designed to encourage developers, start-ups, technologists, and corporate management to unite and develop solutions that’ll help large scale recovery and define future.

What problem is your project solving?
We will have sponsors who will identify their own internal problems, for the groups participating in the hackathon can solve. The Summit will have a conference day, with speakers from the following areas:

  1. HR strategy, future of work and training development
  2. Learning continuity, innovation management and distance learning challenges and solutions
  3. Ecosystem development, change management and technology landscape

One of the speakers is coming from the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, the world’s most used blockchain technology. Thus, we would love to connect OCEAN Protocol with HUMAN, because we believe these are two communities who could really benefit from collaborating with each other.

We’ll also have a day for you to come and give a showcase of your project! Reach me at

  • What is the final product: URL

How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem?
We would love Ocean to be sponsoring this event, in order for participants (other sponsors, speakers, etc) to be able to get to know the ecosystem. We can give prizes as Ocean tokens to the winners of the challenges; you, as a sponsor, can give talks on blockchain and on your ecosystem particularly; and, in our sessions on analytics, we can explain how Ocean works. All these streams can be launched later on YouTube and Facebook, so it would give a lot of visibility to the Ocean ecosystem. Nevertheless, we expect to create at least 100 wallets addresses in Ocean for the participants.
We want to give the opportunity for other project to come and showcase at the event.
Developer profiles can be shared post event for hirings.
All certificates are being distributed in blockchain ledgers with Certtin (a South African blockchain company) which could have ocean branding for the challenges.

Project Deliverables - Category

IF: Outreach / community, then (one or more of):

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far?
Yes; we ran this summit last year so we have confidence in our event organization skills. This year, we are co-organizing the summit with another company, from South Africa, which will take the event to an international level.

What is the project roadmap?
We already have a list of confirmed speakers. We are still onboarding some speakers/sponsors and we are running a hackathon on a platform called TAIKAI.

Team’s future plans and intentions

  • Any maintenance? We intend to keep running this summit for the years to come! Since this year the event will already be so wider that last years’, we think that we have a lot of space to grow.

Project Details

If the project includes community engagement:

  • Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks? Around two months.
  • Other? Keeping the recordings saved on our Youtube channel and Facebook channel, and write articles after the summit on the topics discussed (including the showcases)

Team members

Marta Matias
• Role: Partnerships Manager
• Relevant Credentials:
○ LinkedIn:
○ GetBoarded:
• Background:
○ Communication Sciences

Nataliia Rheskava
• Role: Co-Founder/CIO
• Relevant Credentials:
○ LinkedIn:
• Background:
○ PhD, Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav
○ Media Relations & International Medical Community (IMC) Lead
○ HundrED Ambassador
○ World Economic Forum Digital Member

Shivam Dhawan
• Role: Co-Founder/CTO
• Relevant Credentials:
○ LinkedIn:
• Background:
○ Founder @GetBoarded
○ Founder Chief Strategist @Arbunize
○ Web Analytics Manager @Metriplica
○ BI Team Lead @Annalect
○ Business Systems Analyst @MetLife
○ Web Analytics Application Developer & Consultant @CTS Argentina SRL

Maria Silva
• Role: Brand Marketing Manager
• Relevant Credentials:
○ LinkedIn:
• Background:
○ International Relations and Marketing

Ramji Gupta
• Role: Data Protection Officer
• Relevant Credentials:
○ LinkedIn:
• Background:
○ Experienced Full Stack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry

Hi Marta,

As discussed during the DAO webinar, we’re just wondering how Alternate Future willcreate additional value for Ocean Protocol with the help of a second DAO grant? From my perspective, it should provide information on how your first grant was spent and what you’ll do with an additional 17’600 US$?

Since Data Whale is showcased at Alternate Future, we understand that you haven’t charged us any signup fee. So that’s a benefit surely, but this grant looks more like a financing tool for prizes rather than creating incremental value.

Looking forward for more clarification!


