Project Hightide - Increasing Community Activeness by Incentivizing Engagements

Part 1

Name of the Proposal:

Project Hightide

Proposal in one sentence:

Project Hightide is an outreach program that aims to spread Ocean and Ocean DAO awareness using social media, giveaways and education.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Our main objective is to spread information to our growing community by incentivizing their engagements on ocean related content. Our goal is to create educational content that can keep our community members informed within our ever-changing ecosystem. We would also like to collaborate with existing OceanDAO teams to increase their traction by providing incentivization to participating members. Many individuals in the crypto space have busy lives and may not have time to put in the effort towards learning. We theorize that if we start providing incentivization to community members that consume ocean related content, it will increase willingness to learn. It is our belief that well-educated community members will be more likely to participate in our ecosystem and spread the word about Ocean Protocol.

Grant deliverables:

  • Create an online social media presence.
  • Design unique Project Hightide/Ocean Protocol merchandise and NFTs.
  • Increase the traction around Ocean and OceanDAO projects by incentivizing contest participants
    • Possible example: allow individuals who have completed OceanAcademy and received their certificate of completion to enter a giveaway.
  • Reach 250 followers on Twitter within a month of receiving funding

Grant Category:

Outreach / Community / Spread awareness

Final Product:

Project Hightide aims to use social media to establish itself as a hub that not only creates its own content, but one that also directs community members towards other Ocean content creators. Using our proposed tactics, we will increase the flow of knowledge within our community. Eventually Project Hightide will expand its reach past social media, and use our business relations to help onboard companies into the Ocean ecosystem.

Adding Value:

We believe that once we establish our social media presence, we can add value to Ocean Protocol in several areas. Our main focus will be on increasing community activeness. Our plan is to host regular giveaways/contests with the promise of rewards for a few lucky participants. Incentives will be in the form of $OCEAN tokens, Ocean merchandise and NFTs. These contests will also act as marketing for Ocean Protocol. With the help of social media we will increase traction around Ocean content creators and DAO teams. We believe that these contests/giveaways will also help us recruit new community members.

Funding Requested:

$3000 USD

Allocation of grant funds:

  • $1,500 -> Designing and creating unique Ocean merchandise and Hightide branding
  • $1,500 -> Giveaways/incentives for content consumption and Ocean interaction

Proposal Wallet Address


Have you previously received an OceanDao Grant?


Twitter Handle:


Project Lead email:

Country of Residence

United States

Part 2 - Team

Team Members:

Neil Treiber

  • Role: Team Lead
  • Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and minor in chemistry
  • Background in research and histology/pathology
  • Ocean community member since February of 2020
  • [(10) Neil Treiber | LinkedIn](

Alex DeJong

  • Role: Marketing Specialist
  • Bachelor’s degree in business marketing
  • Two years of agricultural sales (customer experience team lead)
  • (10) Alex DeJong | LinkedIn

Blake Hilmoe

Ethan Johnson

  • Role: Marketing Specialist
  • Bachelor’s degree in business marketing
  • Six years of experience in automotive (sales and finance)
  • (85) Ethan Johnson | LinkedIn

Will Janklow

Part 3

Proposal Details:

Since the birth of the Ocean DAO back in November of 2020, we have seen a great deal of development from the grant recipients. Each round has gone well so far and a clear direction for OceanDAO has been established. However, there is always room for improvement.

In our blogs and videos, we hope to consolidate the large amounts of OceanDAO information (project information, voting, Town Hall discussion, etc.) into easily consumable content. If the content has been covered by another community member, we will point our audience in that direction and incentivize their learning. Here at Project Hightide, we understand it can be difficult to keep up with our everchanging ecosystem. It is our hope is that we can keep our community educated and informed, so they feel they can place meaningful votes in the OceanDAO.

To boost social media engagements, we will actively host weekly giveaways to incentivize our community for consuming specific Ocean related content. These giveaways will be in the form of Ocean tokens, Ocean merchandise and reward based NFTs. Aggressive advertisement will be a large focus of Project Hightide, and it is our belief that this strategy will yield promising results.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Work completed thus far:

  • Initiated social media presence
  • Logo creation
  • First Twitter education-based giveaway completed (100 $OCEAN tokens)
  • Video chat consultation with Data Whale to spearhead various outreach initiatives

Project Hightide Phase 1 (First 60 days)

It is our hope that we can bring some extra excitement to our current and potential new community members by giving back. We plan on doing this by hosting regular giveaways for those who consume our educational content and interact with Ocean and its DAO. Contests, memes, NFTs and anything else that the community can think of will be used to create traction and engagement. We suspect that these tactics will help us reach our objectives for phase 1. Using Twitter’s metrics tools, we will post our progress and results to our blog after phase 1 has been completed.

Project Hightide Phase 2 (Timeframe TBD and will require more funding)

Using our team member’s marketing and interpersonal skills, we will begin reaching out to local businesses and companies. It is our hope to shine a light on the value of data and educate these entities about the power of Ocean Protocol. Helping with the onboarding and publishing of datasets onto Ocean Market will undoubtedly create value for Ocean Protocol and its token holders.

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I am looking forward to following your project’s development and you have my support. Also, thank you for the great discussions and interest shown in our projects.

Hi there,

For transparency, starting R12, all proposals will have to be funded within 2 weeks of winning a grant.

The funding deadline is December 27th 23:59 GMT.

You can read our wiki and how to submit a funding request to learn more.

I am Takeshi from Ocean protocol Japan.

Since Ocean Protocol Japan proposal is bimonthly and not this month, I voted for this project.

Let’s revitalize the Ocean ecosystem together, those of us who have supported Ocean since the dawn of time!


[Deliverable Checklist]

[x] Create an online social media presence
-Project Hightide is now recognized with many of the more active Ocean community members, but we hope to spread our reach to all community members.

[x] Design unique Project Hightide/Ocean Protocol merchandise NFTs
-We have created our first batch of T-shirts to represent Ocean. We have plans to disperse these to active community members, but more details on this will be revealed in our next proposal. Our first NFT collection is in its end stages of development. We have also partnered with DopeWhalesNFT and DataWhale to bring a collaborative Ocean NFT project to our community too.

[x] Increase traction around Ocean and OceanDAO projects by incentivizing contest participants
-We have hosted a total of 4 educational contests and given a total of around 500 $OCEAN tokens to the winners of these contests. Our new proposal will highlight how we will further increase traction around Ocean and OceanDAO.

[x] Reach 250 followers on Twitter within a month of receiving funding
-Although it took longer than we thought to receive 250 followers on our Twitter page, were excited that we reached our follower goal this week! Our tweet with the highest number of impressions was about Trent and Bruce being amongst the first to ever put IP on the blockchain. This tweet has over 5100 impressions and 200 engagements.

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@AlexN ^ Here is our deliverable checklist, thank you for reading.

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Thank you for your update @Nile130! Your R12 project is now marked as completed. Cheers!

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