[Proposal] DeFi Pulse for Datatokens ๐Ÿ“ˆ

DeFi Pulse for Datatokens

The goal of this project is to create a datatoken analytics platform. The platform will aim to provide analytics, insights, and transparency into the datatokens marketplace. Information such as total value locked, payouts, and other events will be tracked on-chain and organized into a user interface which is visual and easily searchable.

Driving Value to the Ocean Ecosytem

This tool aims to become an essential part of any data publisher or token investor. Putting organized on-chain analytics in the hands of Ocean Protocol users will allow these users to make better decisions. The added transparency to the ocean ecosystem will help build trust. The easily searchable data will help new Ocean users achieve a deeper understanding of the protocol more quickly. All of this leads to greater use, more impactful use, and more investment into the Ocean ecosystem.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

With the first round of funding, the plan is to go from 0 to 1. We aim to create a beautiful interactive website that provides an easily searchable and sortable list of current datatokens. Each datatoken will have itโ€™s own set of information associated with it.

Use of Funds

We want to scale this website quickly. For that reason, the majority of the funds will be used to hire contractors to help build the website, especially in areas where the team is not an expert (like UI/UX). 65% of funds

As a freelance developer, the second tier of funds will be used as compensation for the time worked on the project. That said, this will be at a rate much less than normal freelancing rates. 20% of funds

Finally, operating expenses such as website hosting, compute/cloud services, and ethereum node access, are all a necessary part of this process. 15% of funds

Team Members

Michael Vander Meiden
Masters in Robotic Systems Development from Carnegie Mellon University

Former lead Deep Learning engineer at Stockwell AI. Runner up winner in Chainlink Hackathon.

Michael is a developer with experience in web3, full stack development, devops, and machine learning. Previously, he performed deep learning architecture design, data collection, deployment, and maintenance for the largest real-world, real-time deep learning based computer vision network in automated retail with 1200+ stores deployed. He also has experience scoping and leading a team to deliver on major projects as a product manager at Stockwell AI.

Key Project Data

Name of project: DeFi Pulse for Datatokens
Proposal wallet address: 0xbb397e3F90a5aB8daFd9D8b4E949546537A9d8fb
Which category best describes your project?: [x] Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean
All website/project code will be open source

Am excited to see what happens here.

Iโ€™m not sure which project will eventually do this, but I would love to see some exploratory work done by leveraging an existing solution like Dune Analytics, to research and identify what set of insight might be a good starting point to catapult from.

*Caveat to everything ahead: I donโ€™t know whatโ€™s possible in the realm of DT analytics w/ Dune.

In my experience, Iโ€™ve had great success creating a tool that a community loves, then monetizing itโ€™s development further. I.E. You could setup a page with targets & goals, and as people donate to a wallet, you would then deliver a dashboard with various insights specifically to data token liquidity.

Another benefit of leveraging something like Dune Analytics is, you can focus on delivering just what isnโ€™t available. By the time you get here, youโ€™ll already know what your customers and supporters are interested in.

I would love to see more exploration happening around monetization, and building traction/community as well, in a way to increase PMF. The best audience to work with are the many TG community of traders, and investors who might be interested in valuable market insights.

What if you can start delivering some of that value @ Day-0?

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