[Proposal] Videowiki 2.0 - An updated collaborative content creation platform

Key Project Data

Project Overview


  1. The first aspect of digital education is the need to equip all educators and learners with digital competencies (knowledge, skills, tools, and attitudes) to live, work, learn and thrive in a world that is increasingly mediated by digital technologies.
  2. Second, the inclusion, utility, and deployment of a growing array of digital technologies (applications, platforms, design & coding languages, and technology frameworks) to improve and extend content quality for education and training. Online, distance, and blended learning are specific examples of how technology can be used to support teaching and learning processes.
  3. And thirdly, the underlying technology and policy frameworks. Addressing the above two aspects of digital education requires policies and actions on several fronts, including leadership (infrastructure, strategy, and policy frameworks) national skill development frameworks to enhance teacher skills, learner skills, content, curriculum, assessment.


VideoWiki: defined as a “Video Wikipedia for Learners and Creators”, this simple tool helps educators create teaching content without any advanced knowledge of a tool or code. They create content by using various media and graphics from the open stock libraries and merging it with their own content to keep it engaging and diverse.

Our solution could find use-case in many segments where content is generated rapidly, modified, and distributed in usual media formats. This can be utilized in micro-learning, assisted training, video documentations, and e-learning. The project is a unique mix of technology that enables others to come and build solutions on top of it.

The content created using our advanced AI model can be published in an IP Protected manner on the blockchain using OCEAN Protocol. The publisher contains the IP of the content in form of data tokens which are generated through the OCEAN Protocol.

Project Deliverables

Progress after previous Grant:

  1. Better faster and improved AI Model for content suggestion
  2. Video classroom in Operational state
  3. Video creation can be done using a text file, pdfs, ppts, and from URLs
  4. 66% faster performance through optimization.
  5. Unifying user experience with improved UI/UX with steps guiding each process
  6. Now Videowiki available in Microsoft Teams
  7. Forking mechanism available
  8. Implementing MicroLearning solutions with VideoWiki in Organizations and Universities

A peek into the future:

  1. Deploying on-chain Version Control System
  2. Managing multiple ownership on chain
  3. Work on possible side-chain / substrate-based-chain implementation for faster speed
  4. Work on possible L2 Scaling options like Polygon
  5. Classroom record editing and publishing mechanism improved
  6. Build a protocol to enable shared ownership based on OCEAN Protocol.

Community engagement

  1. Create an ecosystem focused on learning based on Videowiki
  2. Partnering with AlinAfrica community to conduct 3 months multi-country internship in Emerging Tech
  3. Planning AlternateFuture Summit 2021
  4. In discussions for collaboration with 19 companies like Huawei, Proctor & Gamble, Adobe, PeopleTreeGroup.
  5. 44 Universities offering testbeds and early adoption. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FZewFv3WFaRBFyqOnEDMSGmFob6PGfPs/view?usp=sharing)
  6. Co-Organizers of Global One Hackathon for Portugal & Ukraine Edition

Project Details

If the project includes software:

  • Are there any mockups or designs to date?
  • An overview of the technology stack?
    • AI Model using Python & Django
    • Front end using Vue stack
    • Ethereum as the public blockchain network
    • Javascript libraries of DAOStack and OCEAN Protocol
    • Code Versioning control - GitLab
    • code editor - visual studio, PyCharm

ROI for OCEAN Holders

The benefits for OCEAN Holders:

  1. Purchase published video content from our video library or from OCEAN Market place
  2. The growing demand of the platform boosts the demand for OCEAN tokens which impact the price of OCEAN token in general

Team members

For each team member, give their name, role, and background such as the following.

