Proposal - Fair Data

I want to be very clear upfront I don’t have a technical background

Key Project Data

Mission: To break the mold FAANG companies created through the oppression of consumer data.

Name of the project: Fair FAANG

Website: (coming soon)

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x69BfecD31FE889c31F287DA108F63022CA2c1306

The proposal in just one sentence: To balance the scales of ad revenue between consumers and vendors.

Proposal Category: Unleash data

Project Overview:

In 2020 Facebook, Amazon and Google made $245.7 Billion in ad revenue while consumers received $0.

Ad Agencies need good compliant data to run successful ad campaigns.

Consumer’s need a middle-man to market their data to advertisers and to be fairly compensated for that data.

This project is going to bridge that gap.

It’s currently a team of senior ad executives looking for transparent solutions for their clients that represent 90% of global ad spend ($600+ billion). Knowing in this industry is absolutely the most important thing for any data project to succeed.

This includes

  • Booking a meeting with key media holding company stakeholders
  • Understanding the needs of a media agency
    • Client objectives
    • Measurement
    • Cost
    • Performance

This requires a team with that experience and a network of contacts in this industry to bring this idea and others seeking funding to life.

We are seeking funds and awareness to bring on OCEAN protocol developers to build a platform worthy of presenting to media holding companies as the way forward.

How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem?

Ocean Protocol understands data and we want to create a solution to partner with and sell to media holding companies as an alternative to buying media from FAANG companies.

Ocean Protocol token would be the main asset which consumers would be compensated for their data.

We think there should be a balance as companies’ activated campaigns tokens can be burned at a 1:1 ratio to consumers receiving payment.

Additionally we would like to recommend migrating the OCEAN token to Harmony ONE protocol to reduce fees and create a launch pool that would also see ONE and OCEAN tokens distributed to consumers for their data.

Funding Amount: 20,000 OCEAN or OCEAN Developers on board for 15 hours a week.

Project Deliverables - Category

Platform with a minimum 50,000 users data in US or 20,000 in Canada and 20 data points collected in compliance with privacy laws.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Q2 2021:

  • Receive funds and or development resource. On board team to the vision
  • Push for ONE integration

Q3 2021

  • Build data collect platform and brand to market it
  • Secure MSA agreement with various media vendors for example Verizon, New York Times, Comcast etc.
  • Partners wilth IPG Labs or similar holding company venture

Q4 2021

  • Soft launch data collection platform to consumer (invite only)
  • Test platform with 3 blue chip companie to build case study

Q1 2022

  • Mass launch data collection platform to consumers
  • Showcase ad platform to ad agencies.

Team Members:


Scott Cosgrove

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Great mission. Truly aligned with us over at Solipay. Check out our Round 6 proposal here: [Proposal] Solipay // Unleash Massive, Unique, & Ethically-Sourced Consumer Data to Ocean Market. And let’s connect further if you’re interested in our massive, unique, ethically-sourced consumer data.

Hi, :wave:

Thanks for sharing your proposal - can you expand on your vision for what a platform would look like? Who would the stake holders be, and why would Ocean market service their better than traditional or existing infrastructure?

This aligns very well with your mission, I’ll be reaching out for sure!

The platform would be similar to a programmatic trading platforms.
We would have MSA with key vendors to address the supply side of the business. We would build our own demand slide database with user compliance and transparency at it’s core.

The difference is the flow of dollars and quality of the data. Through working with ad agencies we can unlock spends at a larger scale to prove out the model. Though there would be a premium attached it would be offset by quality of data and performance

It’s not a unique proposal there are many projects out of the US and Germany that are similar in nature. The unique part for Fair Data is the experience we bring working at ad agencies and how quickly this concept can get into market through our connections and passion for transparent data.

With the funds from OceanDAO round 6, Fair Data will now focus on adjust the plan to focus on website and brand development for the next month to move it along for the next round.

As the last Grant in the Round 6, due to the total available funds remaining, they have been granted only 1,710.00 OCEAN out of the 20,000 OCEAN requested.