[Proposal] Data Whale's R7 Development Sprint

Proposal Details

:heavy_dollar_sign: Data Whale’s Ethereum Address

:bird: Data Whale’s Twitter Account

:computer: Data Whale’s Website

:speech_balloon: Data Whale’s Telegram

:tv: Data Whale’s YouTube Channel

:email: info@datawhale.online

:united_arab_emirates: Country of Residence - United Arab Emirates

:blue_heart: Our Round 7 Pledge: 32’000 OCEAN

The following proposal aims to support Data Whale’s efforts towards encouraging adoption of the Ocean Marketplace by leveraging on three main pillars: community tools, trading tools and business development.

Tired of reading? Check out our latest YouTube video “The BIG Reveal”, where we discuss our purpose, objectives, opinions, achievements but also challenges in detail.

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About Us

Data Whale is a startup that strives to encourage adoption of a new data economy within the Ocean Protocol eco-system.

We develop a variety of tools for the community that encourage the outreach of datatokens, an emerging asset class of ERC tokens backed by real-world data.

Furthermore, our team is constantly working on acquiring quality datasets from potential data partners, in order to support with the curation and tokenization of data on the Ocean Market, unlocking new data assets for stakers and investors.

Our Purpose

  1. To become the largest and most trusted liquidity pool provider on the Ocean Marketplace.

  2. To acquire, curate and onboard the most sought-after datasets from a variety of industries.

  3. To develop the most recognized third-party platform to research, understand and trade datatokens.

  4. To establish effective marketing communication channels to encourage the adoption of datatokens.

Our Mission

  1. Build & develop a mobile application, which encourages adoption / usability of the data marketplace.

  2. Encourage outreach of the Ocean Marketplace through our other marketing and communication activities.

What have we achieved so far?


Google PlayStore:

Apple App Store:

Why should you vote for this Data Whale proposal?

We will continue to develop and #buidl with the following activations in mind.

  1. Develop an end-to-end mobile Dapp trading, storage and exchange solution, by expanding our development team for ALGA. and get support from an experienced Ethereum Developer.

  2. Continue building our business, as highlighted in previous OceanDAO rounds. Check out our new website https://datawhale.online

  3. Raise awareness for datafinance and datatokens through social media giveaway activations, our Data Whale YouTube Channel that is fully dedicated to datatokens.

  4. Continue our business development efforts and launch more IDOs on the Ocean Marketplace.

What are our Targets for Round 7 and beyond?

Updated ROI Calculation

Below is our Year-To-Date (YTD) operating statement in US$.

The reason for calculating in US$ is that we have self-financed the majority of our development in this currency and have not sold any $OCEAN. Instead, we are adding value to the eco-system, by staking our OCEAN grants on the BANCOR Liquidity Pool. We understand that this holds significant liquidity risks (such as in the current scenario), but also an upside potential (e.g. if OCEAN price rises again).

Ocean Price used for final calculation as of 22.06.21

Our ROI pledge has the main objective to drive value to the Ocean eco-system through the BUILD and ENCOURAGE OUTREACH objectives.

Total ROI Calculation can be updated as follows.

(BANG (R1/2 + R3 + R6 + R7) / BUCK (R1 + R2+ R3 + R6 + R7)) * R7 Chance of Success = ROI

(540’000+75’000+75’000+125’000) / (13’000+10’000+10’000+15’000+32’000) * 85% = 8.65 :bangbang:

We have updated the R7 BANG to 125’000 OCEAN, as we believe that our marketing efforts on social media and YouTube will bring simplicity and excitement to the data economy. The channel will be fully dedicated to datatokens and data-finance (DaFi).


We discuss our team, collaborators and supporters in detail in our latest YouTube video. Check out our channel! :slight_smile:

Final Statement

We hope that you continue supporting our initiatives that builds a foundation for the future of the data economy. If you would like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us! For now:



We remain at your disposal for any questions. Contact us on one of the many channels linked above!

Data Whale

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I don’t quite understand that financial chart - you are calculating the $US price based on the $OCEAN price of the 22.06.2021?
Somehow this is missing the events when $OCEAN were converted to $USD to reward freelancers etc. it does not make sense to calculate these events and overall value in the token value from yesterday when they were spent a long time ago. This seems very misleading to me.
An easy way to “fix” this would be to check the transactions out of $OCEAN made to pay for the Variable Expenses when they were made and track the amount of $OCEAN and not in $USD. This mix of two currencies with the token prize of another date makes no sense to me.
Don’t get me wrong, having such a calculation is great and should ensure trust but to me this seems like quite the opposite right now because of the line " Ocean Price used for final calculation as of 22.06.21" - the price of 14.550 $OCEAN in Jan 2021 in $USD was for sure not 5820 $USD or for 10.758 $OCEAN it was not 4.303 $USD in February but much more.
Maybe I am not getting the point here and you can explain why it makes sense to calculate it with the current price but not the historical price when the funds were given as a grant.

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Hi Robin, thank you for your comment, feedback and explanation.

We are calculating our P&L in US$, as we have financed the majority of incurred expenses in this currency. The only exception where we have converted our $OCEAN grant to $USD and paid our dev-team is last month in this transaction:

The remaining grants still remain on the DAO wallet or have been added to the BANCOR liquidity pool (Screenshot Below) via our second Data Whale wallet.

We believe that #hodling the grants to add value to the overall eco-system (in the form of liquidity on a DEX) is a beneficial approach. We understand that this carries both risks (such as in the current scenario), but also upside potential for us. In the end, we believe in the data economy and are spending our hard-earned salary to build something of value for the eco-system, whilst accumulating more $OCEAN.

We understand that not everyone might be able to finance their activity this way, but we will try to use US$ as much as we can and use the grants in other ways (e.g. providing liquidity for IDOs, providing liquidity to DEXs, adding liquidity to the first multi-datatoken pool created by Trent and much more!).

I hope this clarifies your question and please feel free to share your thoughts.
We hope for your vote this round, so we can continue our efforts :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Thank you for adding more detail, interesting approach.

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Here’s some additional video material that we’ve delivered as part of our outreach initiatives!

Results to our Outreach Initiatives are showing!

You are doing an amazing job and I like your proposal. You got my support for sure. Thank you for contributing and building this community.

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Thanks for the encouragement Kai!

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Inspiring people delivering great products with dedication, who could not like this? :wink:

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[Deliverable Checklist]

[X] Finalized hiring of Blockchain development team under advisory of Tim Daub. We are confident that this all-star team will be able to solve our R3 challenges and finalize ALGAs Phase 2.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf6VRBlpdWg

[X] Finalized the development of new dataset according to community request. Micro-cap IDO will be launched together with Ocean Market v4.

  1. https://twitter.com/realdatawhale/status/1425183953036644352?s=20
  2. https://github.com/oceanprotocol/market/pull/742
  3. https://youtu.be/HVDCkVxc8JY

[X] Outreach initiatives continued on YouTube and Twitter. Surpassed 100 subscribers on YouTube, acquired custom YouTube URL, helping with listing of Data Token specific channel.
Twitter reach as follows.

[X] RugPull-Index integrated, Directory Data Token Analysis Dashboard updated.

  1. https://twitter.com/realdatawhale/status/1422568683944173568?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/realdatawhale/status/1415745636264071169?s=20

[X] We faced delays and challenges in finding a suitable Blockchain development team with adequate React Native experience since our R7 proposal in July. Therefore, we decided to develop additional functionalities for ALGA. meanwhile. These functionalities were not presented in any of our past proposals and the development cost has been covered by partial funds received in R7. Therefore, our initial deliverable of creating a fully integrated Web3 dApp with Data Token wallet and trading functionality may require additional funding and the process will be recorded here: https://bit.ly/3yPZQRc. The below functions have been developed.

  1. Improvement of Signup & Profile Creation, via Mobile Authentication (Twilio)
  2. Improved backend data gathering.
  3. Implemented “My Watchlist” Section on the Home Screen
  4. Removed fixed price assets from ALGAs data gathering and INDEX tab, focused on Data Token Pools to ramp up for trading functionality in Phase 2.
  5. General improvements on visualization (Spelling, Decimal Points etc.)

[X] In addition to the functionalities highlighted in this proposal, we have also directed funds to re-design the entire UI/UIX of ALGA, with the vision of creating a world-class mobile dApp for Data Tokens. This activity was not proposed in previous rounds. We hope you like the design and appreciate your feedback! We have also designed a dark-mode as outlined before :slight_smile:

  1. Check this out!: https://twitter.com/realdatawhale/status/1430189372570325001?s=20

We are looking to mark this Proposal as completed, in order to be able to potentially apply for funding in future OceanDAO rounds.

Please comment with any feedback below and we trust that this submission maintains our good reputation within the OceanDAO community.