SOLIPAY - Unleash 6 More Products - Round 7

Dear Ocean DAO,

Thank you for your time and consideration of Solipay’s proposal for round 7 of the Ocean DAO. On behalf of the entire Solipay Team, we have found working with the broader Ocean community to be a tremendously positive experience and we look forward to continued collaboration. Solipay has constantly been working to launch new streams of ethically sourced consumer data, and as we scale our core dataset, we will continue to work to scale Ocean as well. In the past month, we have pioneered the listings of consumer datasets on Ocean’s Matic deployment of Ocean Market— effectively adding millions of records of consumer data supply to the Ocean Market. In the coming month we would like to continue our rapid innovation in the Ocean ecosystem with the proposed grant: unleash 6 new Solipay data products on the Ocean Market, including both the Matic deployment of Ocean Market as well as the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean Market with a mix of dynamic dataset pricing as well as static pricing like our current listings on the Matic deployment of Ocean Market. Together, we can achieve a new chapter of innovation in the data economy, bring justice to every individual generating data, and increase adoption of the Ocean Protocol as a new foundational layer of the data economy.

Proposal Submission

  • Category: Unleash data

  • Metric: Datatoken consume volume

  • Proposal:

    • Unleash even more of Solipay’s unique, massive fully opted-in, and privacy compliant personal data to the Ocean Market.
  • Description:

    • Solipay has performed a custom integration with our proprietary cloud systems and the Ocean Market hosted on the Matic network, enabling 2 of the highest quality data offerings for the Ocean Market on Matic. This initial integration is just the beginning of the potential synergies with Solipay and Ocean. We are proposing this next grant for two reasons: first, listing our location and browsing datasets on the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean; second, introducing more liquidity to the Solipay data pools that are already integrated with Ocean. The combination of these two efforts will lead to a far stronger integration of Solipay and Ocean, thereby driving serious success for both organizations that seek to unlock the true value of consumer data in a way that accelerates the global data economy significantly.
  • Final Product:

    • 6 new Solipay data product listings: location and browsing for a constant purchase price on the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean as well as location and browsing on Mainnet and Matic for dynamic liquidity pools.
  • Deliverables:

    • 1 new listing per week for the next month according to the strategy laid out in the previous bullet point for each type of listing to be performed.
  • Funding Requested: 32,000 OCEAN

  • Wallet: 0x748C597E4cD11D6514DBF76EfE458Db290aa4b3d

  • Website:

  • Email:

  • Twitter: SolipayTech

  • Country: USA

  • First Grant: No

  • ROI:

    • Bang: 300,000 OCEAN. This is our target positive impact on the OCEAN network. Since we will be launching new data listings on the Ocean Market, the price of our datatoken * the no. consumes of that datatoken will increase the OCEAN datatoken consuming volume. Combining this value with network revenue and TVL will allow Solipay to drive fundamental value to Ocean. For now we are not considering secondary fundamental factors or other metrics, however we believe that the broader Solipay ecosystem will drive fantastic synergies with Ocean and continually add strong and consistent value to Ocean.
    • Buck: 32,000 OCEAN. Our data publishing model is sustainable so we believe the maximum grant available will be the most appropriate first step towards accelerating a partnership between Solipay and Ocean.
    • Chance: 25% by 6 months, 50% by 12 months, and 75% by 18 months.
    • Expected ROI: 2.3 by 6 months, 4.6 by 12 months, 6.9 by 18 months

Proposal Details:

  • Unleash: 6 new Solipay data product listings will be made available on Ocean Market, specifically 4 new listings on the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean Market and 2 new listings on the Matic deployment of Ocean Market.
  • Software
    • Please explore our website which has our company overview as well as links to our iOS App, Android App, Chrome Extension, and Databuyer Website. We would be honored to have you download our app and get a feel for our existing user experience: this is an interface that we have designed, built, re-designed, re-built, and are constantly seeking user feedback for future iterations, so please feel free to let us know what you think about our product.
    • Tech stack: React Native for iOS, Android, and Chrome, Google Cloud Platform products including Bigtable, Bigquery, Object Storage, and Kubernetes Engine, AWS products including S3, Languages such as Python, Solidity, and Rust, Web Frameworks of React and Vue, as well as Design using Figma, Adobe XD, and other prototyping tools. We are constantly evolving the Solipay Software System.
  • Community:
    • Social media: Solipay has generated millions of views across TikTok and Instagram, which are our primary funnels for generating new data providers. We plan to continue partnering with data privacy influencers on these platforms to spread our message surrounding data justice and transparency for individuals.
    • Data buyers: We plan to engage with conferences spanning academia, marketing, blockchain, and other verticals where key industry executives go to purchase data. By listing our data on Ocean, these communities will be able to source Solipay data directly from the Ocean Market, hence the value proposition of our proposed partnership between Solipay and the broader Ocean ecosystem. For this specific grant we will be targeting to onboard data buyers to not just our existing listings on the Matic deployment of Ocean Market, but also the new listings on the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean. In terms of our growing supply of data, we are beginning to specifically source products from European users, and expect that this geographical focus mixed with our GDPR & CCPA-compliant data collection technology will accelerate the consumption of Solipay data listings on the Ocean Market exponentially. We have seen a measurable increase in demand for GDPR-compliant, high-frequency, opt-in data from Europe, and listing this data to Ocean Market will inevitably bring data buyers looking for data into the OCEAN ecosystem.

Project Deliverables:

  • Prior work: Over seventy thousand people from over one hundred eighty countries have shared over seventy million data records with Solipay. This is the data we already have which we will be unleashing on Ocean Market via Ocean DAO.
  • Roadmap: 6 new Solipay data product listings will be made available on Ocean Market, specifically 4 new listings on the Ethereum Mainnet deployment of Ocean Market and 2 new listings on the Matic deployment of Ocean Market.
  • Future:
    • Maintenance: We will do standard maintenance on our data feed. We have run similar data feeds in other marketplaces and have expertise in ensuring that we are able to consistently send our data to Ocean.
    • Additions: We recently began deploying Solidity smart contracts on various Ethereum networks such as Mainnet and BSC. As our token, Solicoin, develops further, perhaps we could integrate smart contracts with Ocean. However, that would be addressed in future collaborations.

Team Members:

  • Eric Linssen
  • Neeraj Ramachandran
    • Summa Cum Laude Graduate in Computer Science and Linguistics from Columbia College at Columbia University in the City of New York
    • Professional software engineer and UI/UX designer with experience in applying natural language processing to massive datasets of complex corpuses
  • Max Kollmorgen
  • Kwabena Ayim-Aboagye
    • Graduate in Computer Science and Music from Columbia College at Columbia University in the City of New York
    • Business operations specialist focusing on developing partnerships between Solipay and like minded data marketplaces seeking novel datasets
  • Alexander Nicita
    • Graduate in Computer Science from Columbia College at Columbia University in the City of New York
    • Founder of Solipay with experience at NASA JPL, IBM Research Headquarters, and Qu Capital, acquired by Genesis Trading of Digital Currency Group. Previously conducted cryptography research at the Columbia Cryptography Lab.
  • Others
    • We have various additional contributors to Solipay’s proprietary software systems. These include people who have contributed to the firms of Google, Stripe, Facebook, Robinhood, Deutsche Bank, and other leading-edge technology and financial institutions. Our software systems are secured with state of the art cryptography, including TLS, AES, and encryption that preserves structure during computation. We believe that Solipay’s software can be a strong force for bridging consumers to Ocean, thereby unleashing immensely valuable data to the Ocean Market, driving consistent value for the Ocean DAO.


Really excited to be continuously contributing to the OCEAN ecosystem! Happy to connect with anyone as well, feel free to shoot me an email at


Let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to answer them and also connect further about integrations with Solipay and Ocean. For the record, here are our existing data products listed on the Matic deployment of Ocean Market:


Further unleashing Solipay’s data on Ocean looks like a promising way to help establish consistent traffic for the Ocean market. This synergy has even more potential with the consistent growth of Solipay’s data repository.


As part of product development here at Solipay, I’m really excited about our new data offerings, especially our up-and-coming e-commerce shopping data. Any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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Thanks Neeraj! Since the entire Ocean Market depends on having the best quality data sources available in order to drive significant datatoken consumption volume, we truly believe that we can accelerate the adoption of Ocean for everyone. We look forward to continued collaboration with the broader Ocean ecosystem.

@Impact We agree! Let us know if there’s ever anything else we can be doing to support the broader Ocean community and we’d be more than happy to do so.

Grant Submitted Deliverables:

We did not move forward with completing our objectives from this round because the community did not endorse this proposal.