[Round 15 ] The Athena Project

[ Proposal in one Sentence ]

Athena Equity brings previously unavailable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data to the Ocean marketplace through an end-to-end decentralized hardware and software solution.

[ Description of the Problem ]

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) assets are projected to be worth 50 trillion dollars by 2025. The current ESG marketplace is composed of assets backed primarily by self-reported figures using loose, un-standardized reporting regulations. This lack of reporting leaves vast demand for verifying environmental, public health, and governance data that cannot be met in a scalable or cost-effective manner by Web 2 implementations.

Regenerative Financial Products are poised to flood the market, and all of them require niche environmental monitoring and data collection solutions to verify and authenticate their claims in trustless or trust minimized ways. In order for web3 implementations of sustainably linked assets to thrive, a system of credentialed data standards and methodologies is needed to insure the interoperability and flexibility of environmental data.

IOT networks provide a low cost solution for data collection and distribution, but limitations on bandwidth, packet size, and network capacity put hard caps on the amount of information that can be sent over IOT networks. Our hope is to develop a methodology of compression and hash proofs to allow for the robust flows of meta data required for a truly interoblerable and fully indexable data layer. This industry needs decentralized technology solutions. Considering the youth of the network technology and current trends towards wide-scale adoption, from agriculture to where you can find parking, these budding industries are willing to explore new innovative solutions. This makes them the perfect candidates to be on-boarded to Web3 technologies.

Before these kinds of assets can become prolific, it is necessary to develop a living taxonomy of real world assets which allows for granular indexing, verifiability, and interoperability as well as a system of governing updates to such a taxonomy. which Athena works to develop a decentrally governed system of MRV standards and methodologies , in order to supplant legacy institutions like Verra and other gatekeepers of sustainability standards.

Athena Equity will accelerate the adoption of compute-to-data by developing prescriptive methodologies for creating and maintaining broadly demanded ESG verification data assets. Enterprises, governments, and individuals all desire environmental data to understand the pace of climate change, as well as to stay compliant with updates in reporting requirements. The opportunity to access granular ESG data will bring various entities to run computations on Ocean protocol for the first time, and position Ocean Protocol as the go-to marketplace for ESG asset verification.

[ Grant Deliverables ]

[ Unleash Data ]

We will develop a system of incentivized data collection utilizing IOT networks which prove the validity of their observations using proof of location and ample amounts of corroboratable metadata. We will begin the development of a living taxonomy for making real world data available on chain. We will work to provide a low cost solution to data transmission which preserves the integrity and verifiability of environmental observations. We will thoroughly document and report on the methodologies used, hardware limitations, cost assessments, and any other pertinent reporting.

Our final outcomes should include a strong understanding of the possible applications and limitations of IOT monitoring solutions over LoraWan, the results of our testing of all types of data transmission, a prescriptive methodology for condensing and transmission of IoT Metadata, and the finalized plans for our first monitoring solution to be launched in partnership with one or more major Refi partners. This monitoring methodology will in turn be used to develop and ESG verification data set which will be sold and maintained through the Ocean Marketplace using C2D.

  • Proof Of Location Validated IOT Data Collection Methodology.
  • Testing the limitations and applications of Image data transmission over LoraWAN.
  • Methods for preserving larger volumes of meta-data through compression and hash proofs.
  • Prescriptive methodology for creating an ESG verification Data Asset
  • All reports, data , and methodological prescriptions will be published for sale on the Ocean Marketplace


Payment and Preparation for Diamond level Sponsorship at DevSpace 2022. This event’s hackathons draw an average of 1,000 developers each year, with thousands more participating in workshops, talks, and events. Taking ocean protocol to this event will require several weeks of planning and coordination, and the Athena project is only asking for the amount to secure the sponsorship. It’s an excellent opportunity to onboard new users and developers to Ocean Protocol and its marketplaces.

  • Athena will deliver
    • Curated Ad material
    • Hackathon track design
    • Coordinate Ocean Community and partner participation .
    • Host and Moderate workshops.
  • Ocean will receive and be asked to provide the requisite for:
    • Keynote Speaker:
    • Logo Placement:
    • Company representatives as mentors during the hack.
    • Video played to advertise the organization.
    • Sponsored Article written and published by Devspace

[ Value Add ]

Athena Equity’s goal is to become an early major driver of Data Consume Volume for the Ocean community.

Our product has immediate business value and demand with ESG already surpassing $35T in 2020 and projected to reach $50T by 2025. In addition, the expansion of decentralized wireless coverage already has a standalone and viable enterprise and consumer market.

By bringing widely demanded ESG asset verification assets to Ocean protocol we will be driving large volumes of data consumption , proving use cases for compute to data, and bringing new users to the ocean protocol platform. We will also be positioning Ocean Protocol as a go-to service for facilitating the enormous demand for ESG.asset verification

[ Funding Requested ]

10,000 USD

[ Earmark ]

Unleash Data

[ Metrics ]

POC Success/Failure, Article Impressions, Active Users, Published Assets

[ Wallet Address ]


[ Core Team Members ]

Name: Timothy L Carter, United States.
Role: Founder - CTO
Background: Environmental Data Scientist
Email: timothy@athena.tech

Name: Christian Casazza
Role: Co-Founder CSO
Background: Product Incubation Associate, E-Commerce Data Analyst
Email: christian@athena.tech

[ Advisors ]

Role: Business Advisor
Name: Vikas Bothra
Background: Finance and Business
Email: bothra.vikas.jain@gmail.com

Role: Project Advisor
Name: Thomas Price
Background: Environmental Science and NFT Marketplaces.
Email: hardwoodstablecoing@gmail.com

[ Which channels will be used? For how long? E.g. “twitter, for 8 weeks”. Other details? ]

Platform Weeks Content
Twitter 6+ Engagement Contests
Medium 6+ Professional Articles
Distrikt 6+ Professional Networking
Dsocial 6+ Educational Material
Youtube 6+ Educational Material
Linkedin 6+ Professional Networking

[ Previous Grants ]

Yes, we have received funding from OceanDao in R13 for apx 2,800$

Thank you for submitting your proposal to R15 @SwarthyHatter! It has now been registered and accepted.

Something to note, I registered you under.
Project Name: Athena Equity
Category: Unleash Data
Earmark: General

I used that project name in order for you to access higher funding amounts.
I can adjust the name for you if you want, please let me know.

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Thank you so much we appreciate you making sure our proposal is registered accurately

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Hello @SwarthyHatter

Welcome back to the Ocean DAO Round15. I appreciate the proposal values overall and I give a positive round of approval from a Project guiding perspective.

I would also like to acknowledge that we evaluated your proposal through the lens of Project evaluating guidelines and the Web3 sustainability loop in R14 and we appreciate your sustained enthusiasm to return to Ocean DAO rounds of funding.

I also recognize that you’ve been active in spreading the missions of Ocean in ETHDenver & upcoming activities that could be part of the marketing in the Indian community as well. Congrats to that.

Based on the above reasons, I wholeheartedly support your proposal and wish that it may succeed in community curation.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord