PGWG Rewards | Facilitating the OceanDAO Experience - Stage 2 | Round 16

Project Name

PGWG Rewards

Project Description

To help guide OceanDAO grant recipients and add value by understanding projects, discussing deliverables, assessing them and finding ways to leverage the network with candid feedback.

We believe a decentralized social layer reviewing and guiding projects will lead to greater success in the Ocean Ecosystem.

The PGWG is here to help promote a “feeling of safety” for participants.

We are not gatekeepers.

We do not downvote our projects.

We provide feedback and help them receive a grant to meet our criteria.

Final Product

A SubDAO responsible for following a set of processes and workflows to provide support for new projects and help them succeed in receiving a grant.

You can find the PGWG User Guide here. It provides a high-level overview of our activities in a waterfall-like structure.

You can also find our roadmap at the very end of the User Guide.

We have also published youtube videos to help you familiarize yourself with the Journey.

  1. Introduction
  2. Journeys

For a bite-sized introduction to every topic, please use Prakash’s videos for an overview.

Continued R&D on DAO Tooling, WGs, Funding & Operational Tooling.

Core Team

Prakash, Scott, Malte



Role: Developer @ Ocean

Proposal One Liner

We help onboard and provide guidance for all projects in OceanDAO!

Proposal Description


Although every proposal is reviewed, we are unable to engage with every participant inside OceanDAO.

The PGWG was organized to help onboard new projects inside OceanDAO, in addition to engage with existing projects in the ecosystem so we can maintain a human relationship with every participant.

Our mission is to help them succeed become an active contributor and receiving grants from the DAO.

PGWG Guides are composed of a variety of participants inside of OceanDAO. We are composed of core contributors, WG members of the Ambassadors, Core-Tech, and DAO Eng groups, and have helped review dozens of proposals just like this one, to engage with the DAO, attend Town Halls, understand Data Unions, and connect with the rest of the ecosystem so we can build a strong network of builders and contributors.

We also spend extra time trying to understand projects, ask questions about their proposals, provide the most recent information.

What is the Final Product?

A SubDAO that follows certain processes that supports new and existing projects inside OceanDAO, helps them navigate the ecosystem, receive grants, and remain active contributors.

Why do we need these funds?

Our goal is to raise enough funds to execute 3 Coordinape 3 Epochs, while increasing the number of participants inside of the PGWG Working Group & Coordinape Circle.

Although we have researched and identified potential venues to generate revenue, and become investable, we are focused exclusively on establishing this working group, and onboarding new contributors that are active in the OceanDAO community.

Core contributors do not qualify to receive OCEAN via these distributions.

If you are interested in joining us, or supporting us, please drop by our (Discord Channel)[Discord] inside of the OceanDAO Discord server.

What have we built so far

We have written the [PGWG User Guide here](PGWG - Guide User Manual & Roadmap - Google Slides) to provide an easy-to-follow manual for new members, and others who are interesting in contributing.

We have [organized a roadmap](PGWG - Guide User Manual & Roadmap - Google Slides) where you can see what we have focused on for each Round, and what we may do in the future.

We have also created and published Youtube videos to help you onboard.

1. [_Introduction_](PGWG - Evaluator User Guide - Introduction - YouTube)

2. [_Journeys_](PGWG - Evaluator User Guide - Proposal Review Journey - YouTube)

_For a bite-sized introduction to every topic,_ [_please use Prakash’s videos for an overview_](Ocean DAO | Project Guiding Working group - YouTube)_._

We have kickstarted Coordinape Circles within OceanDAO and are continuing to explore innovate SubDAO tooling and incentive mechanisms that can be built, to create value while reducing overhead and complexities. By being early adopters of some of these technologies, we believe that we can achieve great results without significant overhead.

Grant Deliverables

  • 3 Coordinape Epochs budgets with the fixed value of $1000/round.
  • 5 PGWG Guides operating at our white-belt ranking.
  • Proposal review template improvements to make voting easier.
  • Defined activities for Yellow Belts, to help deliver more advanced outcomes like re-engaging with previous projects who might have churned.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean - The PGWG helps onboard participants into the grants program and the overall Ocean Ecosystem. By facilitating the navigation of WGs, introducing to other projects, and concepts like Data Unions, we hope to improve usage beyond the token.

Viability - The PGWG has proven itself to be a scalable approach to steward participants into the grants program, introduce them to the Ocean Ecosystem, and help them navigate the ongoing evolution inside OceanDAO.

Community Active-Ness - The PGWG is composed for very active community participants who consist of core OPF contributors, in addition to Ocean Ambassadors, and a variety of active projects. We also position ourselves right besides the Grants program and facilitating the social UX for these participants that are joining us through a very special funnel (new ecosystem contributors).

Community Value - Besides helping new participants onboard into the grants program and OceanDAO, we also facilitate the voting process by reviewing proposal quality, increasing community engagement, and providing easy-to-read reviews.

Funding Requested


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