Papers - A Paper Research Creation Platform with AI and Blockchain

Key Project Data

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  • Proposal Wallet Address (0xb821a211957e317af957b28e7292b27a8f9a3b73)
  • A collaborative research platform for writing, collaborating, protecting, and funding research work for Research Papers, White Papers, e-Books, Educational Papers, Guide Books, Journals, etc. A data publishing platform using OCEAN Protocol, using Artificial intelligence and Blockchain and extending a use-case for hosting and monetizing research surveys.
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Project Overview

  • Description of the project

    • “Papers” is a platform fork for creating and publishing any type of research paper/document with AI-assisted citations, recommendations, and networking. It offers collaborative paper creation and distributed ownership based on under-development VideoWiki protocols while adding joint abilities to modify, protect and monetize the research work. The AI will help get relevant citations from other research paperwork in the internet.
    • A Protocol Token which is a utility token created as an enabler for VideoWiki will be utilized for decentralization, transparent assignment, and share of ownership between collaborators. It will also serve as the token used to reward research survey participants.
  • What problem is your project solving

    • Writing a paper is complicated! Yes, and you have to juggle between different resources to get citations, survey for data, look for research funding, and all of which wastes time from the actual research work. How about, while preparing your research papers, there is an artificial intelligence mechanism to help get related resources and citations and a community to participate in surveys when needed.
    • White papers, research papers, or any type of relevant document creation is something that needs to ‘trade-in credibility’. Though there has been some work done to improve the copyrighting and authorship processes, there are possibilities:
      • Decentralization and a trusted assignment of ownership.
      • Collaboration and continuity of research work by other people who share similar expertise is not possible because there is no scope for more than one author ownership. The current system allows for co-creation, but co-ownership is not managed.
      • To aid research work creation, often creators must juggle from different similar project resources by manually downloading and reading those resources to get related citations, this could reduce time waste and improve efficiency.
      • There are situations whereby the research work requires the need for a survey in the form of questionnaires to get users feedback, with the current situation of the world where learning is moving remote, researchers can simplify accessing other people to participate in the survey.
      • Researchers can monetize their research work.
    • We aim in solving above mentioned issues by creating a platform where research papers/documents are created with AI to help in the creation process, survey participation, versioning, and ownership system is maintained using blockchain and a marketplace (ocean marketplace fork) to monetize the work.
  • What is the final product (e.g. App, URL, Medium, etc)?

    • (maybe a standalone product) will be the final web application for research-creation, curation, collaboration, and Sale.
  • How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem?

    • Built with ocean protocol, a new data-token (ERC-20 Token) will be created for every newly published research paper, DID will be created and ownership will be established, OCEAN tokens wrapped in platform token will be needed for buying those researches from the marketplace, also when a survey is created and user participated, the survey result and each participant form will be stored in OCEAN and tokens will be needed to access these results.

o ROI for OCEAN can be calculated by the new addresses added to the ecosystem and the value staked by created research papers (corresponding data tokens) which are not yet cashed out.

o ROI will also be in terms of penetration and utility to research communities where we will push the project.

Project Deliverables - Category

  • IF: Build/improve applications or integration to Ocean, then:

o Mockup -

o Live site landing -

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

  • Any prior work completed thus far?

    • Gathering project requirements and researcher feedbacks
    • Market validation to confirm the usefulness of the solution provided, and things to be added to increase usage.
  • What is the project roadmap? That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone.

    • Graphics & UI/UX Development
      • Design Guide Manual Creation
      • Low Fidelity Design Implementation
      • High Fidelity Design implementation
      • Testing and Prototyping
    • Product Development
      • Web Frontend Creation
      • API Creation and Integration to OCEAN PROTOCOL
      • Testing and Deployment
    • Sale
      • Sale Strategy Implementation
      • Preparing sales guide
      • Reach-out and sales expansion
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  • Please include the team’s future plans and intentions.

    • Any maintenance?
    • Foreseen or possible additions?
      • Over time, DEFI will be introduced whereby people can stake on journals/research papers written and gain interest.

Project Details

  • If the project includes software:

    • Are there any mockups or designs to date?
    • An overview of the technology stack?
      • AI Model using PYTHON & DJANGO.
      • Frontend using ReactJS Stack
      • Ethereum as a public blockchain network
      • Javascript Library of OCEAN PROTOCOL
      • Code Version Control - GITHUB
      • CODE EDITOR - Visual Studio Code
  • If the project includes community engagement:

    • Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks?
    • Other?

Lead Team members

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Agoi Abel

Adriana Costa

Gift Egwuenu

Supporting team

Natalia Rheskava

· Role: Co-Founder/CIO

· Relevant Credentials:

o LinkedIn:

· Background:

o PhD, Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav

o Media Relations & International Medical Community (IMC) Lead

o HundrED Ambassador

o World Economic Forum Digital Member

Shivam Dhawan

· Role: Co-Founder/CTO

· Relevant Credentials:

o LinedIn:

· Background:

o Founder @GetBoarded

o Founder Chief Strategist @Arbunize

o Web Analytics Manager @Metriplica

o BI Team Lead @Annalect

o Business Systems Analyst @MetLife

o Web Analytics Application Developer & Consultant @CTS Argentina SRL

Bhaskar Dutta

· Role: Blockchain Developer

· Relevant Credentials:

o LinkedIn:

o Github:

o GetBoarded:

· Background:

o Blockchain Developer @FixNIx

Jyoti Sing

· Role: User Experience Designer

· Relevant Credentials:

o LinkedIn:

o Github:

· Background:

o User Interface Designer @Pixocrafts

Additional Information

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  1. #EUvsVirus Hackathon Challenge Winner - Project conceptualization, partnership pledges

  2. #Hack Back Overall Winner 2020 - UX definitions and first prize

  3. Semi-finalist of AISolutions 2030 Solving SDG Global Goals through AI

  4. Winners of Climate KIC Romania

  5. Winners DigiEduHack by EIT Digital Timisora edition - EUR 1000

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This will help me make my undergraduate research work. I’m quite sure others would find it helpful and educative also.

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This is such an impressive idea and would go a long way in solving common problems faced by undergraduates :clap:

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Thank you so much AregbesolaOJ actually, not just undergraduates but anyone doing research work will find it useful.

Hi agioabel,

I love this idea and is very much needed to build a global inclusive culture of citizen science.

We’ve been working on this problem since launching in January and would love to touch base on potential synergies.

You may want to take a look at the Journal Aperture’s approach for scientific paper publication, where papers are not just a pdf but rather living research objects.

The concept of a living paper makes so much more sense since the speed of scientific discovery fast outpaces our ability to write everything up.

There are amazing opportunities to rewrite the game on attribution and tracking contributions as well now with the inclusion of blockchain technology + researcher DIDs.

Happy to chat more and excited to see where you all go with this!


Hi Seldamat, thanks so much for your feedback and insights too. Yes, we will chat more as I look forward to that too.

Thank you.