Onboard - web3, in your hands | Onboard develops an Ocean Hub and API to enable user data monetization on Ocean Marketplace | Round 23

Project Name

Onboard - web3, in your hands

Project Category


Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

Onboard seeks to be the best onboarding and engagement tool for DAOs. Our current version is a no-code solution that allows DAOs to create onboarding pathways into their respective DAO, to ensure efficient placement of informed DAO members. Our team supports the process of creating gamified learning paths for partnered DAOs.

In Grant Rounds 19 & 21, our focus was on creating a ‘Lite’ version of the Ocean Academy, with the welcome input of the OceanDAO community (for further information, please see our Grant Round 21 proof of delivery submission).

Like Grant Round 21, our proposal for Grant Round 23 is twofold.

Our proposed deliverables are as follows:

(1) we will build a Proof of Concept for an API bridge for real-time data sets of users being published on Ocean market, and;

(2) we will design the OceanDAO/Ocean Protocol ‘hub’ for the Onboard platform.

Deliverable (1) is in keeping with the spirit and mission of Ocean Protocol. Building such an API bridge will enable our future users to stream their data directly to the Ocean Market. This allows our users to take control of the monetisation of the data they create on our platform. Additionally, it will lead to higher throughput and attention on Ocean Marketplace, as our users will eventually need to be made aware of their newly granted powers :magic_wand: and come to realize the power that they have by virtue of Ocean Protocol :surfing_man:.

Onboard’s mission is to provide seamless onboarding flows into our partnered DAOs, as well enabling DAOs to engage existing users. Much of this activity needs to take place in a clearly discernible environment on the Onboard platform. In a sense, we are providing a discovery page for people getting into the DAO way of life by presenting them with various DAOs, and want to enable people to contribute to the DAO as seamlessly as possible, through our platform and/or as a whitelabel solution.

Our current focus is on creating different DAO hubs, which are clearly discernible environments where users can get stuck in. Therefore, for part (2) of our Grant Round 23 proposal, we will design the hub for OceanDAO/Ocean Protocol. This involves thinking about a number of factors, from the kind of content that needs to be present, to the layout of the hub. If applicable, we will plug in content: either the content that we have already created, or that we have yet to create, to fashion an excellent onboarding flow into OceanDAO.

To ensure a high standard of transparency is maintained, please see below a breakdown of the estimated costs of Onboard’s work for this proposal:

UI/UX Lead

  • 2000 for UI/UX of API bridge (13.33%)
  • 2000 for UI/UX of OceanDAO/Ocean Protocol ‘hub’ (13.33%)

Lead Engineer

  • 4500 for Proof of Concept API bridge (30%)

Support Engineer

  • 3000 for Proof of Concept API bridge (20%)

Project Manager

  • 3500 managing and executing on deliverables (23,33%)


Niels Abdellatif – CEO & COO: Niels’s ambition to spur blockchain adoption is based on a deep belief in the technology garnered through extensive research. He uses his keen eye for detail to drive value for Onboard. He has worked at the WTO, where he gained an appreciation for the importance of external relations, at Citco, and at ABN AMRO, where he helped to manage data-related projects.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niels-philip-abdellatif-82287b155/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockzealous

Daniel Okonkwo – CTO: An exceptional developer and long-time director at Digital Intelligence, Daniel has worked with organisations such as from SWIFT and the BBC, among many others. Daniel draws on 27 years of full stack development and managerial experience, allowing him to pre-empt technical and organisational challenges.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielokonkwo/

Ivona Schoonbrood – CLO: Ivona holds a PhD in token offerings from Tilburg University, where she gained 7 years of experience in lecturing. She serves as an expert member on the Academic Advisory Board of INATBA and helped to set up EUBOF. Ivona has been advising deep-tech startups for the past six years and has led several pre-seed and seed rounds.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivona-schoonbrood-phd-skultetyova-09628734/

Pushkar Borkar – Lead Developer: A winner of three Hackathons back-to-back, Pushkar is a talented Web3 developer with excellent full stack development abilities. He is detail-oriented, while also being able to appreciate fundamentals, a vital skill in any startup. Aside from his work building Onboard, Pushkar is currently interning at Nuance, and has past experience as a junior front end developer at IIITP.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pushkar-borkar/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PushkarBorkar


Nathan Vandy – Partnership & Product: Nathan is a charismatic and energetic builder deeply embedded in the blockchain space. Onboard is his second blockchain startup, and he has led and supported six-figure budget projects at WACEO, INATBA, and Daimler. While focussing on Onboard, Nathan also supports DAO & treasury management at DappRadar, and is a PhD candidate at Université Panthéon-Assas - Paris 2.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-vandy-0804a1b1/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vandynathan

Zeb Lelie – Strategy: A researcher and crypto analyst at one of the best performing crypto funds in Europe, Zeb has been working in the space since 2014. Zeb is the founder of CryptoWiki and an advisor to some of the biggest DeFi projects in the space.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zeb-lelie/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zeb_dyor

Grant Deliverables

(1) Proof of concept for an API bridge for real-time data sets of users being published on Ocean market;

(2) Design the OceanDAO ‘hub’ for the Onboard platform.

*NB: Due to the effort and cost of delivery, if we were to gain our minimum requested value, we would only be in a position to deliver on (1).

Project Description

Past the use of cryptocurrenecies and NFTs, many people do not realise the different applications of crypto and web3. It is important for our generation to understand the power of blockchain technology’s ability to increase users’ data sovereignty and privacy.

Onboard will provide a data sovereignty course that covers Ocean, and eventually integrate a Quiz and Quest and more Ocean related features into our metaverse game, that will increase awareness and lead to a great number of individuals understanding interacting with protocols that increase our data sovereignty such as Ocean market.

Final Product

The end goal is to develop credentials based on the users learnings that can be used to prove web3 competency, and then also build data sets that enable information about the users’ onboarding process to be shared in a decentralized, privacy-embracing, and secure way to ease the process of contributing to our web3 partners.

Value Add Criteria

The key goal for Onboard in our partnership with OceanDAO is to drive value for the Ocean Protocol community, in support of Ocean's mission to give control of data back to those generating it.


We believe our current proposal will:


  • Increase the usage of Ocean Protocol by increasing the potential holders of Ocean and those that understand the importance of the mission, and Ocean's promise
  • Improve the UX of the Ocean offering on our platform



Part of Onboard's mission is to create new, effective web3 citizens. These can then be funneled on into DAOs like OceanDAO, for what we believe will be a better future of work. By establishing a platform that incentivizes users to learn about web3, and rewarding them with SBTs, we capture a group that can then shift their attention to DAOs. Given Ocean's strong message and mission, OceanDAO is an attractive DAO to join. Onboard would consequently reduce the customer acquisition cost for all the different Ocean protocol projects.


Often, single grants can lack context and belie the effort that a team is committed to putting in when running a large-scale project. Many roadmaps change as projects develop, but we are happy to show OceanDAO the direction that we are headed in - and grateful to receive feedback and advice from the community. For our (current, dynamic (and, yes, somewhat redacted)) roadmap, please see the Miro board at the following link: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPahcfDQ=/?share_link_id=844811085226.

As we are iterating as we go along, please see this roadmap as flexible.

Core Team

Name: Nathan Vandy

  • Bio:

Nathan Vandy is a web3 legal and business advisor who has been researching, working, and building in the blockchain space since 2017. During this time, he not only supported blockchain-based projects with start-ups, FTSE 100 companies and governments but also supported the development of blockchain-based research with INATBA, an association initiated by the EU Commission.

With a strong background in entrepreneurship, wide knowledge of blockchain technology and background in educating various stakeholders on blockchain’s strengths and weaknesses, he now leads at Onboard, working with the team to build a metaverse game that educates the masses on web3 and the open metaverse.

Name: Daniel Okownkwo

  • Bio: Specialties: Digital Identity, Regulatory Compliance Applications, LDAP, SSO, API Specialist, Web Services, GUI and Blockchain.

Web development: Front End and Back End - Apache, Perl, Java, JavaScript (Backbone, Angular, jQuery, React), HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python, DB (SQL, MongoDB, Postgres), TDD, CI (Maven, Jenkins and Selenium) and technology agnostic testing with Jasmine, Karma and Protractor.

Build tooling with Grunt and Gulp.

Blockchain: Cryptocurrency & Smart Contracts on ETH2.0 with Solidity - full stack development.

Systems development: UNIX, Hardware analysis, business process auditing and IoT solutions.

Mobile Applications: Mobile Connect, SMS, USSD, SMPP, GIS with MIDP/CLDC, native iOS development with Objective C, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry app development with PhoneGap/Cordova.

Cloud: AWS, EBS, Docker

Humanities: Overcoming communications difficulties between stakeholders in IT relationships and life skills mentor.

  • Role: Tech Lead
  • Background/Experience:
  • 20+ years experience as a programmer
  • 1-year experience as blockchain developer

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