Solution to Governance

I am building a platform similar to data on ETH fork. Would like to try and convert into ocean platform. Please look at my website with the idea. we are building a social support platform that allows users to stake data for a return.

Hi @Sublime. Thanks for your post.

As my understanding this is an Android App with a medium of exchange token for the life coaching industry.

I think establishing product market fit is most important for you at the current state of your project. More general “startup” aspects as opposed to tokens or data. How do life coaches currently meet their clientele? What’s the biggest pain point they experience in their day-to-day? etc.

How do you visualize this application fitting into Ocean?

Perhaps if there’s a more general unlocking specific industry data aspect of this project, I would be curious to learn more.

Two points of feedback:

  1. Please see the Grant Proposal Template in the pinned message. ( You can use this template to give the community a better grasp and deliverables for your project if you plan on submitting a proposal to the OceanDAO.

  2. It is not clear how this project promotes (a) Ocean’s mission or values or (b) can drive value back to the Ocean ecosystem. See Make clearer how this project can do so.

Additionally, feel free to hop on the Ocean Discord to talk and share more about your project! We have a large community and support. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

  • Alex