Solipay | Unleash Soli Transaction Data via Filecoin | Round 19

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Unleash Data

Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

The next project we propose to the OceanDAO ecosystem is an initiative to unleash Soli transaction data on Filecoin. Making this data available for sale as an Ocean Data Token broadens the range of our customer base for this transaction data and further integrates Soli with the web3 ecosystem. Delving into web3 is crucial to Soli’s longevity and viability as a person-centered and data privacy-oriented cashback for data company.

Grant Deliverables

  • Grant Deliverable 1: upload encrypted transaction data to Filecoin
  • Grant Deliverable 2: make these data sets available for purchase as Ocean data tokens
  • Grant Deliverable 3: create a way for businesses to conveniently decrypt and purchase these data sets and compensate users who contribute to them.

Project Description

Solipay Inc. has built a suite of products in the Solipay app. Over 70,000 people on our platform have been able to share 6 data types and monetize their data. Though the quantity of data in our stewardship grows, the expansion of our data buyer network has not kept up. To create more opportunities for payment, we’ve incorporated surveys and cashback for online shopping into the Solipay user experience. However, upon discovering an existing data broker that would like to purchase our data on behalf of some of the largest companies in the US, we’ve decided to pivot with a focus on transaction data. The product of this decision is Soli.

Soli pays people for shopping at partnered in-person and online retailers, including brands like Adidas, Juneshine, Popeye’s, Asystem, and more. We track and reward users with cash after connecting their bank accounts to Soli through the secure Teller API. Soli only shares transaction data with our partnered data broker in our current business model. Participating merchants in the rewards network then have an idea of the growth of their impressions over time concerning their advertisement as a merchant offering cashback in Soli.

Final Product

The final product will be sets of encrypted transaction data stored in the Filecoin network made purchasable as Ocean data tokens. We can create a flow for enterprises to seamlessly decrypt and purchase that data and cater the formatting of the data to the needs of businesses.

Value Add Criteria

Ingenuity coupled with a person-centric mindset and vision that understands the needs and incentives of enterprises are the keys to engineering the flow of money in the data economy back into the user’s hands. By offering people transparency and helping improve their quality of life while allowing companies to operate with the help of market insights, a harmonious relationship can exist between people and companies in the context of a flourishing data economy.
Using the Ocean data token and Filecoin’s cloud storage will bridge decentralized architecture with centralized enterprise business flows. Tapping into the energy circulating in the currently closed system between enterprises and data sellers will further catalyze the growth of the Ocean ecosystem.

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I’d love to see this incorporated with the Ocean ecosystem :slight_smile:

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Excited to build!

Let us know if there is anything we can clarify about this proposal.

Hoping to help the community here!

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