[Proposal] 🦪🟣 Ocean Pearl: Ocean Ecosystem Project Tracker

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Ocean Pearl


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The proposal in one sentence
We finalize the implementation of a community-based project tracking platform for the Ocean ecosystem with an early focus on the OceanDAO community.

Project Category
⌧ Outreach & growth

Project Overview


Ocean Pearl is the first product that was initiated by the Ocean Tech Ship. The Ocean Tech Ship focuses on identifying problems that block the growth of the Ocean ecosystem.

Currently, the number of proposals for the monthly oceanDAO fundings is constantly increasing and it is almost impossible to track the progress of all (funded) projects: Neither as a normal voter nor as an entity like the Tech Ship that needs to have a good overview of the ecosystem to plan their next steps.
The Tech Ship proposed a technical solution to this problem and onboarded five new ambassadors to build Ocean Pearl. The new members have a strong background in web development and are dedicated to building the project for the long run. The infrastructure and foundation for the application are done and we are looking to work on content next.

This proposal is the first try of Ocean Pearl to become an independent project initiated by the Tech Ship.

Ocean Pearl is in close contact with oceanDAO with an established communication channel to track the newest development since the early adopters of Ocean Pearl will be the OceanDAO community.

Problem & Opportunity

While the Ocean ecosystem is growing, it is difficult to keep track of all the developments, announcements, events, and conversations. This is especially evident when you look at a subset of the Ocean ecosystem: oceanDAO.

It is almost impossible to keep track of all proposals, deliverables, progress, and impact on the ecosystem. Users who want to vote also need to touch several platforms to inform themselves (Github, port, vote). As a project owner, you have to write a new proposal based on a text template which is not ideal as formatting differences make it very difficult for automated software to extract the relevant information from a proposal.

  • Get a (quick) overview of the projects in the Ocean ecosystem via an easy to use the web app
  • A community-initiated project as a foundation for a decentralized OceanDAO
  • Improve transparency of (funded) projects
  • Create guidelines for (future) OceanDAO proposals
    • better comparability between projects/proposals
  • Give more people with a non-tech background the opportunity to overview current developments.
  • Build the foundation for a place to get a high-level overview of the health and diversity of the Ocean Protocol ecosystem
  • Standardized, clean data through an API for third parties
  • Keep up with new proposals in the OceanDAO
  • Check if OceanDAO projects delivered what they promised
  • Track the progress of funded projects
  • A quick way to find exciting projects (to contribute to)
  • App Store for Data-Driven/AI Apps
  • Aggregate Ocean Protocol content into one platform

Our Mission

  • Track projects to make sure the funds are used in the best possible way

    • Reward projects that are legit and delivering on their promises
    • Identify malicious actors
    • Identify weaknesses and strengths in the funding strategy of OceanDAO
  • Track projects in the whole Ocean Ecosystem

    • to give them a platform to present updates and announcements
    • to provide users insights into what is out there and what is just marketing hype
  • Support the Ocean Protocol ecosystem

    • by providing an overview and insights based on data from the community
  • Further, the outreach of Ocean Protocol

    • for new users who want to get a first impression
    • for news pages who want to keep track of the development in the ocean ecosystem
    • for active users who do not want to participate in time-consuming community meetings but still would like to use their tokens to vote e.g. or participate and support projects
    • businesses who want to use OP
  • Promoting best practices throughout the Ocean Community how an OceanDAO project can succeed

    • completely open-source
    • all processes are transparent and our groups are accessible
    • responsible management of the funding

Lean Canvas Living Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_WW7zpcLQO0lJKAcFh8GkM4UPgEz4B3PBMH5GhbLQKw/edit?usp=sharing

Project details

Ocean Pearl aims to aggregate all Ocean Protocol content and resources onto one platform, which will be available at oceanpearl.io

  • oceanDAO
    • Collect all projects on oceanDAO from round 1 to round 6 (and ongoing)
    • Display all projects from oceanDAO on a web app
    • Aggregate fundings from individual projects from oceanDAO
    • Show current proposals from new oceanDAO projects
    • Detail Page for oceanDAO projects
    • Landing Page with relevant numbers from oceanDAO
  • Featured projects
    • Show a handpicked project collection
    • Reach out to projects, collecting content and information
  • BUIDLOCEAN [optional]
    • Collaboration with BUIDLOCEAN
    • Laying the tech foundation for future development and potential integrations
  • Outreach
    • Bootstrapping our Twitter Account
    • [Launch a newsletter in collaboration with BUIDLOCEAN]


