[Proposal] Datapeek - Fact check online arguments with data



  • Name of Project : Datapeek

  • Team Website : https://datapeek.org

  • Proposal Wallet Address : 0xF40b005FFE2Db0197b8c301e1C966C2cb3B59A08

  • Current Country of Residence : France

  • Contact Email : contact@datapeek.org

  • Twitter Handle : @datapeek

  • Discord Handle : kemur#7399

  • Which Category best describe your project :

    • [x] Increase Awareness

    • [x] Unleash data

  • Funding Amount : 32000 $OCEAN

  • Current Remaining Grant Treasury Balance :0

  • Have you Previously received an OceanDAO Grant ? No


Increase public interest for datasets by
by linking them to relevant social media comments.
We are bulding a platform where it will be easy to find data
to illustrate arguments and reasonment on many topics


Our main goal is to improve discoverability of datasets.
Datasets are the raw materials for analysts to make decisions.
But except for a small subset of professionals, who can spend days
thinking about what they could do with a particular dataset,
Most people, outside of a few use cases, cannot guess the usefulness of a new dataset nor value it.

What we mean to do is to build bridges between datasets and social media, that add a semantic layer around datasets and makes it easier of an analyst to imagine what she could do with it.

An interesting part of what happens on social media ( twitter, reddit, hacker news ) ,
are debates on various topics. Some of the arguments made in those debates
are quantitative and can be backed by data.

We will foster the addition of data to online debates by making a platform to fact-check
debates with data. It will works in two step. The first step is to identify weakly backed
arguments and to request a link to data analysis to strongarm them.

In a second step we will add relevant datasets, every time we can find one on ocean marketplace. To do that we have to develop a set of algorthms that use the description of a dataset to to find matches with debates and arguments identified on the platform.
Akin to finding the nearest conversation in a meaning graph.

Here is an example of how a user can get introduced to a new dataset by reading an answer to a request:


By building the habit of checking the data on anything that get argued online,
we increase the total market of consumers for the datasets hosted on Ocean Protocol
and entice potential data providers to put datasets on the marketplace.


We will offer a superficial experience similar to the one on stackoverflow. We aim to attract the fraction of their audience made of people who are more quantitative minded and to make them familliar with running computation on datasets. They will go on datapeek to find answers to quantitative questions about the state of the world and be encouraged to run an analysis by themselves whenever a dataset on matching that question is available.

About 50 millions people visit stackoverflow in a month. Around 20 millions of them are
thought to be developpers . We hope to bring 0.1% of them to view analysing datasets on ocean protocol as part of their thinking toolset. That’s about 20 000 developpers
with a quantitative bent.

Of those 20 000 in the target audience, We estimate about 1% will become active investors.
with a mean value of 2000 $OCEAN. It translates to around 400 000 $OCEAN .
We are anticipating some staking behavior and potential datasets coming from that audience
and are still evaluating how much we can expect.

  • BANG: 400 000 $OCEAN
  • BUCK: 32 000 $OCEAN
  • BANG/BUCK Ratio: 12.5


  • category
    App will be published at: https://datapeek.org/


    • We have started to work

      • on the core ReQuest-Answer mechanic , gathering user feedback.
      • on the automatic detection of arguments.
      • on the automatic detection of data link on social media
    • We are going to work

      • on refining the previous points
      • starting the work on automatic suggestion of datasets.



Hi Kevin,

Congrats on submitting your first proposal! It’s been a pleasure chatting to you in the last couple of weeks and I’m delighted that I could help you to dive in to applying for OceanDAO funding.

I think your idea is a really interesting one. I’ve always been intrigued by the “Truth Machine” aspect of blockchain and of course data will be a major component of achieving this. The example you give on traffic data is interesting, for example. Another idea that immediately came to my mind was for the Bitcoin energy debate. There is so much misinformation on Twitter about the stats, that I was thinking data from Ocean (and Energy Web) could help fight the FUD. I now see that you have a topic for this here. I think a platform like yours can really help to distil and promote data that exists on chain. Keep up the good work and I look forward to keeping up with your progress :slight_smile:

It is a pleasure to help you out with a wallet containing 500 $OCEAN from the DataUnion treasury to be eligible for this round.

I would love to have a chat with you about creating a data union based on our DataUnion framework on top of the Q&A data that you are collecting. We have a ton of infrastructure that is deployed but also flexible enough to be extended to your use case. Would love to have a chat soon!

FYI: Kevin has been around the oceanDAO community for a while. End of March, he interviewed me about RPI: https://rugpullindex.com/blog#TheInterview

He’s a great sport and chatting with him has helped inform the execution of rugpullindex.com.

Wishing you the best of luck with the proposal Kevin :crossed_fingers:

Thanks @richardblythman , @TimDaub, @Robin !

@Robin. I will follow up on discord !

It’s quite exciting to engage with a data obsessed community. It feels less lonely !

I think the “truth machine” is a very central concept for the blockchain universe.

The way I see it, one of the immediate use of blockchain is to decrease the implict costs of creating markets in many fields. Markets are one of the most powerful social technology we have.

For markets to work well, partcipants need to form an accurate vision of the world and to bet on it. Data is a very critical piece of the infrastructure to do that. Now that with Ocean there is a platform to share data, one of the thing I try to do is to lubricate the process of forming ideas and using data on the platform to check their validity, and vice and versa.

As people travel that path more often, the frequency of use of data increase. So do its value, which should attract even more data. Hopefully in an endless spinwheel !

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