ScrapeIt (Scrape-to-Earn app for Ocean community) | Round 19

Name of project : ScrapeIt (Scrape-to-Earn app for Ocean community)

Proposal in One Sentence

Create a Data Scraper app to scrape the web and publish datasets directly into Ocean Market and allow scrapers to earn revenue from sales of their datasets and DF rewards on top.

Project Category

Build & Integrate

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New Entrants

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Proposal Description

Hello Ocean community,
we are going to build a web scraper to collect important LIVE and relevant data from the web to create interesting and valuable datasets to be published in Ocean Market. Currently, even after v4 release we do not see many valuable datasets to stake on. Also, datasets published so far have low consumption. We want to change that. And give everyone of us a tool to scrape data ourselves and be the publisher on Ocean Market.

Project Description

Data Farming is launched on the heels of Ocean v4. Yet, we do not see a lot of datasets being published on Ocean Market. As a result, there are very less avenues for staking our OCEAN tokens. Less datasets causes less consumption volume and hence less revenue for Ocean community (considering 3% consumption cut).

What if there was a tool that allowed any staker or community member to scrape any data from the web and create useful datasets that will be directly published to Ocean Market with 1-click. Not only community members would be able to be data owners and earn revenue for their data consumption, but it would also bring in plethora of new fresh data into Ocean Market from its own community. No need to wait for big players to publish data in the Ocean Market. Let’s start this data revolution ourselves.

Grant Deliverables

  • Create website and social channels
  • Frontend Design of all pages of web app
  • Create the base project framework and architecture

Final Product

ScrapeIt will be a web app that will allow any Ocean community member to start scraping data from the web regularly. Scraped data will be directly published to Ocean Market within 1-2 clicks. No need to go manually to Ocean Market and publish datasets. ScrapeIt also takes away data storage pains from users and stores data on its supported storage platforms. Scrapers (users who scraped data) will be able to earn passive income whenever their scraped data is sold (even for eternity).

Value Add Criteria

New Fresh Datasets

ScrapeIt will bring in lots of new and fresh datasets onto Ocean Market. Increased datasets will increase more avenues to stake OCEAN tokens into these datapools.

More Consumption Probability

It also increase probability of genuine data consumption adding to the revenue of Ocean Protocol. Hopefully, one day the revenue generated by Ocean in fees for datasets generated by ScrapeIt will exceed the funding amount to build ScrapeIt.

New Community Members

ScrapeIt also creates a new community engagement activity which helps makes community members loyal contributors to the growth of Ocean ecosystem.

All these factors will contribute in improving key metrics like

  • TVL in datapools
  • New community members
  • Revenue earn by Ocean
  • Revenue earn by Community etc

Core Team

Debare Makie
Role : Full stack Dev
Github : robmakie (Rob Makie) · GitHub
Experience: 4+ years in developing web apps

Pooja Khambatia
Role : Backend & Blockchain Engineer
Github : pokodev (pokodev) · GitHub
Experience : 2+ years Buidling in crypto

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

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