  • A functioning web app (oceanpearl.io) with 3 dedicated pages
    • home with metrics about oceanDAO projects
    • projects overview
    • project details
  • A custom backend
    • prepared for future development
    • API provision for external data consumers
  • Deployed on self-controlled infrastructure
  • User Analytics integration
    • measurement of user traffic
    • preparation for data-based feature development

KPI Targets

By End-June 2021

  • Display 100% of active and past oceanDAO projects
  • Unique visits to Ocean Pearl: 279
  • 20% Projects proposing of all proposals via ocean pearl for round 6 using Ocean Pearl

Expected short term ROI

  • The community has an easy to use interface for voting on proposals, thus more people will vote on proposals

    • Increased use of the utility token OCEAN - TVL (Primary Fundamental Metrics)
    • Growing demand for OCEAN token (Secondary Fundamental Metrics)
  • Total Value Locked (holdings for voting): 3M

  • Rise of Total Value Locked with Oceanpearl: 1M

  • Likelihood of success: 75%

  • Bang: 1M * 75% = 750k OCEAN

  • Bucks = 10k $OCEAN = 7.5k OCEAN

  • ROI = 750’000 / 7’500 = 100

  • We expect in the long run a significantly higher ROI due to Ocean Pearl. A rise of 10x is very likely.


  • Significant growth of community engagement in voting for proposals
  • Considerable growth of project quality
    • enhanced transparency of projects
    • improved cooperation between running projects and free developers/contributors


  • Ocean Protocol Calendar (most important events, product releases, community events, etc.)
  • One Place to Find it All
    • List of links to important projects in the ecosystem
  • Ocean Token Tracker Board (collaboration with other projects)
  • News Plattform
    • Newsfeed
  • Newsletter
  • Integration of other projects
  • OceanDAO voting
    • Community voting: delivered what was promised? (vote with the tokens, which voted for the project in the DAO-voting)
  • Tutorials on how to vote on oceanDAO (text and video)
  • Show which projects get a lot of attention (views/upvotes/…?)(community favorites)
  • Project Spotlight (give 1 Project special attention for some time), maybe sponsored (featured projects)


Meet the Pearls

  • Albert Peci. Full Stack Web3 Developer, Berlin, Germany (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  • Frederic Schwill. Security & Privacy Engineer, Freiburg, Germany (LinkedIn)
  • Moritz Murauer. Designer & Junior Front-end Developer, Munich, Germany (LinkedIn)
  • Sebastian Abromeit. Junior Full Stack Web Developer, Hamburg, Germany (LinkedIn)
  • Dominik Nolte. Full Stack Web Developer, Hamburg, Germany (LinkedIn)
  • Mathias Krüger. Project Management, Braunschweig, Germany (LinkedIn)
  • Ekereke Precious - Junior Frontend Web Developer, Uyo, Nigeria (LinkedIn)

Github: https://github.com/ocean-tech-ship/
ocean-pear-frontend: 42 closed pull requests, 10 open pull requests
ocean-pearl-api: 3 closed pull requests, 1 open pull requests

Trello: https://trello.com/b/h1l0ZcSN

Discord: https://discord.gg/PP4S5Fg5Xx

Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/7dtPoxdTarwvlPXOPPg4UO/Ocean-Pearl?node-id=292%3A2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oceanpearlio


Much love for the Perl! This is a must have for this round!


Hey Albert and collaborators,

I like this proposal a lot! I, too, have been struggling to keep up with what is happening in the Ocean Ecosystem, and with my personal project rugpullindex.com, I’ve had trouble in engaging with “an audience”.

I think building towards a dedicated community space is a great idea. What I think is most needed to make sense of all information sooner rather than later is:

  • having an algorithm/website that helps good information to bubble up (like HN/reddit)
  • creating an asynchronous and persistent medium (one that is perma-linkable (meaning the content above a link won’t change) and referenceable (meaning that I can refer to content). This is particularly important as the main modes of communication currently are Telegram and Discord.
  • making sure that ocean stakeholder opinion vs outsider opinion is accounted for respectively.

What I’m thinking of concretely and what you could work towards is a “Hacker News for Ocean” using Snapshot.org OCEAN voting.

I explored this as an idea for rugpullindex already a week ago. Now that I’m seeing that you’re going in a similar way, I’m happy to support, share notes and donate the idea.

Anyways, keep up the good work and feel free to reach out for collaborating.


Thank you for submitting this via the web form Albert!


Thank you for your hints. We definitely will consider that in our future way forward. We are happy about every input and will merge them with our ideas. We have to prioritize this ideas due to our capacity :wink:

You are very welcome to talk about your ideas with us.


Status update/recap regarding Round 5 deliverables:

Milestone 1: MVP release:

Find our Round 7 Proposal here: [Proposal] 🦪🟣 Ocean Pearl: The Ocean Ecosystem Project Tracker