Hi Data Whale,

Thank you for your comment. The Alternate Future Summit is happening between 11th and 17th of september - we moved the dates to a month later because, while reaching out to the corporates and Universities we received feedback on unavailability of organizational actors during the summer. We got positive responses from big corporates, which made us rethink and reevaluate dates. These dates were then verified by each participant and consensus was reached.

This extra time will allow us to gather more funds. With the extra funds (and time) we are aiming to add more value to the event, by:

  • designing independant pages for each showcase participant, along with explainer videos, and individual ticketing is done to bring audience to each showcase -

  • running the hackathon on TAIKAI, where the subscriptions will use a blockchain based system for transparent judging of the hackathon - it’s a €1500 package and it’s now launched at

  • distributing 7 different prizes for 7 different teams in the value of €1000 for each of the 7 challenges (this will be increased if we get further grant)

  • giving honarariums to Speakers (this is a candid surprise gift for speakers as we give this info while go for rehersals) - Token basket with HOP, OCEAN, FRAX, others

  • designing a physical calendar gift, with all logos, for shipping that provides a collective merchandize promotion for all sponsors

  • improving our marketing strategy to reach wider and specialized audiences.

I hope this answers your question. If you need any more details, let me know.


Hi Marta,

Thanks for your breakdown. Sorry to challenge you here, but asking for such a large amount of money should drive significant value to our eco-system and I’m struggling to understand the reasoning. Therefore, I’ll play the devil’s advocate for this proposal and since the ROI calculation is still missing I would think that the proposal in its current stage wouldn’t be permitted.

  1. Designing the independent pages for each showcase is surely a great added value, however the content for these have been submitted by the participants themselves (including myself) and should therefore not be a big cost for you.

  2. the TAIKAI hackathon looks great, however is geared towards solving challenges related to social impact, social responsibility, learning & development, human resources etc. It’s not geared towards solving the challenges of a decentralized data economy. I struggle to understand how the grant will create value for Ocean Protocol with this initiative?

  3. Will these teams solve challenges for Ocean Protocol’s eco-system? Again, the ALT+F summit is geared towards solving social challenges and very much focused on people development.

  4. What’s the incentive for speakers to receive OCEAN tokens other than monetary?

  5. I fail to see the added value for physical gifts to Ocean Protocol.

Until unless you’re re-branding the entire summit to focus on data, data scientists, AI researchers that will drive incremental value to our eco-system, I believe that the first grant ALT+F has received is sufficient to inform your current target audience about the decentralized data economy.

Thanks a lot,


Dear DW,

Reading your response I have to say that I can understand your thoughts and concerns.

Our focus in the hackathon has moved towards blockchain and ecosystem involvement. OCEAN is represented at the website as main sponsor and our proposal fits the category “Outreach / community / Spread Awareness” and we believe we’ll be able to really increase OCEAN’s community. By distributing the prizes in OCEAN tokens, the event will lead to the creation of several wallet adresses, that then can keep a significant number of people in the community.

On the conference day, the first two streams of corporates and university audience might be agnostic of ideas and only take informational benefits. However, for the ecosystems’ stream we expect a mix of various communities and networks coming together.

This is only for the last day - the summit. The first two days will be for the hackathon, which is a main place where exchange of ideas and solution development will happen. This is also where solutions can be developed to enhance OCEAN core ecosystem itself, by encouraging participation from all players including data scientists and AI/ML developers.

While writing the response, I am also trying to reason with myself to see whether this value would suit and support the ecosystem. I am hearing your points, and would seek ideas if this makes and adds utility to the sponsors or not.


FYI the Ocean core team is already in touch with the HUMAN team. They’re great:)


Hi, Trent!

So great to know that the two of you are already collaborating. Knowing the potencial of both, I believe great things will come from that partnership!

Speaking with the OCEAN team, I understood that you wouldn’t be available to be a speaker at the conference day of the Alternate Future Summit (17th september) - we’ll have the pleasure of hosting Alex Napheys for the talk with Tiago, from HUMAN. But I couldn’t not take the opportunity to invite you directly to take part in the event. It would be great if we could have your insights as well!

Feel free to reach me at and I hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks very much for the invite. I defer to Alex N to be giving a talk. Cheers,

@marta sent you a follow up email.