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Name of Project: RAZ: Impact Finance Evolved

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Proposal in one sentence:

RAZ catalyzes decentralized economic opportunities

by providing collaborative ESG, sustainability, impact and investment data management solutions that enable the realization of verified outcomes

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

A new, more conscious, generation of investors and stakeholders expects meaningful progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals alongside positive impact and ESG outcome realization.

By 2025, 1/3 of global assets under management, representing 53 trillion dollars, will be classified as “Sustainable” and “Environment, Social and Governance” investments.

Although regulations are emerging that mandate disclosures, self-reported data just isn’t enough anymore.

It’s time to raise the bar.

RAZ Finance stakeholders for Ocean

Our team is leveraging tangible, verified, technology-driven outcomes to catalyze capital for world-changing social and environmental innovation.

Through an equitable investment lens powered by blockchain technology, RAZ Finance is opening doors for efficient due diligence and increased investment liquidity.

Although capital inflows are changing the investment landscape, inadequate solutions exist to answer,

“how do investment strategies driven by ESG, sustainability and impact lead to economic benefit?”


“how do we know that positive change is being catalyzed by our capital”?

RAZ is being developed in response to both questions.

Through our network, investors, companies and their stakeholders verify data and claims from how capital is allocated, to how integrated financial, ESG and sustainability outcomes are realized alongside positive impact.

The Past

Transparency = Publication

The Future

Transparency = Stakeholder-Verified Data

RAZ substantiates commitment to:

Impact themes and metrics | ESG strategies | Sustainability targets and indicators

by tracking progress according to established frameworks

based on capital deployment decisions and the influence of outcomes on financial performance.

  • When a company uploads documentation and proof of their impact, stakeholders are engaged to verify data, document and track progress.

  • Data is captured across an unalterable timeline while stakeholders and verifiers influence outcomes in measurable, positive ways across the landscape of:

Capital Deployment | Impact | ESG | Sustainability | Financial Performance

stakeholder groups verify actions and results while they are still unfolding in alignment with

investor themes and strategies, best practices, standards and regulations.

For companies, investors and asset managers, the benefits of engaging with RAZ extend to:

  • Tracking the influence of impact-driven capital deployment and decision-making on financial performance
  • Stakeholder inclusion in the process of proving that meaningful progress is being realized
  • Transparent, blockchain-based, impact verification, and the transformation of genuine outcomes into tradable assets
  • Faster and more efficient due diligence
  • Increased access to capital, investment liquidity and asset trade across a decentralized market for verified sustainable and impact investment opportunities.
Challenges: Finance, Impact and ESG speak different languages Solutions being developed by RAZ
ESG-related financial performance data is largely driven by public capital markets. The potential of impact, ESG and sustainability-driven investments is limited by a traditional focus on exponential growth and public market trading. Investors have limited liquidity in fast-moving private markets driven by increasingly conscious consumer demand. The RAZ dashboard tracks data from companies at all stages of growth. Stakeholder-verified positive impact alongside financial data facilitates due diligence and investment through transparent, blockchain-enabled, transactions and smart contracts. Investor liquidity is strengthened by secure and tokenized data, leading to increased access to capital for mission-driven companies.
Across the venture capital and private equity space, there is limited data on how impact and ESG strategies lead to financial return.This results in trapped value and misaligned incentives between growth and impact. Capital deployment towards the realization of Impact Themes is tracked from the onset of an initiative. Timelines related to impact, ESG and sustainability outcome realization are correlated to revenue, substantiating how decision-making influences financial performance.
Many investors are challenged by limited vetted, investable and impact-verified opportunities, high investment minimums, and low quality deal flow. Individuals, family offices and private or sovereign funds seeking to explore investing into ESG and impact-driven opportunities are hesitant and reluctant to take long term capital-intensive positions. Datasets compiled by RAZ across shorter, project-based timelines, facilitate integrated impact-financial vetting and due diligence, leading to increased capital inflows. RAZ tracks how capital is allocated to ESG, sustainability and impact initiatives, while measuring the influence of outcome realization on financial performance. Near-term results across fixed timelines can be verified by all stakeholders. Dealflow is improved through collaboration between the RAZ network and ecosystem partners.
ESG and impact metrics are not universally standardized. A market need exists for the clear and transparent ranking of companies and investment opportunities. Companies and initiatives can customize their chosen metrics and seamlessly report on integrated outcomes through a single SaaS platform. RAZ facilitates the indexing and ranking of company performance as part of its DeFi-driven impact, ESG and sustainable investment market.

Grant Deliverables:

Grant Deliverable 1

Impact in Action: Practical impact measurement and management, stakeholder engagement, ESG and sustainability datasets traded on the Ocean Market

RAZ Finance is curating an “Impact in Action” dataset for the Ocean Market that showcases:

  • What are the practical steps involved in developing Impact Business Models according to the B Impact Assessment?
  • What do companies and their team members need to do to achieve B Corporation Corporation certification?
  • In practice, what actions need to be taken to realize genuine progress according to impact metrics and reporting frameworks including IRIS and the GRI?
  • How do stakeholders engage with and verify progress according to social and environmental Key Performance Indicators, sustainability targets and indicators, alongside ESG and impact assessments?
  • What do “best practices” look like when it comes to policy and program development related to positive Environmental, Social and Governance outcomes?
  • How does sustainability overlap with financial materiality?

RAZ is onboarding more companies, asset managers and partners, including SDG Impact and YK Center projects with the goal of managing 20 active platform accounts by January 1st 2022.

Datatokens will be associated with verified product impact data as well to facilitate the trade of certified organic and sustainable, fair-trade products.

Integration of the OCEAN Protocol as part of RAZ Finance business development, marketing and investor presentations. Marketing and promotion of the Ocean network via RAZ social media channels and websites. Cross-promotion of Ocean DAO members actively measuring and managing their impact, sustainability and ESG data.


As part of our Round 8 grant, we have started compiling data, and making it available on the Ocean Market, based on our first early adopter projects, including those with Roshem Impact, a a Certified B Corporation, and two companies working towards B Corp certification: Maven Hemp and Shah Hemp Shah Hemp (Nepal’s first B Corp).

Grant Deliverable 2

RAZ Network membership revenue generated via OCEAN

The RAZ Network https://raznetwork.net and individual data management platforms customized through https://razfinance.io will be made available to members, asset managers and companies via $OCEAN. We expect that approximately 30% of our expected subscription revenue can take place via OCEAN. As such, revenue from the project itself will generate 0.2% return to the Ocean DAO ecosystem.

Grant Deliverable 3

Impact Finance Evolved: Integrated Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance Datasets Traded on the Ocean Market by January 1st 2022

Data collected from MVP platform clients:

What’s next? 5-10 investment funds and 20-30 companies

Accomplishments so far: 2 investment funds and 5 companies were onboarded and provided with a custom Proof of Concept solution within the first 30 days of our Round 8 project timeline.

Verified impact and financial datasets linked to Ocean ERC20 datatokens

Datasets provided to RAZ Finance Network members traded on the Ocean Marketplace in partnership with:

Roshem Impact - a Certified B Corporation on the 2021 Best for the World list in the Workers Impact category. Their work supports the growth and development of regenerative businesses that create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Which category best describes your project?

Unleash Data

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?

Data Consume Volume

What is the final product?:

The RAZ Finance dashboards allow companies to input data related to how they allocate investment capital, realize impact and ESG outcomes, and how their decision making influences their revenue and financial return.

A proof of concept, stakeholder-driven data management solution has been developed and deployed to track progress in accordance with customized Impact Themes.

RAZ is tokenizing datasets while driving liquidity and incremental growth in digital asset value based on data collected over time, allowing for decreased investment due diligence timeframes, increased opportunities for capital to be raised and investors to exit from impact investments.

The platform experience facilitates:

Data Inputs and Document Upload

Documentation related to impact-financial decision making, for example a spreadsheet that was sent to an investor about how capital was allocated, can be supplied by network participants. The document is verified by the project’s stakeholders as well as by auditors and impact/sustainability/ESG experts. Evidence of progress is digitally signed, hashed and recorded on the Tezos blockchain.


If a company compiles ESG or impact data about its own performance, or that of its partners, affiliates, and beneficiaries those action points and reports are recorded by RAZ and verified by stakeholders, auditors and experts.

Integrated Reporting

A fund manager or investor licenses the platform in order for the companies, tech solutions, farms, and impact-driven initiatives they have invested into to be able to utilize RAZ to track and manage data while integrating their reporting.

Outcomes and datasets are secured through blockchain protocols

RAZ catalyzes

  • Impact verification

  • Digital asset trading

  • Reduced risk for investors

  • Increased investment liquidity

  • Faster and more efficient due diligence

  • Secure access to integrated impact and financial data

  • Opportunities for purpose-driven companies and projects to access capital more efficiently

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem? This is best expressed as Expected ROI.

Primary Metric: Data Consume Volume

More than one third of total assets under management (AUM), or $53 trillion, will be classified as “sustainable” or “ESG” by 2025.

According to Bloomberg, McKinsey and the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, the largest shift in capital allocation occurred in 2021, leading to a $3 Trillion inflow of investment into “green”, sustainable and ESG-driven economic recovery initiatives.

ESG momentum is rising. While the next wave of growth is emerging across Europe, China, Japan and the USA, policy makers and market authorities are accelerating ESG disclosure requirements for both corporations and investors.

Based on these trends, RAZ Finance expects that the “Impact in Action” and “FESG Evolved” data consume volume will increase proportionally to our curation efforts and market forces.

RAZ data on the Ocean Market will make it possible for asset managers, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants and impact managers to access resources on what impact measurement and management, alongside “Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance” (FESG) look like in practice.

Secondary Metric: Total Value Locked

Our team’s outreach efforts have introduced the Ocean Market to our partners. We intend to incentivize our early adopters, clients and network members to stake $OCEAN on our “Impact in Action” and “Impact Finance Evolved” datasets.

Project duration:

Initial pilot process completed and milestones met between August 9th and September 9th 2021

Proof of Concept: 90 days - September 9th to December 9th 2021

MVP: 6 months - December 10th 2021 to June 10th 2022

Market launch 1 year - June 2022 to June 2023

RAZ is expected to grow to being adopted by 30-50+ investment funds and 500-700 companies by the fourth quarter of business development, and to adoption by 200+ asset managers and 1500+ companies by 2023.

Through RAZ, Ocean is gaining exposure to impact investment fund managers, institutional investment managers, individual investors, companies receiving investment, and corporates as the go-to solution for dataset tokenization and trading.

RAZ aims to become a “best practice” platform for integrated impact and financial data integration.

Data as a New Asset Class: Tokenization and Decentralized Finance

While the RAZ software platform collects data and associates verification events to a blockchain ledger,

token issuance amplifies the potential of integrated impact and financial data by incentivizing:

Investors, Asset Managers and Companies

Impact and Financial Data Verifiers

to transform their data inputs over time into digital assets through:

Data Utility Tokens

NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens

The staking of securitized data leads to monetization, trade and liquidity opportunities. Investors can diversify their portfolios. Companies can trade digital assets to increase access to capital and facilitate more efficient investor exits.

Verification experts can be rewarded with:

ERC20 datatokens


By staking their tokens, RAZ Network participants and Verifiers can benefit from guaranteed swap fees from subsequent staking, unstaking and data purchase activities that happen in their staked data pools.

$RAZ tokens will be minted in 2022 with utility extending to:

  • Capital deployment to verified opportunities

  • Access to premium features across the RAZ network

  • Trade of integrated impact-financial datasets

  • NFTs

Funding Requested: $17,500 USD

Proposal Wallet Address: 0xf8388c804061d08b757BAef8d9bB5f9eF8BA90D1

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Yes, during Round 8.

Team Website: RAZ Finance Network https://razfinance.net

Data Management Platform: https://razfinance.io

Twitter Handle: @razfintech

Project lead Contact Email: miriam@roshem.com

Country of Residence: Israel

Part 2

Core Team

Miriam Davidovic

Role: CEO and Co-Founder

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miriamdavidovic/

Background/Experience: Miriam is the Founder of Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation that provides information technology and marketing solutions to companies that are committed to realizing verifiable, positive, social and environmental impact. She leads the development of impact data, verification, certification and impact-financial integration for RAZ Finance. Her leadership expertise spans across the USA, Canada, and Israel as related to impact finance, intellectual property, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, Environment, Social and Governance policy and practice.

Raphael Bitterman

Role: Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelbitterman/

Background/Experience: Raphael is a licensed attorney in Israel with 20 years of Intellectual Property law experience. He worked across the diamond and jewelry industry for 19 years developing market access opportunities through technology, while driving sales and operating diamond tenders. He manages business development and partnerships at RAZ Finance with a focus on opportunities across the landscape of impact and ESG investing, blockchain, impact tech, agricultural tech, sustainable and regenerative business.

Nemanja Tomanovic

Role: Technology Development Project Manager

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nemanja-tomanović/

Background/Experience: Nemanja developed the RAZ Finance Network platform and our Proof of Concept. He is an expert at online community management as well as front-end development. He has worked with Roshem Impact since 2019, and has created WordPress-based websites and community platforms for impact-driven initiatives across the e-commerce, advisory and consulting, trading, and sustainable business landscape. At RAZ, he manages priorities, workflows and HR related to the expansion of our in-house team, blockchain integration, data security, tokenization through the Ocean Protocol, while ensuring our team meets and exceeds milestones and KPIs in accordance with investor expectations.

Selena Ivanovic

Role: Director of Communications

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/selenaivanovic/

Background/Experience: Selena has led Roshem Impact since 2020 and managed communications and marketing projects for impact-driven firms and initiatives. She led the team to B Corporation Certification and participated in developing and executing a Workers Impact Business Model that led to the company being recognized in the top 5% of B Corps globally, as part of the 2021 Best for the World list. She led the organization of the Roshem Impact Summit, an online conference that brought together prolific speakers to explore the emergence of a regenerative economy. The RAZ Finance initiative was officially launched in September 2020, and publicized in July 2021. At RAZ, Selena manages stakeholder communications, client service and onboarding, social media, digital and video content development. Selena previously worked for the Novak Djokovic Foundation, where she managed communications strategy and fundraising.

Margaret Mondlane

Role: Environment, Social and Governance Verification Expert

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margaret-mondlane /

Background/Experience: Margaret has over 20 years experience in environmental, social, governance (ESG), and project management consulting for private, public, and international clients for a multitude of industries.She has been a Benefit Officer and Impact Consultant with Roshem Impact since February 2020. She advises on ESG for clients and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and compliance. Her most recent academic achievements include a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Colorado and Leeds Business School. She has a B.S. degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town.


Ron Goldschlager | Chairman and Managing Director of the Hermal Group | Founder of Cusp Building Solutions

Full Biography: https://cusp.com.au/team/ron-goldschlager/

Background/Experience: Ron is a problem solver and an investor driving forward the development of the platform and network. He has an innate need and vision to improve the world for its people. His family have worked in the timber industry for more than seven consecutive generations. Ron has diversified his Hermal Group in Australia into the new world economy of sustainability. As timber has risen to the fore as a solution in the fight to tackle climate change, Ron has turned a forest-based raw material being sold as woodchips into the world’s first plantation hardwood CLT. Cusp is the realization of Ron’s vision to facilitate Australia becoming self-sufficient in timber production and to minimize waste in the timber supply chain. To this end, he is also creating a Bioenergy plant that can generate renewable electricity & heat from the biomass waste of the forest industries. Ron holds an honours degree in Chemical Engineering from Monash University. Cusp Building Solutions is just one of the many successful companies that form part of the Hermal Group, of which Ron is Chairman & Managing Director. These companies include Sullivan’s Cove Distillery, Quip$mart, Mortim, CLTP and Cusp, Solarwood International, Hermal Bioenergy & Westernport Marina.

