[Proposal] - Voting Mechanism Design & Community Engagement

Key Project Data

  • Name of project: Voting Mechanism Design & Community Engagement Proposal
  • Proposal Wallet Address: 0x85F52bc7fF503133C4387b76083a71EAC6cb577C
  • The proposal in one sentence: Exploring both different voting mechanism design options and potential content or community engagement options to drive more engagement
  • Which category best describes your project? Improvements to OceanDAO

Project Overview

Description of the project:

  • The primary focus of the project is to explore various voting mechanism options that could be utilized with OceanDAO and to create some outputs outlining the findings. Some things to consider:
    • Immediate vs phased voting
    • Binary vs likert vs ranked vs mixed
    • Single vs multi stage
    • Any potential process changes to the grants program to be ready for a larger volume of proposals
    • What are other grants programs/DAOs doing
  • Additionally, I will put together at least one if not a few overviews of what content or events could potentially help with increasing engagement
    • What content can be useful in terms of accomplishing the goals -
      • Additional events to help maximize community interaction, support, and growth

What problem is your project solving?

  • Growing the engagement in OceanDAO. As the DAO and the overall ecosystem grow, it’s important to think through the relevant process changes to facilitate larger scale interaction, as well as what additional interactions can be created to facilitate growth

What is the final product?

  • A document overviewing the findings from the research, including the suggestion
  • A medium article with an overview of findings, a link to the doc

How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem? This is best expressed as Expected ROI, details here.

  • Bang = 20k OCEAN (at least 2 projects)
  • Buck = 10k OCEAN
  • Chance of success = 65%
  • RoI = 1.3
  • I think that by finding the right ways to improve incentives and to bring people together, more projects will start to come. Making the right voting and overall process improvements can help drive a lot more than 2 projects, but I have no reasonable way to quantify the amount so I’m going with a conservative growth of 2 proposals.

Project Milestones

  • Research findings coordinating with Alex and others on the Ocean team (by end of March)
  • A document overviewing the various options to consider along with the relevant pros and cons to consider for each (by mid-April)
  • An article outlining the document and providing a specific suggestion and why that approach makes the most sense (by mid-April)

Team Members

Eugene Leventhal, governance researcher

  • Links:
  • Background/Experience:
    • Project Manager at CMU’s CyLab Security and Privacy Institute (2018 - present). I both have managed teams through large ($1m+) grant proposals and project manage an internal grants program related to an IoT initiative
    • Co-founder at eduDAO 2016-2018 (not currently active), planned out an educational and nonprofit focused DAO and coordinated with community members and some schools/nonprofits in the Bronx in New York City.
    • 7 years of professional services (consulting and research at a recruiting company) experience in finance where I both had to put together RFP responses and helped clients with vendor selection