Natalia Rheskava

  • Role: Co-Founder/CIO
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • Background:
    • PhD, Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav
    • Media Relations & International Medical Community (IMC) Lead
    • HundrED Ambassador
    • World Economic Forum Digital Member

Shivam Dhawan

  • Role: Co-Founder/CTO
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • Background:
    • Founder at GetBoarded
    • Founder Chief Strategist at Arbunize
    • Web Analytics Manager atMetriplica
    • BI Team Lead at Annalect
    • Business Systems Analyst at MetLife
    • Web Analytics Application Developer & Consultant at CTS Argentina SRL

Sumit Rathore

Puneet Gupta:

Chinmay Jain

Bhaskar Dutta

Jyoti Sing

Additional Information

Any additional information, custom fields, or images you would like to add? For example Any grants or fundraising to date?


#EUvsVirus Hackathon Challenge Winner - Project conceptualization, partnership pledges

#Hack Back Overall Winner 2020 - UX definitions and first prize

Semi-finalist of AISolutions 2030 Solving SDG Global Goals through AI

Winners of Climate KIC Romania

Winners DigiEduHack by EIT Digital Timisora edition - EUR 1000


News & Media

All media coverages with a small quote from article and Linkback



Hi, thank you for describing your awesome project. Can you please provide clarification how previous funding by OceanDAO has helped generate a positive impact to Ocean holders? Why should we vote to fund your team and how will the funding be used? How does your app use Ocean Market and what is your strategy for providing a sustainable loop or impact for the Ocean data economy? Thank you!

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We have created a better UI interface with helper text and step-by-step guide line so that video based contents can be published using the OCEAN Protocol. We have also improved the integration of OCEANjs in our platform. The main benefit of OCEAN token holders is they can purchase video contents from our library or ocean marketplace. The rise in demand of the content also creates a positive impact on the price of OCEAN token.

If the community decides to give us the Grant, we will be using it for:

  1. Improving the user experience.
  2. Research ways to reduce amount of gas needed to be paid. We think paying the gas fee while publishing an asset can be a deal-breaker and are presently working on use case where this can be managed
  3. Possible integration with Polkadot using Substrate side chain and Moonbeam implementation of OCEAN.

Our application provides an instance of OCEAN Market where only video contents can be bought or published. But given the nature of OCEAN Protocol, the content can also be bought from OCEAN Market Place or any fork of it and then the content can be viewed or downloaded (in video format) from our platform.

Hi @BhaskarDutta,

I am replying to inform you that we have updated our process for Round 5.

Please submit your Proposal via the Web Form below to complete registration.

This should take less than 5 minutes.

Thank you!

Hi there, we have submitted your application. Thank you.

I was about to fill-up the form. Is it still necessary?

Thank you Bashkar, your proposal is live and running for Round 5.

Wishing you all the best rallying the troops so they can cast their votes!

Hi Bhaskar,

Thank you kindly for your response. Do you have any resources or articles that document your architecture and how you are building on Ocean protocol? I browsed your website and noticed that there is no mention of the Ocean Integration - I will vote “No” for this round because I do not have enough evidence to judge the OceanDAO ROI for funding VideoWiki based on the proposed deliverables. I wish you the best of luck as you build out your awesome service!


Sorry I couldn’t properly express the integration.

Next time! I think your proposal has a lot of merit but I’m sure both myself and the community would love to see how you are building on Ocean since your webpage does not mention the DAO or Ocean Markets (at least as far as I could find)

Happy to reconsider my vote for round VI, good luck!!

Hi @seldamat , the integration is more visible for the logged in users and I would like to invite you to see the gif - to understand the workflow, it is a seamless integration and customization of Ocean marketplace which has a hook for the user if they want to commercialize their content. The more data streams we add to the funnel the more are the chances for data ending up with paid access to the marketplace. That is our current strategy to develop on. We hope to have your support in future rounds :slight_smile:

Round 5: Not Granted - Optimization of the user journey to sign the transactions involved in the OCEAN marketplace listing. Launching the Classroom, and onboarding Class records to Market.
Status - Completed, despite not being funded. Live at Class.Video.Wiki
Class records can be auto split with AI, post processed and pushed to marketplace @AlexN :slight_smile: