[ Proposal ] Casting.Videowiki - Explore web casting using OCEN Protocol

Key Project Data

Project Name: Cast.Videowiki.pt
Project Website: https://videowiki.pt
Wallet Address: 0xe151E8BE121864EDDB83E7D0484b87596cAD2fA5
Current country of residence: Portugal
Contact Email: support@videowiki.pt
Category: Build/improve core Ocean Software
Funding Amount: 18000 OCEAN

Project Overview

A video streaming/casting solution where OCEAN protocol is used for ticketing. We are exploring opportunities to stream live cast data using OCEAN. The webRTC will be stored on-chain using OCEAN Protocol while tokens can be used for ticketing. Anyone interested in consuming a live-stream on the VideoWiki platform or connecting with our webRTC to stream will buy the respective asset from OCEAN Marketplace or our Videowiki Library using OCEAN tokens. Please refer to the UI to see the user experience and project scope.

After the stream is completed, the same asset can be used to get access/download the recording of the meeting.

This live classroom can be streamed for everyone to consume but there is a lack of a decentralized ticketing system. We are exploring a new possible implementation of OCEAN protocol along with VideoWiki.pt. A feature of Videowiki is Videowiki Classroom, which creates an interactive classroom environment for teacher-student interaction.

Given our previous implementation of OCEAN Protocol for publishing video based content it will be an unifying experience if OCEAN Protocol is used for streaming services as well. On the side of OCEAN Protocol this will act as an new implementation which can be explored further for more efficient user experience.

The possibility of using OCEAN Protocol for ed-tech solutions like Videowiki, makes it not only a protocol for Data but also for knowledge.

How we are going to Achieve this

OCEAN Protocol uses metadata to store the dataset. In traditional use cases, the metadata contains the IPFS link of the CSV file.

Like our previous approach, where we added the link of a video file in the metadata, this time we will be exploring a similar approach with webRTC or any other library which provides a smoother user experience and works efficiently with OCEAN Protocol.

What we will be doing:

  • We will be investing this grant for researching various streaming protocols and finding out which is the best for associating with OCEAN Protocol.
  • Develop a PoC based on our research and implement on our platform primarily on the Rinkeybi Testnet
  • Run one main event on the stream to test and validate within 3 months
  • Bring partnership possibilities between OCEAN and UTRUST to enable payments directly using OCEAN Tokens
  • Build UI around the integration
  • Optimize the system
  • Publish required documentation and medium articles to spread awareness about the integration procedure

Project Roadmap

  • We have integrated OCEAN protocol for publishing video. Check out at : https://videowiki.pt/studio
  • We also have our Classroom available for users.
  • Our next milestone will be to to achieve video streaming from live sessions
  • Use OCEAN Protocol for ticketing

Checkout our design at:

Planned UI for casting :

Main website:


Meet our team

  • Shivam Dhawan (CTO and Co-Founder)
  • Puneet Gupta (Product Manager)
  • Jyoti Sing (UI/UX designer)
  • Abhik Banerjee (Blockchain Researcher)
  • Bhaskar Dutta (Blockchain Developer)
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Hi, thank you for sharing your proposal and describing your innovative platform.

Is your code open source? Can you please describe how Ocean Market is used and can you provide a detailed ROI analysis on how your platform will directly benefit OceanDAO and $OCEAN holders?

We are currently being analyzed for support by the Wikimedia foundation also on the same project and under those program terms, we will make your project results publicly available under a free licence in the meaning of Open Source Licenses and the Open Definition on www.wikimedia.de. This allows the project results to be freely shared on the web and for others to build upon them. We are considering: The licenses GPL2, GPL3, MIT or Apache for source code, for all other content like text, images, graphics, videos, music either CC BY 4.0 international or CC BY-SA 4.0 international.

to review OCEAN marketplace integration view the recorded demo - https://youtu.be/97mv2VUFv5c?t=125

We are in process of exploring other ways in which we can store data associated with a video stream on OCEAN. Our initial approach will be to store the data related to our streaming protocol (WebRTC or RTMP) as an asset. This will be available on the OCEAN Marketplace and can be bought with OCEAN Tokens. The specific code and libraries can be provided for other developers to continue work / build upon. At the moment, we have already explored Osmosis driver, StreamR project, Aquarius, and not found a perfect solution, the grant will help us explore more or write the libraries and integrations ourselves.

This specific usecase also involves a new community/technology partnership with Utrust provider who is our recent partner to add OCEAN tokens for our payment processing gateway as you see in the screenshots with our application. This kind of association could grow OCEAN adoption in a new market and exposure to an existing Utrust clientele.

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Round 6: Researched various streaming options to onboard to our marketplace. Build UI around the Casting flow and conducted successful pilot events.
Status - Completed. Private Beta live at CAST.Video.Wiki

This was by far our most challenging and most rewarding work. We changed our course of action but explored options to get the CAST live to get validations and prove the working with 2 events (and more in pipeline). We partnered with multiple entities to get this going and staked all our brands on one technology solution. We almost bet it all on just one thing working fine in the end.

Instead of building a decentralized ticket system, we explored and worked on the complete cast solution which was an over commitment that took us 3 months to finish. The first ever live cast on the system was with OCEAN projects DataUnion, DataWhale and Algovera (Previously Onshore) with a series of 4 showcase sessions, one 8 hour conference, and then another 16 hour (2 day) event running on the system, without a glitch.
With this confidence, we would like to go in for Round 10 grant and also give a subsequent proposal for Grant 11 to develop the more onboarding channels. @AlexN
There is something new brewing for the next level. :wink: