[Round 10 Proposal] RAZ: Decentralized | Impact | Finance | Evolved

Name of Project: RAZ: Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved

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RAZ catalyzes decentralized impact

by engaging stakeholders to influence economic, social and environmental outcomes across an evolving digital ecosystem

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

The Past: Centralized, Hierarchical, Reporting

The Future: Evolutionary Stakeholder Influence

RAZ is emerging to catalyze the evolution of impact finance through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and collaboration between aligned DAO communities.

Project Highlights

  • RAZ is launching an Impact-Financial Data Marketplace based on Ocean Protocol code.

  • Through RAZ, $OCEAN and the protocol’s technology are gaining exposure to impact investment fund managers, institutional investment managers, individual investors, companies receiving investment, and corporates as the go-to solution for data tokenization and trading.

  • More than one third of total assets under management (AUM), or $53 trillion, will be classified as “sustainable” or “ESG” by 2025. Our team believes that the long-term value to the Ocean DAO community will be interconnected with the growth of global AUM in this category over the next 4 years.

With RAZ, the relevance and impact of $OCEAN can transcend to:

  • Integrated impact-financial performance data trading across a multi-trillion dollar global market
  • Direct capital deployment in $OCEAN towards stakeholder-verified impact investment opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement and economic impact through incentivization in $OCEAN

RAZ Finance facilitates

  • Impact-financial performance data tracking and verification
  • Investment due diligence
  • Digital asset creation and trade

Our proof of concept launch led our team to a product market-fit driven by:

  • Reputation-based impact-financial data verification and project scoring
  • The accessibility of verified investable opportunities
  • The ability to qualify for, and access, capital and funding as a result of utilizing the platform

Therefore, to accomplish:

  • Increasing the number of companies contributing to our datasets
  • Facilitating capital deployment

We’re launching a $RAZ token and grants DAO to achieve a use case driven by reputation-based incentivization and funding.

A new, more conscious, generation of investors and stakeholders expects meaningful progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals alongside positive impact and ESG outcome realization.

Although regulations are emerging that mandate disclosures, self-reported data just isn’t enough anymore.

It’s time to raise the bar.

The meaning of impact needs to adapt to the unique needs of diverse, increasingly decentralized, communities, across both developed and emerging markets.

[RAZ](https://razfinance.io is gamifying engagement and verification to facilitate reputation scoring, and incentivization through cryptocurrency rewards that lead to genuine economic impact.

Instead of working towards a goal of global impact metric standardization, we’re creating an environment that empowers all $RAZ holders, alongside aligned DAO communities, to shape, define, and monetize what impact means for them.

The RAZ Community Platform, features reputation-based data verification and project scoring, and an evolving, experiential, landscape of Impact Themes, Metrics, Initiatives and Stakeholder-Verified Data.

Together, $RAZ stakeholders facilitate:

  • Impact verification

  • DeFi-driven asset trading

  • Reduced risk for investors

  • Increased investment liquidity

  • Faster and more efficient due diligence

  • Access to integrated impact and financial data

  • A $RAZ-driven market for stakeholder-verified impact, ESG and sustainable investment opportunities

  • Deployment of capital and funding to purpose-driven companies, projects and initiatives through the RAZ DAO

Project Owners, including organizations, companies and teams actively utilizing the platform are able to decide how to monetize and share their data across audience levels including:

  • The public

  • The DAO community

  • Stakeholder groups

  • Investors and funders

We’ve launched our first datasets on the Ocean Market to raise awareness about our project alongside the value of $OCEAN:

“Impact in Action” traded as PHEORC-5, is an asset for companies seeking B Corporation certification, ESG policies and programs they can adapt to their businesses, academic researchers, and investors seeking to realize genuine impact.

Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved traded as DETORC-97 provides practical examples of how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations can integrate Environment, Social and Governance, Sustainability and Impact best practices with their governance models.

RAZFinance.io is emerging as a due diligence tool for:

  • the RAZ DAO
  • value-aligned DAOs deploying digital assets to realize genuine impact and verifiable sustainability and ESG outcomes
  • asset managers seeking to measure and manage integrated impact-financial data and performance.

The tangible, verified, technology-driven outcomes our platform monitors make it possible for talented founders to realize their potential.

Through an equitable investment lens catalyzed by blockchain technology, RAZ Finance is opening doors for funding to be channeled towards world-changing social and environmental innovation.

Although capital inflows are changing the investment landscape, inadequate solutions exist to answer,

“how do investment strategies driven by ESG, sustainability and impact lead to economic benefit?”


“how do we know that positive change is being catalyzed by our capital”?

RAZ is being developed in response to both questions.

On our platform, investors, companies and their stakeholders verify data and claims from how capital is allocated, to how integrated financial, ESG and sustainability outcomes are realized alongside positive impact.

Challenges: Finance, Impact and ESG speak different languages Solutions being developed by RAZ
ESG-related financial performance data is largely driven by public capital markets. The potential of impact, ESG and sustainability-driven investments is limited by a traditional focus on exponential growth and public market trading. Investors have limited liquidity in fast-moving private markets driven by increasingly conscious consumer demand. The RAZ dashboard tracks data from companies at all stages of growth. Stakeholder-verified positive impact alongside financial data facilitates due diligence and investment through transparent, blockchain-enabled, transactions and smart contracts. Investor liquidity is strengthened by secure and tokenized data, leading to increased access to capital for mission-driven companies.
Across the venture capital and private equity space, there is limited data on how impact and ESG strategies lead to financial return.This results in trapped value and misaligned incentives between growth and impact. Capital deployment towards the realization of Impact Themes is tracked from the onset of an initiative. Timelines related to impact, ESG and sustainability outcome realization are correlated to revenue, substantiating how decision-making influences financial performance.
Many investors are challenged by limited vetted, investable and impact-verified opportunities, high investment minimums, and low quality deal flow. Individuals, family offices and private or sovereign funds seeking to explore investing into ESG and impact-driven opportunities are hesitant and reluctant to take long term capital-intensive positions. Datasets compiled by RAZ across shorter, project-based timelines, facilitate integrated impact-financial vetting and due diligence, leading to increased capital inflows. RAZ tracks how capital is allocated to ESG, sustainability and impact initiatives, while measuring the influence of outcome realization on financial performance. Near-term results across fixed timelines can be verified by all stakeholders. Dealflow is improved through collaboration between the RAZ community and ecosystem partners.
ESG and impact metrics are not universally standardized. A market need exists for the clear and transparent ranking of companies and investment opportunities. Companies and initiatives can customize their chosen metrics and seamlessly report on integrated outcomes through a decentralized network. $RAZ holders and the DAO community influence standards and practices through evolutionary self-governance. RAZ facilitates the indexing and ranking of company performance as part of its DeFi-driven impact, ESG and sustainable investment market.

Grant Deliverables:

RAZ Finance DAO and Data Market

Impact in Action and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved dataset relevance increased by the project’s decentralization


Grant Deliverable 1

Impact in Action

  • Publication of a $5000 grant award to the top Regenerative Innovation project. Application categories to include: Ocean Impact - SDG 14 Life Below Water, Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 12, Wellness SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing, Agriculture SDG 2 Zero Hunger
  • Impact in Action dataset to include data on the deployment of capital, inclusive of digital assets, to the realization of specific goals and outcomes

Grant Deliverable 2

Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved

  • Establishment of a legal entity for the RAZ Finance DAO, and formal, regulated token offering initiated
  • Deployment of the $RAZ governance token
  • Distribution of $RAZ to co-founders, stakeholders, investors and project owners
  • $RAZ-driven voting on community guidelines, codes of conduct, funding topics, impact metrics and initiatives, verification standards
  • Dataset to provide detailed, stakeholder-verified, data on the processes and action steps involved in the achievement of each milestone
  • Capital deployment data to be complemented by financial performance tracking related to the utilization of digital assets to fund impact, ESG and sustainability-driven projects
  • Groups, communities, founders, investors and beyond will be able to access practical examples on how to decentralize their business models and evolve into a DAO.

Grant Deliverable 3

Reputation Scoring and Tokenization


  • Integration of reputation scoring for individual stakeholder performance across current RAZ Project Owner platforms, including those managed by Ramprate, Maven Hemp and Shah Hemp.
  • Community reputation scoring to be based on overall results across all projects a stakeholder is involved with
  • DAO governance voting to be based on community-level reputation score
  • Reputation scores to be tokenized and handed out to the community as both incentives and to support the facilitation of individual transactions, inclusive of investment and support/capacity building engagements.

Which category best describes your project?

Unleash Data

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?

Data Consume Volume

What is the final product?

Data for the market is sourced by:

  • The RAZ stakeholder engagement platform that transparently records progress according to:

Impact themes and metrics | ESG strategies | Sustainability targets and indicators | Capital allocation commitments | Economic outcomes

while incentivizing outcome realization through decentralized currencies

RAZ Stakeholder Community Platform Features

Data Inputs and Document Upload

A Project Owner who manages a company’s data can upload document or report, for example, a spreadsheet that was sent to an investor about how capital was allocated. The document is reviewed and verified by the project’s stakeholders as well as by auditors and impact/sustainability/ESG experts. Proof of existence is recorded on a blockchain ledger.

Reputation-Based Verification

To create a decentralized data verification model, the weight of stakeholder contributions, reviews and audits is based on reputation scores. The methodology and standards utilized to shape scoring criteria are decided upon by the RAZ DAO community. The process therefore makes it possible for any project to attract the attention of experts carrying higher reputation scores, and allows for progress to be made regardless of whether a company or initiative has the financial capacity to engage consultants and support providers.

Integrated Reporting

A fund manager or investor licenses the platform in order for the companies, tech solutions, farms, and impact-driven initiatives they have invested into to be able to utilize RAZ to track and manage data while integrating their reporting.

User Profile:

Project Owners

For-profit companies seeking to:

  • Publish verified impact

  • Achieve milestones, certification

  • Qualify for funding (investment and grants)

Non-profit organizations seeking:

  • funding and donations

  • the ability to transparently track and report on the allocation of their funding

Investors/asset managers/DAO communities seeking:

  • New, verified, opportunities to deploy capital and funding

  • To monitor existing projects

Partners: technical assistance/capacity building

  • Individual partner representatives are able to participate in project evaluation and earn reputation scores

  • Reputation facilitates incentivization and digital asset-driven rewards based on the achievement of milestones

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem? This is best expressed as Expected ROI.

Expected ROI:

Based on the launch of :

  • The RAZ Data Market to facilitate monetization and trading; alongside,
  • The RAZ DAO and grant-making initiative,

RAZ Finance expects to attract a larger number of applications for funding, leading to:

  • A RAZ Finance portal for verified impact, ESG and sustainable investment opportunities

Our team expects that this can be achieved by December 2021 and that the following total ROI can be realized over the course of one year - by December 2022:

Bang = 260,000

Primary Metric: Data Consume Volume

Expected long-term results:

Secondary Metric: Network Revenue

5,000,000 $OCEAN trading volume resulting from:

  • RAZ DAO treasury growth
  • Investment and capital deployment transactions in $OCEAN
  • RAZ marketing and outreach campaigns, network development, data consumption, stakeholder incentivization driven by reputation scoring, rewards and bounties.
  • Total value locked in $OCEAN as part of RAZ datasets

Total trading volume based on Data Consume Volume and Network Revenue expectations: 1,300,000 $OCEAN

Total community revenue: 260,000 $OCEAN

Round 8: 33208
Round 9: 22764
Round 10: $20,000 USD x 0.7 = 28,571 (estimate)
Round 11: $50,000 USD x 0.7 = 71,428 (estimate)
Total: 155,971

Chance of Success


Community revenue ROI: 234,000 $OCEAN - 1.5

Primary Metric: Data Consume Volume

More than one third of total assets under management (AUM), or $53 trillion, will be classified as “sustainable” or “ESG” by 2025. Our team believes that the long-term value to the Ocean DAO community will be interconnected with the growth of global AUM in this category over the next 4 years.

According to Bloomberg, McKinsey and the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, the largest shift in capital allocation occurred in 2021, leading to a $3 Trillion inflow of investment into “green”, sustainable and ESG-driven economic recovery initiatives.

ESG momentum is rising. While the next wave of growth is emerging across Europe, China, Japan and the USA, policy makers and market authorities are accelerating ESG disclosure requirements for both corporations and investors.

Based on these trends, RAZ Finance expects that trading volume through the RAZ Data Market will increase proportionally to our curation efforts and market forces.

Our Impact in Action and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved datasets on the Ocean Market will serve to cross-promote both RAZ and the Ocean Protocol, while providing practical use cases, editable policies, and more.

RAZ data will make it possible for asset managers, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants and impact managers to access resources on what impact measurement and management, alongside “Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance” (FESG) look like in practice.

Secondary Metric: Network Revenue

Network revenue will primarily be generated by the launch and development of the RAZ impact-financial data market on a foundation of Ocean Protocol code.

Our team has established that our ability to generate data from more diverse sources will be based on making funding available to projects across four Sustainable Development Goals Regenerative Innovation project. Application categories to include: Ocean Impact - SDG 14 Life Below Water, Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 12, Wellness SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing, Agriculture SDG 2 Zero Hunger

By launching a pilot call for proposals through the RAZ DAO, we intend to prove the viability of the concept in practice, and attract more investors and partners. Throughout this process, we expect that investment capital will be provided to the RAZ DAO treasury in $OCEAN as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Project duration:

Initial pilot process completed and milestones met between August 9th and September 1st 2021

Proof of Concept: 90 days - September 9th to December 9th 2021

Token Launch:

  • Private sale: October-December 2021

RAZ Data Market Launch: November 2021

Decentralized Community Platform Market Launch: 1 year - January 2022 to January 2023

RAZ is expected to grow to being adopted by 30-50+ investment funds and 500-700 companies by the fourth quarter of development, and to adoption by 200+ asset managers and 1500+ companies by 2023.

Through RAZ, Ocean is gaining exposure to impact investment fund managers, institutional investment managers, individual investors, companies receiving investment, and corporates as the go-to solution for dataset tokenization and trading.

RAZ aims to become a decentralized “best practice” platform for integrated impact and financial data integration.

The influence of the DAO community, alongside the economic viability of $RAZ, amplify the potential of integrated impact and financial data by incentivizing:

  • Investors, Asset Managers and Companies

  • Stakeholders

to participate in the process of generating credible data

by distributing cryptocurrency rewards including:

  • $RAZ

  • $OCEAN

while transforming their data inputs over time into digital assets through three pathways:

  • Data Utility Tokens

  • Conditional Tokens

  • NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens

Data tokenization leads to monetization, trade and liquidity opportunities.

  • Investors can diversify their portfolios.

  • Digital asset trading increases access to capital and facilitates liquidity.

The collective intelligence of the RAZ DAO leads to economic benefit for all participants.

Efficient data analysis, the provision of actionable insights and influence on impact and financial outcomes as they are unfolding.

Funding Requested: $20,000 USD

Proposal Wallet Address: 0xf8388c804061d08b757BAef8d9bB5f9eF8BA90D1

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? Yes, during Rounds 8 and 9.

Team Website: RAZ Finance Project

Public Impact Platform featuring real-time progress towards decentralization

Twitter Handle: @razfintech

Project lead Contact Email: miriam@roshem.com

Country of Residence: Israel

Part 2

Core Team

Miriam Davidovic


Role: Co-Founder

Background/Experience: Miriam is the Founder of Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation that provides information technology and marketing solutions to companies that are committed to realizing verifiable, positive, social and environmental impact. She leads the development of impact data, verification, certification and impact-financial integration for RAZ Finance. Her leadership expertise spans across the USA, Canada, and Israel as related to impact finance, intellectual property, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, Environment, Social and Governance policy and practice.

Raphael Bitterman


Role: Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

Background/Experience: Raphael is a licensed attorney in Israel with 20 years of Intellectual Property law experience. He worked across the diamond and jewelry industry for 19 years developing market access opportunities through technology, while driving sales and operating diamond tenders. He manages business development and partnerships at RAZ Finance with a focus on opportunities across the landscape of impact and ESG investing, blockchain, impact tech, agricultural tech, sustainable and regenerative business.

Nemanja Tomanovic


Role: Technology Development Project Manager

Background/Experience: Nemanja developed our Proof of Concept platform, and facilitated the integration of Impact Theme and Initiative functionality. He is an expert at online community management as well as front-end development. He has worked with Roshem Impact since 2019, and has created websites and community platforms for impact-driven initiatives across the e-commerce, advisory and consulting, trading, and sustainable business landscape. At RAZ, he manages priorities, workflows and HR related to the expansion of our in-house team, blockchain integration, data security, tokenization through the Ocean Protocol, while ensuring our team meets and exceeds milestones and KPIs in accordance with investor expectations.

Selena Ivanovic


Role: Marketing, Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

Background/Experience: Selena has led Roshem Impact since 2020 and managed communications and marketing projects for impact-driven firms and initiatives. She led the team to B Corporation Certification and participated in developing and executing a Workers Impact Business Model that led to the company being recognized in the top 5% of B Corps globally, as part of the 2021 Best for the World list. She led the organization of the Roshem Impact Summit, an online conference that brought together prolific speakers to explore the emergence of a regenerative economy. The RAZ Finance initiative was officially launched in September 2020, and publicized in July 2021. At RAZ, Selena manages stakeholder communications, client service and onboarding, social media, digital and video content development. Selena previously worked for the Novak Djokovic Foundation, where she managed communications strategy and fundraising.

Margaret Mondlane


Role: Environment, Social and Governance Verification Expert

Background/Experience: Margaret has over 20 years experience in environmental, social, governance (ESG), and project management consulting for private, public, and international clients for a multitude of industries. She has been a Benefit Officer and Impact Consultant with Roshem Impact since February 2020. She advises on matters related to ESG and compliance. Her most recent academic achievements include a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Colorado and Leeds Business School. She has a B.S. degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town.


Joshua Boles | CEO of Neo Flow Asset Management


Background/Experience: As the CEO of Neo Flow, Joshua leads a multi-disciplinary investment management company focused on Digital Assets, Decentralized Finance, and Web 3.0 blockchain projects. The firm’s relationships and blended investment approach have led to early access to the most advanced Digital Asset protocols and next-generation technology. His career history has included being a Senior Investment Advisor, Executive Director, Chief of Staff and Business Development leader working with federal clients and the Department of Defense. He has managed a Single Family Office for 10 years, with approximately 4,000 multifamily units in five US states including a portfolio of investments across the venture capital and private equity space.

Nenad Tanaskovic


Nenad is the CEO and Founder of Bloxico a startup founded in 2018 by several blockchain and fintech experts. Bloxico is an approved vendor for Cardano and actively collaborates with the IOHK team.
Nenad has over 20 years of management experience in all aspects of Information Technology:
• CTO and CIO of AFA Systems plc, a publicly listed IT company at London Stock Exchange
• End to end management of complex IT projects in the UK, USA, Middle East and South Africa

Over 30 years of IT Solutions Engineering experience:
• Senior QA Software Engineer doing Test Automation and Continuous Integration on First Data Payment Gateway project using Agile/Scrum, Cucumber, Selenium, Ruby, Docker, Jenkins and JIRA.
• QA Software Engineer for Pass loyalty and cashless payment cards systems using C, C++, Linux based POS with GPRS modules and NFC cards
• Software architect of Musketeer, a financial system which was developed in C++, fully Object Oriented with persistence layers mapped to SQL Server. Over 60% of code was automatically generated from Meta models, with 1.5 million lines of code
• In addition to the above: C, Java Script, C#, OO Design, UML, Financial systems, Embedded Software and Complex systems modelling

Ron Goldschlager | Chairman and Managing Director of the Hermal Group | Founder of Cusp Building Solutions

Full Biography

Background/Experience: Ron is a problem solver, the lead advisor at RAZ and an investor driving forward the development of the platform and network. He has an innate need and vision to improve the world for its people. His family have worked in the timber industry for more than seven consecutive generations. Ron has diversified his Hermal Group in Australia into the new world economy of sustainability. As timber has risen to the fore as a solution in the fight to tackle climate change, Ron has turned a forest-based raw material being sold as woodchips into the world’s first plantation hardwood CLT. Cusp is the realization of Ron’s vision to facilitate Australia becoming self-sufficient in timber production and to minimize waste in the timber supply chain. To this end, he is also creating a Bioenergy plant that can generate renewable electricity & heat from the biomass waste of the forest industries. Ron holds an honours degree in Chemical Engineering from Monash University. Cusp Building Solutions is just one of the many successful companies that form part of the Hermal Group, of which Ron is Chairman & Managing Director. These companies include Sullivan’s Cove Distillery, Quip$mart, Mortim, CLTP and Cusp, Solarwood International, Hermal Bioenergy & Westernport Marina.

Carolina Almeida Cruz | Founder of CMore | Business and Human Rights Expert


Background/Experience: Carolina started the impact-focused stage of her career at the ILO - International Labor Organization with regards to ending Human Trafficking and furthering Women’s Rights. In 2012, she co-founded the Sapana nonprofit organization in Portugal. In 2020, she founded the CMore ESG Strategy Consultancy. Carolina studied Psychology at the ISPA, Financials and Stewardship for Nonprofits at Harvard, Entrepreneurship, Social Impact and Innovation at the United Nations University for Peace, and Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University. She received the Women Economic Forum “Iconic Women Creating a Better World” Award from the World Economic Forum in March 2019, and in 2021, was recognized as one of Portugal’s top three Women in Tech.

Michael Healy


Background/Experience: Michael is co-founder of UNIT and partner at Unit.Ventures, focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity. It connects providers and customers, as well as allows businesses and individuals to issue tokens for specific uses. He is focused on social impact and positive change through education, entrepreneurship and empowering individuals. Michael is a self-taught full-stack web developer and mobile engineer. Michael has built several successful businesses with exits ranging from Chatride, an encrypted peer-to-peer video conferencing technology, Ratemash, once one of the UK’s largest student social networks, the Wikileaks Android app and many niche mobile apps used by millions of users worldwide. Alongside starting and growing businesses, Michael has advised and supported startups, investors and corporates in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Part 3: Project Deliverables

Unleash Data

Impact in Action and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved Datasets are published on the Ocean Market. The relevance of the data is consistently being increased by curated, practical examples.

A RAZ Data Market is being launched through a fork of Ocean code by November 2021

Are there any mockups or designs to date?

The public version of the project tracks integrated impact and financial data in real-time during the process of RAZ Finance becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

An overview of the technology stack?

  • Ocean Protocol Data Market Technology

The current Proof of Concept platform facilitates:

  • Public progress tracking and verification related to RAZ Finance governance, decentralization, ESG policy, programs and workers impact.
  • Project Owner platform customization, working groups, stakeholder engagement, Impact Theme groups and Initiatives that track progress according to specific assessment frameworks.

The company is currently in the capital raising phase to create a broader platform and mobile app based on integrations with:

Projects will be connected to a RAZ zone on the ixo Internet of Impact. Companies will be able to utilize the RAZ platform to issue ixo Alphabonds for the purpose of accessing financing in any cryptocurrency, including $RAZ.

The ixo Impact Exchange platform (DEX) for swapping pairs of fungible token assets, including RAZ, from any Internet of Impact network zone and will connect through to the Cosmos Hub DEX to access cross-network liquidity. The RAZ team has joined the ixo Launchpad program and is in the process of qualifying to become an Impact Market Relayer in order to connect RAZ data management solutions and integrated impact-financial outcome management with the Internet of Impact.

If the project includes community engagement:

Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks? Continuously for the duration of the existence of the RAZ Finance community, with emphasis on the Ocean DAO having provided significant support during the project’s early stages.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far?


  • Tracks and verifies impact

  • Manages capital allocation decisions

  • Engages teams and stakeholders to verify outcomes

  • Increases the speed and efficiency of due diligence related to accessing or deploying capital

Proof of Concept Product Dive: Where We Are Now

Access the public version of the platform to see more

Impact Themes and Initiatives are customized according to:

  • The goals of companies, initiatives and their funders

  • RAZ DAO funding calls for proposals and metrics established by the community

  • The platform records action steps and progress across ESG, sustainability or impact initiatives

  • Stakeholders engaged with projects can verify and influence outcomes: investors, team members, employees, consultants, partners, suppliers, customers, community members, verification experts and intended beneficiaries

  • Engagement is incentivized and tracked through currencies distributed by the RAZ DAO, inclusive of $OCEAN, $RAZ (upcoming) and $MATIC. The realization of each initiative is correlated to DeFi-driven economic impact. Financial data is reviewed and verified based on: statements and verification by beneficiaries, employees and individual stakeholders.

  • Details on the capital allocated, and deployed, to each initiative involved in the realization of an Impact Theme can be provided

  • Each company and organization that utilizes the platform onboards members from their own stakeholder groups

  • Datasets are tokenized through OCEAN ERC-20 datatokens, starting with PHEORC-5 and DETORC-97 traded through the Ocean Market. Trading revenue is deposited to the RAZ DAO treasury.

** What is the project roadmap That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone.**

November 2021: Impact in Action and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved datasets expand to include verified impact-financial data from 20-30 or more companies due to grant and funding calls published by the RAZ DAO.

January 2022:

  1. 5-10 investment funds and 20-30 companies managing data via RAZ Finance

  2. RAZ Finance becomes a validator and market relayer as part of the ixo protocol’s Internet of Impact

December 2021 - February 2022: $200,000 in capital raised for MVP platform development

January 2022 - June 2022: Platform upgrades from Minimum Viable Product to Decentralized Network Platform completed.

RAZFinance.io | $RAZ | Data Science

By March 2022:

  • Timelines, proof points and verification events are recorded through transparent blockchain ledgers.

  • Confidential and proprietary data is stored in both hash format and on secure servers.

  • Data privacy: RAZ Project Owners remain in control of how their data is accessed and utilized.

  • Off-chain data bridged to a diverse range of blockchains via oracle solutions and smart contracts.

$RAZ utility extends to:

  • Access to the publication, verification and reputation scoring features of RAZFinance.io

  • Capital deployment to verified opportunities.

  • Impact, ESG and sustainable investment assets traded through decentralized exchanges and secondary market platforms.

  • Influence on outcomes. Stake in the impact of every company, nonprofit, and initiative engaging with the RAZ DAO and platform in order to influence outcomes

  • Carbon and sustainability credits

Any maintenance? Ongoing platform maintenance and development based on further rounds of capital investment - total of $450,000 to be invested into information technology between 2021-2022, with a $2M to $7M capital raise in 2023, of which a minimum of 40% will be channeled to information technology.

Foreseen or possible additions?

Phase 2 of development

  • Capital deployment and allocation data is tracked and verified. Capital allocation decisions and revenue are correlated to ESG, impact and sustainability initiative timelines.

  • Economic, environmental, social and governance outcome data across the timeline of the project or investment is correlated to substantiate influential factors.

  • Financial and impact reporting become integrated through data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Decision-making and ESG outcomes are correlated to revenue and financial performance.

Additional Information

Any additional information, custom fields, or images you would like to add? For example: Any grants or fundraising to date?

1. Fundraising

  • $50,000 USD Capital Investment from an angel investor by means of a Convertible Note.

  • $50,000 Committed to the private sale phase of the $RAZ token launch

2. Grants

  • $17,600 USD/33208 $OCEAN

  • $17,500 USD/22764 $OCEAN

grants from the Ocean Protocol Foundation.

The Ocean Protocol logo, introductory details and information about the grants have been added to:

RAZ Finance is awaiting feedback from the Ocean DAO to onboard companies and achieve the following: Cross-promotion of Ocean DAO members actively measuring and managing their impact, sustainability and ESG data.

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Development, launch and commercialization of a Due Diligence and Stakeholder Engagement Platform from Q3 of 2021

  • Blockchain solutions identified and initial partnerships confirmed

  • Due diligence and data gathering conducted for the RAZ DAO community.

  • Relationship-building with established impact investors and ESG-driven asset managers

  • Establishment of partnerships with funds and companies across regulated markets including Canada, the USA, UK and EU * RAZ token minting and Initial Dex Offering

  • MVP delivered by Q2 of 2022

  • Modular development process allowing for expansion of existing platform and technology

  • 3-month pilot with asset managers across regulated markets and their investee companies

  • Impact and financial data entry points expanded.

  • Blockchain-based verification integrated

  • Reporting and correlation functionality developed

  • Data tokenization and trading * 2022 - Seed funding round at $2M - $7M USD+

  • 2023 - Series A funding round at $7M - $10M USD+

  • Geographic scope: UK, USA, Canada, European Union, Australia

  • Pilot projects with emerging market asset managers for impact-driven startups across Asia, the Middle East (Israel and the UAE) Africa, Latin America and India

  • Licensing to 70+ institutional asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, impact investment funds

For the OCEAN Protocol, RAZ presents an opportunity for $OCEAN utility to be at the forefront of:

  • Transforming the decentralized impact economy by integrating stakeholder-verification with financial performance
  • The development of a decentralized exchange centered on stakeholder-verified impact-financial data that facilitates transparent investment and liquidity across the ESG, sustainability and impact landscape.

Join us in leading the evolution of decentralized impact finance.

Information deck: https://razfinance.io/wp-content/uploads/RAZ-Finance-Information-Deck-v07a-September-2021.pdf

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Hello! Thanks for the proposal.

After 2 rounds of funding, I would have loved to see more actualized network revenue on your pool or at least backup of your efforts towards on boarding data curators and data consumers

I would’ve preferred to see stronger engagement, proactive outreach from RAZ team towards driving value to the Ocean Market.

What are your thoughts ?


Thank you for your feedback @realdatawhale

Our team has committed to launching a RAZ Data Market based on a fork of the Ocean Protocol’s technology.

  • As a result of our pilot project’s progress with our initial early adopters, we’ve transitioned from a “hands-on” approach of supporting companies through B Corporation certification to a data sourcing approach driven by active funding calls for proposals. The launch of our fist dataset required significant work to create/adapt policies and programs for the companies that participated in our pilot. In order to increase the extent of the data sourced, and its relevance, we are adapting our platform to become a due diligence tool so that companies are tasked with providing their own supporting documentation, while stakeholders review and verify data.

Our pivot is intended to prove to asset managers that our platform can function as an efficient due diligence tool for their capital deployment decisions, track how capital is allocated post-investment, and generate high-quality data that will be relevant to the industry overall.

The promotion of our Impact in Action and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved datasets is interconnected with our own decentralization process, grant and funding calls for proposals, and increasing partnerships.

Please see:

  • With regards to how we intend to achieve Network Revenue, please see the project highlights section which explains how RAZ can increase the relevance of $OCEAN across a multi-trillion USD asset management sector.
  • With regards to engagement, our primary social channel has been LinkedIn. Due to our pivot towards a decentralized business model and the practical application of RAZ Finance being solidified as a due diligence tool, our team now has a more solid business model to share publicly via Twitter, Telegram and Discord. The relevance of $OCEAN as part of this journey is particularly as:

  • a deployable currency for funding impact investment opportunities

  • a mechanism to incentivize stakeholder engagement

  • a pathway towards monetizing verified impact data during due diligence processes so that data sale revenue can fund further investment and grant rounds

  • Our efforts for the previous two months focused on developing our business model from a deck and proof of concept to curating commercially-viable data related to:

  • How the RAZ Finance DAO is emerging from an impact investment and capacity building business model developed by Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation honored on the 2021 “Best for the World” list in the Workers Impact category. Action steps will show, in practice, how employee impact considerations are balanced with the process of decentralization.

  • How the RAZ DAO founding team adapted the policies of Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation, to reflect the interests of the DAO community.

  • What are the privacy and GDPR considerations related to a private company adopting a decentralized model and publishing member data?

@realdatawhale we believe that by sharing samples, case studies and proof points related to the above, the resulting momentum driven by the quality of our data is what will facilitate value for the Ocean community. Our Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved pathway will now allow us to move forward from actively creating the data to set a baseline standard of quality to sourcing data from a wider range of companies.

Hello! Really like the proposal and the impact you are trying to make!

I have a question regarding the go-to-market and how to get in touch with these investors and companies. As you probably know, the investor-space is quite close-knitted. Secondly, have you already gained some validation from impact VC’s/investors that there is a need for this solution, and how about the impact companies?

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you for your positive feedback @WorkPi

Our ability to engage with the investment and VC community is based upon our own impact data and reputation. We have further opted to make our data and progress publicly available and transparent. Our team and advisors have established meaningful relationships with asset managers over the course of their respective careers. We launched a proof of concept initiative to gather feedback from early adopters related to the practical applications of our solution. We aim to be well-prepared to answer why both asset managers and companies would see our solution as relevant to the impact investment sector and actively engage with our community.

Our proof of concept launch led us to the realization that product market-fit would be driven by:

  • Reputation-based impact-financial data verification and project scoring
  • For investors: the accessibility of verified investable opportunities
  • For companies and organizations: the ability to qualify for, and access, capital and funding as a result of utilizing the platform

Our roadmap has been updated to include the launch of reputation-based engagement scoring and a grants DAO to facilitate access to funding whereby our own RAZ DAO community would facilitate the first use case related to:

  • Investment due diligence
  • Impact-financial outcome verification based on capital deployment decisions

RAZ Finance was launched by Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation and 2021 “Best for the World” honoree in the Workers Impact category. Our credibility in the impact measurement and management space is based on our own values that we translate into practice.

At the onset of our impact-financial data integration initiative, which has now evolved into RAZ, we initiated working groups in September 2020 with experienced asset managers and consultants across the traditional and ESG finance landscape. Together, we worked through the RAZ value proposition and established a business development roadmap. This began following the Roshem Regeneration Summit, and you can see videos from the online event here

At present, our investor relations and partnership building initiatives are led by


Our advisor

and the company she leads, CMore have been connecting RAZ with impact-driven enterprises and initiatives.

The Hermal Group and Cusp Building Solutions have expressed the intention of working with RAZ Finance to manage and verify impact data related to the global scaling of their sustainable timber and BioEnergy solutions. The Group is a lead sponsor of the Australian Pavillion at this year’s Expo Dubai.

We have established a partnership with, and received validation of the need for our solution from, the iAngels fund - a woman-led venture capital firm and investment platform. iAngels offers investors worldwide exclusive access to tech startup and scaleup investment opportunities originated in Israel and curated through a streamlined due diligence process allowing investors to create a personalized VC portfolio led by some of the highest caliber entrepreneurs in the nation.

RAZ Finance is a part of the VC support ecosystems of Master Ventures, CV Labs and Unit Ventures

In alignment with our go-to-market strategy, our first pilot project will be with the iAngels fund as related to their portfolio companies across Israel and the region.

Updates on our partnerships and ecosystem members will be published here on a regular basis.