Carolina Almeida Cruz | Founder of CMore | Business and Human Rights Expert

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinamalmeidacruz/

Joshua Boles | CEO of Neo Flow Asset Management

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuanboles/

Background/Experience: As the CEO of New Flow, Joshua leads a multi-disciplinary investment management company focused on Digital Assets, Decentralized Finance, and Web 3.0 blockchain projects. The firm’s relationships and blended investment approach have led to early access to the most advanced Digital Asset protocols and next-generation technology. His career history has included being a Senior Investment Advisor, Executive Director, Chief of Staff and Business Development leader working with federal clients and the Department of Defense. He has managed a Single Family Office for 10 years, with approximately 4,000 multifamily units in five US states including a portfolio of investments across the venture capital and private equity space.

Michael Healy
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhealyco/
Michael is co-founder of UNIT and partner at Unit.Ventures, focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity. It connects providers and customers, as well as allows businesses and individuals to issue tokens for specific uses. He is focused on social impact and positive change through education, entrepreneurship and empowering individuals. Michael is a self-taught full-stack web developer and mobile engineer. Michael has built several successful businesses with exits ranging from Chatride, an encrypted peer-to-peer video conferencing technology, Ratemash, once one of the UK’s largest student social networks, the Wikileaks Android app and many niche mobile apps used by millions of users worldwide. Alongside starting and growing businesses, Michael has advised and supported startups, investors and corporates in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Part 3: Project Deliverables

Unleash Data

“Impact in Action” and “Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved” Data will be made available on the Ocean Market

Are there any mockups or designs to date?

Yes, at https://razfinance.net and https://razfinance.io

Impact Themes customized for Ramprate:

Impact Themes utilized by the RAZ Finance and Roshem Impact teams:

An overview of the technology stack?

The current Proof of Concept platforms utilize WordPress to facilitate community membership functionality, working groups, stakeholder engagement, custom Impact Theme groups and Initiatives that track progress according to specific assessment frameworks.

The company is currently in the capital raising phase to create an MVP platform based on open-source software, NFT standards and the creation of a decentralized impact investment market.

If the project includes community engagement:

Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks? Continuously for the duration of RAZ Platform development - starting at the first year, 56 weeks.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far?

RAZFinance.io —>>> Tracks and verifies impact

---->>> Manages capital allocation decisions

---->>> Engages teams and stakeholders to verify outcomes

----->>> Increases the speed and efficiency of due diligence related to accessing or deploying capital

Proof of Concept Product Dive: Where We Are Now

  • Investors and companies can choose and customize their Impact Themes
  • The platform records actions taken by stakeholders to realize progress across ESG, sustainability or impact initiatives
  • Stakeholders engaged in the project can verify outcomes: investors, team members, employees, consultants, partners, suppliers, customers, community members, verification experts and intended beneficiaries
  • Details on the capital allocated, and deployed, to each action step involved in the realization of an Impact Theme can be provided
  • Each company that utilizes the platform onboards members from their own stakeholder groups
  • Datasets are tokenized through OCEAN ERC-20 datatokens and traded through the Ocean Market

The RAZ Network platform has been developed to facilitate active collaboration between companies, investors, consultants and individuals with an interest in the overall impact, ESG and sustainable investing space. The platform offers working groups, resources, and videos while facilitating networking between members. The network further serves to bring together auditors and verifiers that will engage with RAZ Finance data management processes.

What is the project roadmap? That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone.

January 2022:

5-10 investment funds and 20-30 companies managing data via RAZ Finance

December 2021 - February 2022: $200,000 in capital raised for MVP platform development

March 2022 - June 2022: Platform upgrades from Proof of Concept to Minimum Viable Product completed. MVP launched.

March 2022: “Impact in Action” and “Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved” datasets expand to include verified impact-financial data from 5-10 investment funds and 20-30 or more companies by March 2021

Publication of the project’s roadmap and value proposition, data management process to

RAZ Finance https://razfinance.io

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/razfintech

Medium and international financial media outlets.

Any maintenance? Ongoing platform maintenance and development involves:

  • User Experience UX/UI design and improvements based on early adopter feedback
  • Ongoing due diligence and support provided to companies utilizing the platform.
  • Ongoing work to facilitate investment due diligence through smart contract-based access to data
  • Impact outcomes are correlated to resulting revenue across the timeline of the project or investment, with the option of integrating data from campaigns that share results with the public and stakeholder groups.
  • The RAZ process transforms three categories of previously unrelated data into interconnected digital assets that become unalterable and transparent.
    Financial and impact reporting become integrated through data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • RAZ becomes a secondary market that facilitates due diligence, capital deployment and liquidity across the landscape of ESG, impact and sustainable investing opportunities.

Foreseen or possible additions?

Software Features:

Financial Data Collection

  • Capital Deployment and Allocation

  • Revenue


  • Data publication events and stakeholder engagement campaigns are recorded by date and duration.

Impact Verification

  • Digital Identifiers

  • Facilitated by open-source infrastructure: Verifiable Claims (VCs - verifiable credentials) are associated to Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) - Linked data encoded as JSON-LD

  • Data is reviewed and verified. Goals and milestones are set to achieve certification and tokenization.

  • Financial statements are compared to impact data and campaigns.

  • Campaign data is compared to impact data, public-facing information is reviewed.

Tokenization of verified data

  • Mapping of the correlation between impact, finance and campaigns over time.

  • Upon the achievement of specific goals and milestones, data is tokenized to facilitate:

Increased Investment Liquidity

Investment Marketplace Opportunities

Financial Disruption

By tokenizing data

  • from the onset of investment capital being deployed to impact-driven initiatives

  • to financial performance and returns

investment due diligence timeframes become more efficient and create opportunities for liquidity events.

$RAZ utility is being designed to enable access to integrated off-chain impact-financial data, assets and securities. The RAZ market aims to facilitate impact investment backed by secure and tokenized data.

Two categories of trading opportunities are being created across the ESG and impact investing space:

  • Data trading that facilitates risk management and efficient due diligence

  • Digital securities trading that facilitates increased inflows of capital to verified impact and ESG-driven investment opportunities

The global financial sector is quickly adopting blockchain and decentralized finance technology.

For banks and institutional investors

Utilization of the RAZ dashboard and investment market can:

  • reduce the cost of verifying outcomes and deploying capital

  • incentivize companies to substantiate their economic, environmental, social and governance outcomes

  • facilitate faster and more efficient investment due diligence

  • build trust by increasing the quality of impact and financial data

  • decrease the risk and hesitancy associated with impact, ESG and sustainable investment

Additional Information

Any additional information, custom fields, or images you would like to add? For example: Any grants or fundraising to date?

  1. Fundraising

$50,000 USD Capital Investment from an angel investor by means of a Convertible Note.

  1. Grants

$17,600 USD/33208 OCEAN grant from the Ocean Protocol Foundation.

Progress according to initial Ocean grant deliverables:

Grant Deliverable 1

*** Impact, ESG and sustainability datasets traded on the Ocean Market**

Progress update:

Our first early adopter projects: Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation,and three companies working towards B Corp certification: Maven Hemp, Shah Hemp,and CMore have consented to making their data available on the Ocean Market.

We expect our first datasets to be published in September 2021, earlier than originally planned for March 2022 and in alignment with the 90-day project timeline.

With regards to product data, Maven Hemp is participating in the groundbreaking Radicle ACES trial for CBD products https://radiclescience.com/resources/radicle-science-spotlight-maven-hemp and data will include publishable results from the scientific study.

The Ocean Protocol logo, introductory details and information about the grant have been added to the RAZ Finance Information Deck: https://razfinance.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/RAZ-Finance-Information-Deck-v05-August-2021-COMPLETE-2-1.pdf

Partners Page: https://razfinance.io/partners/

RAZ Finance is awaiting feedback from the Ocean DAO to onboard companies and achieve the following: Cross-promotion of Ocean DAO members actively measuring and managing their impact, sustainability and ESG data.

Grant Deliverable 2

RAZ Network membership revenue generated via OCEAN

Progress Update: The ability to make network membership, impact measurement and management, as well as platform customization and licensing payments via OCEAN was integrated on September 1st 2021

Grant Deliverable 3

Integrated Impact-Financial Datasets Traded on the Ocean Market

Progress Update: Our goal is to trade data from 3-5 investment funds and 8-10 mission driven companies.

Between August 9th and September 1st, we onboarded the following:

Mission-Driven Companies (3): Maven Hemp, Shah Hemp, Ramprate

We are aiming to onboard 1-3 more investment funds, and 3-5 more mission-driven companies within the next 60 days as part of our Round 8 project goals.

For the OCEAN Protocol, RAZ presents an opportunity for $OCEAN utility to be at the forefront of:

  • Transforming the impact economy by integrating stakeholder-verification with financial performance
  • The development of a decentralized exchange centered on stakeholder-verified impact-financial data that facilitates transparent investment and liquidity across the ESG, sustainability and impact landscape.

Join us in leading the evolution of impact finance.

Information deck: https://razfinance.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/RAZ-Finance-Information-Deck-v05-August-2021-COMPLETE-2-1.pdf


Is corporate energy usage and source a metric on your platform? If not, can it be?

Hi @inKin - our platform makes it possible for each company to customize their own Impact Themes. Therefore, energy usage as an impact area can certainly be monitored. What we facilitate is the ability for every stakeholder involved in an impact initiative to collaborate on our platform, track, confirm and verify action steps. Please reach out to miriam@roshem.com if you’d like to learn more and have a RAZ dashboard customized for your company.

[Deliverables Checklist]

@AlexN @trentmc0 Our first dataset has been published to the Ocean Market.

  • Grant Deliverable 1

Impact in Action: Practical impact measurement and management, stakeholder engagement, ESG and sustainability datasets traded on the Ocean Market

The STRORC-30 dataset features expanded data related to practical “Impact in Action” as influenced by stakeholders across both developed and emerging markets, beyond established frameworks and reporting models. The dataset will therefore be able to influence research and development related to impact metrics, ESG assessment frameworks, and regulations such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The increasing scope of the data collected therefore makes STRORC-30 of interest to a wider range of decision-makers, sustainability, impact and ESG practitioners, as well as asset managers.

RAZ Finance is a Crypto AM Awards nominee in the Environment, Social and Governance category. The support of the Ocean DAO community in relation to our project has been published on all RAZ social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Grant Deliverable 2

RAZ Network membership revenue generated via OCEAN

Update: Our main platform will be accessible to any $RAZ token holder. Customized platforms for individual companies and initiatives will be a paid feature as part of due diligence and impact-financial data verification processes. As such, our revenue stream has expanded from the initial membership-based model, to a feature-driven model that will make it possible for a larger number of companies, as well as nonprofits, to access RAZ.

  • Grant Deliverable 3

Impact Finance Evolved: Integrated Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance Datasets Traded on the Ocean Market by January 1st 2022

Update: Our initial model was based on the engagement of a small group of initial early adopters. We have since transitioned to an open platform model that makes it possible for our DAO community to access RAZ, while paid features are customized for business and nonprofit use cases. Our DAO community is launching “calls for proposals” in specific impact areas, including “Regenerative Innovation - Wellness, Agriculture and Production” as well as “Ocean Impact”. Our DAO will be voting on which projects to fund as a result of these calls. Companies will be utilizing RAZ to provide data on their impact and financial performance to qualify for funding and list their opportunities on our platform. As such, we will be casting a wider net that will allow us to collect data faster and more efficiently. Revenue from the trading of data as part of our Ocean Market datapools will go back to the RAZ DAO treasury to be deployed to winning proposals, therefore this creates more incentivization for companies to participate and provide data. This process overcomes an early-stage challenge we experienced related to how to incentivize companies to consent to their data being traded as part of an Ocean Market pool.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to engage with RAZ as we continue to evolve.

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